Monday, March 30, 2015

Five Nights At Freddy's 2

After a while Mikey came back, but he was surprised of what he seen. The sign said freddy faz-bears was moved. So Mikey went to the new location. Mikey walked in and no one was there and it was dark. Mikey pulled out his flashlight and said “ Foxy! Bonnie! Freddy! Chica!!”
He couldn’t find them until he walked into the stage room and see the unbelieveable. Mikey was scared and ran to find foxy. We he walked into the kids cove and he see a white fox with pink for its stomach and a red bowtie with no hook and a little eye patch. Mikey stood there in fear.
“Foxy?” Mikey said muttering. The white fox woke up and seen Mikey. The fox bend over and looked at Mikey and then it stretch loud. Mikey started to run until he seen the others had woke up for the fox’s scream. Mikey started to have a tear in his eyes and ran to the office and sat there hoping for something.
Mikey see something but couldn’t see it good enough. He started to walk to the parts in service. Mikey started to walk in. the lights started to flick on and off until he seen Bonnie’s arm and face was gone. He seen Chica’s mouth was ripped down and her hands were gone. He started to walk around no until he seen old Freddy with rips and torn out parts. Mikey walked up and all of the sudden Freddy grabbed Mikey’s collar on his shirt.
“Freddy it’s me!!!” Mikey screamed out loud. “You can’t be in here! You need to leave this place!” Freddy demanded. “Wait! where is Foxy!!” Mikey asked nicely. Freddy dropped Mikey. Freddy was silent for a while Mikey was getting worried.
“Foxy is missing. We they brought him here Vixen and him got in a fight. Vixen is the white fox, she is not a really good person. I wouldn’t trust her. Anyway Vixen torn Foxy to an fox with hole all over him. All the new animatronics are called Toy Freddy or Bonnie or whatever.”
Mikey was shocked to hear all of thats from freddy. Mikey ran back into the office and sat there and seen something in the hallway. He flashed his light and seen Foxy looking at him like he was going to kill him.
“Foxy! it’s me!! Freddy is looking for you in the parts and service.” Mikey yelled at him not to kill him. Foxy didn’t move until Foxy deceived to jump at him and screamed. Mikey was scared to death. Foxy clawed Mikey’s leg with his hook.
“Hello Mikey! Where have you been! it’s been years!” Foxy whispered in his ear. Foxy took his hook and stabbed Mikey. Mikey screamed and got away from Foxy and started to run to parts and service room and Chica grabbed Mikey and throw him into the back of the room and Foxy comes in screaming for Mikey with blood all over him.   Chica was in front of Mikey trying to make sure Foxy wouldn’t get to Mikey.
“Where is Mikey! Chica! did you see him come past here?” While he was looking around for him. “No, Foxy i haven’t seen Mikey at all, you should know by now that i can’t move as much as I could back then.” Chica said with anger in her tune. Foxy sighed and left the room.
“You can come out now Mikey.” “Why was Foxy trying to KILL ME?!” Mikey started to freak out. Mikey started to walk out but then seen Vixen. Mikey ran out to Vixen and hugged her. Foxy looked back to see Mikey hugging her and not him. Foxy’s eyes went black and start to run and Vixen.
“Mikey run!!” Vixen pushed Mikey out of the way and Foxy hit Vixen. Vixen got up and started to fight with Foxy. Foxy looked at Mikey and Vixen threw Foxy to the office.Foxy got up and looked at Vixen and ran to her and he stabbed her with his hook and started to rip her apart. Mikey ran away from them and seen old Freddy. “Freddy!! Foxy is ripping Vixen apart!” Mikey yelled as loud as he could. Freddy looked back and started to run towards them . Freddy was going to top them but Toy Freddy jumped on Freddy.
“No Freddy you can’t go in there with Foxy and Vixen they will rip you apart.” Toy Freddy told Freddy fast.  Freddy watched as Vixen was ripped apart and when Foxy left her alone Mikey came back and sen Vixen.
“V-V-Vixen?” Mikey mutter badly. Vixen started to wake up and she looked at herself and she started to cry. “Mikey? I’m sorry.” Vixen crawled back to kids cove. People started to walk in for the day and when they went in kids cove and seen Vixen they started to call her Mangle. After a week or so of calling Vixen Mangle she never came out to play or nothing. Chica went to the back of the store and got some parts from bonnie. She went to Vixen and smiled.
“Hello Vixen, i’m going to help u out and fix you.” Chica put all the stuff down. “Chica, you don’t need to,” Mangle smiled. “I’m started to like this name Mangle.” Chica didn’t listen to her and started to fix her. After a week or two of hard work Mangle was unmangled. she was vixen again and she thanked Chica so much.
“THANK YOU CHICA THANK YOU SO MUCH!!” Vixen started to cry badly. Vixen ran back to the office and seen foxy about to kill Mikey. “DON’T TOUCH HIM!” Vixen yelled as she jumped at him. Foxy was shocked and didn’t moved. As Vixen jumped onto him Foxy just stared into her eyes as she rips him apart.
“V-V-Vixen? Your ….fixed.” Foxy muttered as she stopped to look at him. “Foxy! I didn’t mean to , its just you was going to kill him!.”
“I was going to kill him because I could never find you to as i’m sorry.” He smiles and he starts to fade away.
“Foxy plz dont go away! Not now!” Vixen crys, Foxy’s soul was free from being an animatronic.
“What have I done!!!!” Vixen starts to lose control. “Vixen it wasn’t your fault. Vixen runs into her kids cove and starts to cry and goes crazy. Mikey would watch her cry everyday and he felt bad. Mikey had to take the felt over of Foxy and throw it away. Bonnie walked out to see him dead and he went to Vixen and she ripped him to nothing for trying to fight with her.
“BONNIE!!” Mikey said as he falls on his knees. Freddy seen what happened and he attacked Vixen and didn’t make it and the old ones were soul free. Mikey put his hands on the floor and head down crying.

To Be Continued!!!!

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