Thursday, February 19, 2015


You never know how afraid you are of being alone until you are cut off from the world not allowed to communicate with one another. It’s crushing to know that no one else is there but you.
“Make sure to stay out of trouble!” Mom yells as I walk out the door.
“No problem!” I scream back.
The bus is slowly coming down the street to avoid slipping on the ice. It’s Monday, the thought hits me like a truck, I slump down a little more. The bus finally comes to my stop. I reluctantly step into the bus. There’s little kids jumping around, screaming something I can’t understand.
I keep walking to the back of the bus, there is a little kid picking his nose back there, so I just sit in the middle. The bus starts moving on it’s way to school. I stare out the window, ignoring everything wrong with the world. I lose myself in the moving scenery and doze off into a daydream.
I don’t wake up from the daydream until the stop of the bus jolts me awake. I get up and start to walk to the front of the bus. I walk past a kid coughing violently and I cringe away from him, I’ve always been a germophobe, just imagining the little monsters makes me sick to my stomach.
I finally make it off the bus and start walking to the front door to the school, then I hear screaming from behind me. I think it’s just the little kids being little kids but when I turn around the kid coughing is on the ground twitching violently. The bus driver jumps out of the bus and picks up the kid and sprints to the school. That’s weird that hasn’t happened before. I think to myself as I make my way to the school again.
After the pretty standard school day, I get home. I walk in the house and hear sniffling in the living room.
“Mom?” I ask.
“Yes?” Mom answers back shakily. I run into the room to see what’s wrong. Mom’s crying on the couch looking at the TV blankly.
I ask, “What’s wrong?”
Mom hesitates to tell me for a second then says, “Dad’s not coming home.”
The words smack me in the face, dad is in the army and is stationed in Kenya fighting against rioters.
I say shakily, “Wh-What?”
“They called today and he was killed in action, fighting against the rebels.”
I cover my face so Mom can’t see me crying. She hugs, but I push her away and storm off to my room. It isn’t fair! I almost never got to see Dad, and now I’ll never see him again! I think to myself as I jump onto my bed. I shove my head into the pillow and forget about everything, the whole world is falling on top of me. I punch my pillows as hard as I can as if that will bring Dad.
After my fit I lay down on my bed and turn on my TV and change it to the news channel.
“The virus SB-91 has evolved past the point of stopping and there seems to be no way to save the remaining survivors but to quarantine them and cut them off from other people in the hopes of saving the human race.”
Great, now everyone else is going to die, perfect! I think sarcastically, I look at my phone and it’s 6:43, dinner! I run into the dining room, and my mom is slouched over eating leftover spaghetti from Tuesday with a blank stare to nowhere in particular. I grab the rest of the spaghetti and sit at the other side of the table. I look down and start eating, I don’t know why I’m mad at Mom; she did nothing, but that’s the problem, she never did anything! She never helped me grow up. She was always in the background, just watching me until she needed to take care of me when Dad left!
With a new reason to not look at Mom I keep eating not dare to look at her. She’s suddenly the symbol of Dad dying only a reminder of his death. She snaps out of her daze and asks,
“How was school?”
“It was normal,” I reply with no emotion.
“That’s good,” she says as if she’s unsure if that’s the right thing to say. She gets up and takes her dish to the sink and washes it. She then walks like a zombie towards her room. With Dad, Mom’s spirit died too.
After I’m done eating I leave the plate and sit on the couch watching a rerun of Full House. I’m not even watching it but I’m looking through the TV for answers. After what feels like an eternity I start dozing off and eventually fall asleep.
I wake up with a jolt and instantly fumble for my phone, I find it and check the time, 10:30! I sprint to my room and find clothes to put on. I find my bag and I’m about to run out the door when I hear a scratchy voice coming from Mom’s room.
“There isn’t school today, honey.”
“Why?” I ask.
Mom replies in a hopeless voice, “You know why, honey.”
I sit on the couch and realize what no school means, no time left. Most of the human race is already dead. I think back to the poor kid on the bus, he was only like six! This is the end of life as we know it. Might as well give up, it wouldn’t make a difference.
Mom sends me out to go get food ,so I start walking to the grocery store. As I’m walking down the sidewalk a couple army trucks pass by. I don’t pay attention to them, but keep walking forward in a daze, not connected to reality. After ten minutes I see the grocery store, but it’s trashed, all the windows are broken and upon closer inspection it’s been cleaned out.
After another 15 minute walk back home I open the door and yell,
“The store was already looted, I’m sorry Mom!”
There’s no answer but the sound of a chair or something falling over in Mom’s room. I run to her door and slowly I open the door. I look up, and I instantly close the door, and run to my room, and jump into my bed. I bury my head in the pillows, and scream at the top of my lungs,
“No! No!”
Mom finally broke, she gave up. I get up out of my bed and start walking toward the front door with no idea what I’m doing. I open the door with a new motivation for something even I don’t know about. I walk the way the army men were driving.
After 20 minutes I come across a line of soldiers in a boundary looking off into the distance into the other side of the neighborhood.
“Hey!” I yell at them getting their attention.
They turn around and one of them says, “Stay back citizen, or we’ll shoot!”

“I’m already dead,” I whisper and run at them. BANG.

They're Coming- February PPOW

They’re Coming
Chamberlyn was an ordinary girl, so she thought. She had her everyday routine, wake up, go to school, and then she had piano lessons after school. Once she would get done with piano lessons she would ride her bicycle out to the tree on a hill. She would lie down on a blanket and watch the clouds slowly pass by. When she was out on that hill, looking up into the sky, she felt like the whole world was silent, no existing of it. She would get lost into the clouds, but she knew they would be coming very soon.
Chamberlyn finally rode her bicycle home. She has a little brother, Jack, and has two older siblings, Cece and Stefan, they’re twins. Chamberlyn is 16, Jack is 6, and Cece & Stefan are 18. She is the daughter of Damon and Elena Salvatore. They live in a small town, Mystic Falls. The town had always been mysterious, that’s where the name kind of get its. There was always random deaths, Chamberlyn knew it was a sign that they were coming, in fact there were many signs. Chamberlyn didn’t want to think they were coming, so she blocked out the world.
Everytime Chamberlyn would get home from the tree, she would go straight to her room and do her homework, if she had any. She would always stop doing her homework and just read. She loved reading, especially about the gods. She would try to talk to her friends about her book, but they just thought she was crazy.
Chamberlyn woke up bright and early; she got dressed and headed to the tree. She had to finally talk to them, she needed to tell them that they can’t come today, not yet. After she talked to them she rode her bike to school.
Once she got to school she ran to her friends screaming, “They’re coming, they’re coming!”
Caroline, Chamberlyn’s best friend yelled, “Calm down, who’s coming?”
“They’re coming, they’re coming!” she screamed again.
“Bonnie, Chamberlyn’s other friend says, “Come on Chamberlyn, stop being crazy. Nobody’s coming; enough with the games.”
“We have to go, let’s get out of here!” Chamberlyn exclaimed.
Bonnie questioned, “Where are we going?”
“I don’t know, but we just need to leave this town. We’ll all go home and pack our stuff, then we’ll meet at the bank,” Chamberlyn explained.
They all left their separate ways and headed to their houses. Chamberlyn rode her bicycle home and rushed into the house. She grabbed clothes, her laptop and phone. She was running out of the house until she figured she would leave a note for her family. On the note she wrote “I’m so sorry, my friends and I left, we don’t know where we’re going yet. I took the car keys, and a bunch of food. I’ll call you when I can. All I can say is that they’re coming, leave soon.”
Chamberlyn hopped in their family van and drove as fast as she could to the bank. She got to the bank and went inside. She went to the ATM and took $1,000 out of their family account; she would explain to her family later. She waited, and waited, and then finally Bonnie and Caroline showed up. They all hopped in the car and Bonnie asks again, “So now what do we do, where are we going?”
“Where do you want to go?” questioned Chamberlyn.
“New Orleans!” shouted Caroline.
“Why New Orleans?” Bonnie asked Caroline.
“Because Niklaus is there, he can help us,” answered Caroline.
“Great, lets get to going then!” clapped Chamberlyn.
They all hopped in the car and headed to New Orleans. It took seven hours to get there; they got there around 5 o’ clock in the evening. They had no idea where Klaus would be, so they went around looking for clues. All of a sudden Chamberlyn’s phone started to buzz; She was getting a call from her parents, Damon and Elena Salvatore. She hurried up and answered it.
“Where in the world are you!” Damon shouted through the phone.
“Don’t worry, we’re here in New Orleans with Klaus. We’re trying to find him and his witch friend so they can help us,” answered Chamberlyn.
“What the heck is happening, who’s coming? And Klaus is very dangerous, don’t go near him!” Damon said angerly.
“We found Klaus, got to go. Talk to you later.” quickly said Chamberlyn as she hung up the phone.
Damon thought to himself, I need to go find her. So Damon listened to his mind and left for New Orleans as soon as possible without letting anybody know. On the way there he ran into Rebekah, Klaus’s evil sister, an original vampire.  
“Hello there Damon. Haven’t seen you in a while, what’s the hurry?” asked Rebekah.
“My daughter is with your brother, he’s going to hurt her! Now can I go save her?” Damon said eagerly.
“I already knew that silly. Why do you think he called me and told me to make sure you don’t come to save her?” Caroline said like a genius.
Before Damon got to say anything, Caroline twisted his neck and down he went. “You’ll be just fine here with me while Klaus does his business,” she said to herself, knowing that he wasn’t concious to hear.

The Hate of a Best Friend

The Hate of a Best Friend
In the summer of 1985, there was a new girl in the sixth grade at Coal Community School.  Her name was Fawn Framelight. Fawn lives in the Caribbean Island now. She was shy, and a bit awkward. She was a lot like another girl in her grade named Blaze Goldbrick. Fawn had beautiful curly red hair, with bright blue eyes; one of the most rare combinations in the world. Fawn never missed a day of school, and always had her homework done. Blaze only missed one day of school in her whole entire life because she had a twenty-four hour flu.
Fawn only had a mother; her name was Phoebe. Her father died in a car accident seven years ago. His name was Edwin. She only remembers that her father always smelled like peppermints and ginger. Her father was raised by his Uncle Teddy because his parents were killed in a car accident close to her fathers’. Uncle Teddy wasn’t really his uncle, it was his grandfather. His grandfather didn’t want to feel old with the word “grand.” So he decided to be called uncle. Fawn’s father found the best cheese cake recipe ever, on a tiny little island in the pacific. He thought he was a pirate, and that was his treasure.
Fawn wouldn’t answer a single question in class, but she would always correct the teacher. The teacher didn’t really appreciate being proven wrong by a sixth grader though. Fawn was a straight “A” student. She practically had a photographic memory. Fawn didn’t care about what other’s thought of her. She wore last century clothes, and did her hair in a messy bun every single day of school. Fawn typically only had one friend in her previous school, but never spoke her name; just characteristics about her.
Blaze was a bit awkward and very clumsy. Blaze has thick dirty blond hair, with violet eyes. Blaze wouldn’t answer a single question either. She wouldn’t even speak a word when somebody wanted to talk to her. She was invisible. When a teacher wanted to talk to her, Blaze would put her answer in complicated ways. So they wouldn’t understand exactly what she wanted to say, and then walked away without saying another word.
Their teacher thought it would be fun to talk about what everyone did over the summer. After Blaze and Fawn heard that they were into the same things like art, singing, dancing, and writing books; they became best friends instantly. The teacher even put them right next to each other in all of their classes. They loved sitting by each other, and talking about themselves. They were still shy, but answered some questions now. They also had slumber parties every Friday, and two-hour late start days. They would sing all night long.
They were the perfect set of best friends, or so Fawn thought….
The first week of December they decided to enter a dancing contest. They practiced every day after school, for two weeks straight. They forgot to study for their semester tests, and were panicked about how good they were going to do on it. Fawn got a 98 percent on it, but Blaze got a 67 percent on it. Blaze was furious; she never failed a test in her life, and hated Fawn for having a photographic memory. She knew that Fawn would never fail in her life. Blaze wasn’t going to let Fawn destroy her perfect grades. Blaze never told Fawn that she was furious with her. In fact she even lied about her grade to everybody, and they still practiced for the dancing contest all the time.
Blaze became obsessed with trying to make Fawn fail. She cheated off of Fawn, and when Fawn turned her paper in; Blaze took it, and wrote down different answers. Fawn still got a 90 percent on it. Blaze went to Fawn’s house after school, and stole different notes everyday. Fawn still did great on test. Blaze took most of her clothes, and bathroom items because Fawn always knew where to find her perfect outfit at. Blaze thought Fawn would be late because she would have to find something else. Fawn was even earlier to school then normal. Blaze slept on the floor next to Fawn, and kept her up all night. By the time school starts, Fawn will be exhausted, Blaze hoped. Fawn wasn’t tired though because it was Saturday. Blaze had ran out of options.
Next Friday was going to be terrible for Fawn. Blaze invited Fawn to go shopping with her. Of course Fawn said yes. Blaze and her walked over to the mall because it was just across the street. Blaze lured her into going shopping at Aeropostale, even though Fawn is allergic to the fragrance. The smell makes her pass out if she is smelling it for more than ten minutes. Blaze told her that she would only be there for seven minutes, but Blaze had a plan to be there longer. Blaze put on a dress that was too small, and had Fawn try to zip it up. Fawn was in there too long; and she passed out. Blaze pushed her up out of the window, and dragged her across the floor into the bathrooms. She pushed Fawn into the vent, and into a small tiny room underground.
Fawn woke up and was scared out of her mind. She didn’t know where she was, what to do, or why she was even there. All she saw was a tiny light in the middle of the room. She looked around for a way out, but there was nothing; she began screaming. Then finally a small door opened in the corner of the room, and Blaze walked in. Blaze had an evil look, and five giant bloody scrapes in her face. Fawn thought her face was in a fight with a lion. Blaze turned on all the lights, and started talking to Fawn.
Blaze told Fawn how she was furious with her by making her fail on a semester test. Fawn felt terrible; she didn’t know that Blaze failed because Blaze told everyone she got a perfect. Blaze screamed at her, and told Fawn that she would never see daylight again. At that very moment a little sun light came from a tiny window.
Fawn then said, “You better tell the sun to go away then.”
Blaze covered up the window with wood and nails. She told her that she wouldn’t see anybody else again, not even her mother. Blaze then walked out the door laughing with a grin on her face.
Fawn kept screaming. Fawn was determined on trying to find a way out. Then she remembered about the window. She tried reaching the window, but was to short. She now believed Blaze, about how she was never going to see sunlight again. Blaze fed her only to watch her suffer longer. Fawn was allergic to most of the food she was given, so she was starved for many hours.
Days went by, and Fawn’s mother was scared out of her mind. She had never gone this long without Fawn. She decided that she needed to file a police report about her stolen child. She turned it in; the police said they were on the case.
Blaze got questioned and said, “I was only in the dressing room for two minutes and when I came out Fawn was gone.”
Blaze was a great liar. The police totally bought it, and never questioned her again. Phoebe lost a lot of hope, in the search for her daughter. The police came by every day, and told her the same news; they had no clues leading to Fawn’s disappearance.  

About two weeks later Blaze opened the door, and more light got in the tiny little room; Fawn noticed a vent that she could fit into. When Blaze walked out, Fawn went over to the wall and tried for an hour to open the vent. It was hopeless, but she smelled peppermints and ginger. Just like the smell of her beloved dad. She screamed through it, but there was no answer. Finally Fawn fell to the floor, and stopped trying to escape. She was never going to get out of the room. Fawn cried and lost so much weight she couldn’t live. That night Fawn went to bed, but never woke up. Blaze never returned, and went home without even a frown. Blaze wasn’t entirely happy though; her only true friend was gone, and it was all her fault.

Story of my life

My full name is Nora Ann May Rodenborn. I have a story for you, but I know you won’t be interested. I’m going shush up and start the story. I hope you like it. I know it will be a  interesting story.
The day I was born. I was the lightest baby from my older brother Zach. My dad always would hold me twenty-four seven. He never put me down. When I was two years old. I had Cataracts in my left eye.
I had to get surgery or I would’ve lost my left eye. I had baby blue eyes before my surgery. After my surgery; my right eye is brown, and my left is green. I was very shy after my surgery, and stayed in the hospital for two weeks. I went back to the hospital because my stomach was clogged.
I wouldn't eat or drink much for a week, until I heard them saying they were going put me in a different hospital. I wore a patch after the stay at the hospital. A couple of months after my surgery. My little brother was born. He was suppose to be a girl, but he was a boy. I told my mom this “put him back.”
I already knew I dislike him when I first saw him. Garet was annoying baby. A couples of months after Garet was born. My parents got divorce after my mom got home from work. I didn’t heart feel broken when I finally understood.
I won't get to see my dad not that much. I would cry and whine for my dad to come back home. My older brother Zach was five when dad got divorce. I wouldn’t talk after my mom and dad got divorce until I was three. I had to wear an eye patch for my left eye to become more healthy, but soon it will be the first day of preschool.
When I didn't care what people called me or anything. I was in the stupid phrase.  The phrase where your mind is blank and you can't think at all. I got held back in preschool, because of my blank head. I went to kindergarten; the people were mean calling me Dora or fat.
I would cry, but then I went in to the I don’t care thing. I met my best friend Courtney Gallagher. We were the weirdest little kids ever. I saw my dad on thursday and tuesdays. I was still scared of people bullying me. I went through first then second grade.
I moved in to a okay house, but my landlord kids were mean to me. Their kids would come over and said we have to listen to them, because their dad own the house. I didn't care,but they were mean kids. It was getting close to the end of third grade. My mom told us we were going to move.
I was happy, but then sad. We look at the two houses; first house was in glenwood, but we couldn’t have pets. The second house was in Hamburg we could have pets, just not big dogs. My mom had her boyfriend Dan. My brothers and I hated him so much.
When we moved in Hamburg. Zach had like twelve friends. I was always inside and shy. I didn’t have much friends. Then Zach friend Jasper came over with his sister Haylee.
We went to her house and talk a lot. I was scared ,that I was different. I would copy everything Haylee did. I didn't know who I was yet. I had fun in hamburg and making friends.
I get jealous of people stealing my friends away from me.  It was half why through fifth grade. I was moving back to avoca. I didn't want to move back, because I loved hamburg. When we were leaving for the last time.
I cried ,because I knew I would never see haylee again. I was scared of the bullies again. When I walk through the door of avoca. My best friend Courtney hug me to death. I was happy to see her.
Things went good til seventh grade. I was nervous and after a week of the middle school life. I knew that bullies will try to make me cry. They had made me cry. I don't wanna call names.
One person I sat next to in seventh grade told me to go die once. Then kira friend was bullying me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to run far away or sleep forever. I’m like suffering on the edge.
I'm drowning, but people are breathing around me. I didn’t like what people say to me. I always thought they were right. They were always right. I’m weird, fat, ugly ,and worthless.
Those were the things I think in seventh grade. When it was summer I felt better about myself. I was in deep depression for the summer. I have no feelings at all. I didn't care about anything after all.
Summer past by fast, because before I know it. It was the beginning of 8th grade and The bullies got worse. I was way too much in depression. I didn’t care at all what they said. I just fell in depression.
I thought I would never have feelings again. I didn't want to change myself after all.


My puppies are loveable,

My Puppy Jellybean
My puppy is small,

My Puppy Chocolate
My puppy Chocolate is so Vilent,
She is so fat,
Short haired,
Really cute

My Puppy Stormy
Stormy is so soft,
She is so Cute,
She is also so fat,
She is also vilent.

Bea is so cute
She is so skinny because she runs around outside
She likes to lick people on the face,

Sadie had the puppies in November,
She was so fat when she was pregnant,
Now she is so Skinny,
She is mean to the puppies,
She drug one down the porch stairs.

Houdinie is so cute,
He has been alive since I was born,
He is also so strong,
He is like 91 years old.

She loves sports,
She is as strong as a lion,
She is also very sweet,
She likes to protect her family.

She likes playing with the puppies,
She is really kind to people,
She is very pretty,
She is sweet to her family and friends

She is very pretty,
She is really kind
Alexis is the best big sister I could ever have

My dad
My dad is the best,
He is an amazing cook,
He likes taking my family camping

Mindy is nice,
She is also kind,
She makes good food,

My mom
My mom is the best,
She helps me with anything,
She makes awesome food

Teachers are here to teach you not to argue,
Teachers are also here to teach you different things that you don’t know,
Teachers are also here to help you
Homework is when you have to do it either in class or at home,
Homework makes you learn more then you think,
It makes you smarter

Favorite singer
Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan makes good music,
He is a good artist,
I also share a birthday with Luke Bryan

Favorite movie
Divergent is all about action,
It is also about trust,
And love.

Protect each other
Friends are here when you need them,
Friends are caring,
Friends are funny,
Friends are nice,
Friends are amazing
My Interests
My Interests
In my spear time I like to make rubber band braclets,
I use a loom to make them I also use my fingers to make them to,
I also like to read my favorite book,
I also like to draw and color pictures with my sister Maria and Makaylah.

Vacation during summer time
Summer time
I am going to the Ozakres for a week,
I am leaving the 3 of July and coming back the 10,
I am going to have an amazing time and can’t wait till it is time,
I would want to go their again,
I will get pictures of the lake and where we went shopping for memories,
I have not gone somewhere like that before,
I would want to go swimming their because there is a huge lake their that I am going to go fishing in,
I am going to go with my dad,
Mindy’s kids,
And a couple of my dads workers that are my dads close friends,
All of us are so excited, but it is going to be a long drive their because my dad is going to pull the camper with his truck on the highway,

It is going to be at lest a 5 to 6 hour drive.