Friday, January 16, 2015

Zach's Big Book of Poems

Middle School
It’s Monday and you want to die;
you pass by that smelly guy.
You start to walk to math.
Middle school is just another path,
to a good life,
but right now you think life is only full of strife.
Acne bubbles on your face,
middle school is just an arms race,
for popularity is as valuable as gold,
but that idea is getting old.
This is the beginning.
That bully is looking at you grinning;
he says you're ugly,
while sitting there smiling smugly.
He expects a reaction that you won’t give,
slowly losing the will to live.
Finally at class and you see your friend;
you're sadness comes to an end.
Afraid of the Dark
I look in the corner of my room;
the part full of gloom.
what could be there,
no one else cares.
Only I see the horrors of the closet
at the fear bank I make a deposit.
I shiver in my bed but I’m warm,
fear is like bees and right now I’m in a swarm.
The fear grabs me by the throat and I can’t speak,
my heartbeat is at it’s peak.
I finally scream.
I wait until light comes from my door’s seam.
My dad opens the door and turns on the light.
It burns my eyes because it’s so bright;
he asked what’s wrong and I point at the door.
He rolls his eyes as if this is a chore;
he opens it and points out that it’s fine.
He told me to not whine
He leaves the room and shuts off the light;
the darkness comes back making my room black as night.
Here we go again.
Day at the Park
You get to the park and you are filled with joy
in your hand is your favorite toy.
You look back at your parent’s smiling face;
look back and two kids are in a race.
You smile as you run to the playgrounds;
the kids make weird sounds .
The kid who won is now jumping with joy;
all you know of him is he is a boy.
You play with the toy on the playset.
You play until you work up a good sweat.
You sit back down at the picnic table with your mom and dad.
You see a bowl of potato salad and become mad;
you hate potato salad so bad,
but then mom pulls out a ham sandwich.
You take a bite and it is very rich,
you smile and look up to see your friend.
You smile and wish that this day will never end;
you get up and come to meet him.
you see his parents, wow his mom has gotten quite slim;
you play for hours,
but mom said that we need showers.
Time to go,
you walk away and think you are a pro,
until next time.
How to Write Haikus
Write five syllables,
make seven syllables,
five syllables done.
The Name of Legend


Poetry; December PPOW

Bella is my friend,
I glued her to a chair.
It’s ok because Jordan cut my hair.

Bella is smart,
She’s good at art.
Although it’s hard,
It comes from the heart.

Tori is a good friend,
She’ll be here till the end.
She’s always by my side
When we go down the slide.

Hailey is weird
But that’s ok
We still love her anyway.

Lizzie is crazy,
Bright like a daisy.
She likes to laugh.
It’s pretty funny,
Sometimes it hurts your tummy.

Ayla is sweet,
She’ll bring you a treat.
She’s never mean,
And keeps her locker clean.

Megan is tall,
She’s good at ball.
She can sing,
She’ll get a lot of bling.

Drew is mean.
He’s not very clean.
I guess he’s all right
But he’s not very bright.

Maggie is my dog,
She sleeps like a log.
She can jump high,
Up into the sky.

Trace is my dog.
She sleeps all day.
While we’re all away,
She’s in bed all day.

Christmas time is almost here,
I have that holiday cheer.
Wrapping presents,
I’ll give them as gifts.
Under the tree is where they are,
I can see them from afar.

Football season is here.
In the stands we cheer.
Waiting for the team,
We all scream

Winter makes you freeze,
It’s very cold,
And my coffee is way too bold.

Flower’s blooming,
Bees are singing.
Springtime is here,
I hear the noises in my ear.

I miss summer and so do you.
I hate winter, and this news is not new.
Bring back summer, and the green grass dew.  

Volleyball is fun,
When you hit the ball.
Set it up high,
Just don’t hit the wall.

Shopping is nice,
When you get new things.
I hope you like my surprise,
It’s a new diamond ring.

They drive you crazy,
Some are lazy.
But at the end of the day,
You love them anyway.

You can never have too many,
I prefer more than twenty.
Shoes are my favorite things,
I prefer ones with bling.


The cold winds blow,
across the snow.
Snowballs fly,
across the barren gray sky.
Kids go sliding downhill,
covered in layers hiding from the winter chill.
The glow of Christmas lights lighting the streets,
sheets of ice layering the slick concrete.
People drinking warm drinks out of mugs,
relatives giving bear hugs.
Stockings hanging stuffed with treats,
children stuffing their mouths with sweets.
Presents spread under the Christmas Tree,
snowflakes engulf the pearl white sea.
Players dribble the ball down the court,
playing the tough sport.
They shoot towards red hoops,
players dunk off the alley-oops.
Michael Jordan
He floats through the air,
Driving to the hoop on a tear.
One of the best players to play the game,
surrounded by fortune and fame.
He has six golden rings,
Lebron is one of the kings.
But Michael is the god,
Kobe Bryant is a fraud.
Derek Jeter
Catching the ball in his tan Nike glove,
Yankee fans in love.
Air Jordan gloves holding his louisville slugger bat,
The sun beating off his blue and white yankee hat.
Calvin Johnson
His nickname is Megatron,
he moves gracefully across the field like a swan.
One of the greatest wide receivers ever,
his legacy lives on forever.
When the clouds start to cry,
rain falls from the sky.
Thunder claps across the hills,
fog pushed away by morning chills.
Lightning strikes the moist ground with a flash,
the clouds and the sun clash.
Leaves drop from tall trees,
following the swift breeze.
Thanksgiving smells engulf the air,
everyone waiting for dinner sitting in there chair.
Fans cheering at the top of their lungs,
spit flying from their tongues.
Players tackling hard,
across the schoolyard.
Pitchers throwing from the windup,
coaches editing their lineup.
Infielders taking ground balls,
umpires blowing calls.
own the game,
get better,
work hard,
respect your opponents,
set a goal,
achieve your goals,
go out and get it,
try again,
kick it,

Winter land

The Winter land
         One day there is a little kid hoping for winter to finally come, When she went to school she realized that she is the only one that is wearing different cloths then all the others. She was so embarrassed, she went to her home when school was over, she went to talk to her mom.

“Hey mom can I talk to you”?  asked the little girl

“Yeah sure” “what’s up”? said the mom

“The kids at school are wearing different cloths then me and I want to fit in” can you buy me those cloths and get ride of the ones from my old home?” said the little girl.

“ yeah I can. What do they wear other then cloths?” asked the mom

“ They wear normal cloths. Have you seen a show that is like the ones in America?” Asked the little girl

“Yeah I have but we can go shopping after we eat dinner okay.” Said the mom.

Finally they ate dinner and went to the store and bought some different cloths where she would fit in with the others at school. When she went to school the next day she was so surprised that other kids said “hey I like your new outfit and shoes.” She went home all happy and excited that she got come compliments about her outfits. The little girl and her mother was so happy that she actually fits in now then she did. She really never liked it at her new school but she knew that she had to stay there. They all knew that she was from a different country then all of the others.

One year later…

The little girl and her mother had to move back to there home town. Only because she was acting different. Her mother was very concern about her little daughter. Then she became a teenager and was acting her own little way when she was a little girl. When she was at school a new boy came and she felt in love with him, after a month of liking him she asked him out. She went to his house to ask him out.

         Then he said yes. And asked how did you find my house? Then the girl felt really curious why he asked that. Then they girl and the boy were happy and found a lot of stuff to do around their country. When the girl and her boyfriend were out, they found a really nice house that they wanted when they get older. The girl have told her mom about her first boyfriend. Her mom felt left out because the daughter was her little baby. And her mom are having a rough time with there family.

Two years later…
         It was at that time when the family got a divorce. The daughter lived with her boyfriends house, the mom lived at her moms house. And the father stayed at the house because he owned it. When they all moved to some other houses they got to do what ever they wanted, they were so happy. When they daughter wanted a kid her boyfriend did not want one yet because they were still in school. They wanted to wait until they graduated high school.

4 years later…
         It was about time that the daughter and the boy moved out and had a kid it was a little girl. The little girl looked just like her father. When they got home they all thought to themselves that they would not be safe here, after awhile of getting settled in the house they were right they were not going to be safe here, it became a really bad snowstorm coming in. It finally got into Cailfornia, when it got to the town that they are in it got even worse, they had to quickly move out and leave and move to their parents house.

5 years later…

When they got to their house they knew that they were in danger. There was a horrible storm coming. They lived by a lake where is floods all the time when it storms. Only because it is that time of year when it starts flooding so every one starts getting worried that their house will flood. When it was raining they were really scared because of all the thunder, lighting and rain.