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Tiffany Michelle Garcia

Tiffany Michelle Garcia

Tiffany Michelle Garcia was born on March 19, 1988. Tiffany has an older brother named Anthony that is two years older than her. Her father worked as a pressman and her mother was a full time mom. Since her dad worked at nights, she had to be quiet during the day. She was really loud, so that was a problem because her dad would sleep in the daytime. Her parents would call her Baboom because of her loud personality.
Her mom kept her active by having her do modeling. She liked all of the lights and shoots that she did, but she would miss school trips because of her hobby. She wanted to be with her friends and have fun with them. She decided to quit modeling.
To replace her hobby, she decided to do a lot of sports like figure skating, ballet, swimming, soccer, and softball. She really liked to stay active. She also looked forward to the Mini Olympics at her school. She got to do a lot of running there because she was very fast.
She ended up going to a private school. She wanted to be nice to everyone and help them if there was something wrong, but the people at her new school thought it would be easy to pick on her because she was new. She tried her best to ignore them, so she just kept a smile on her face and brushed off the rude comments said to her. She was still nice to them even though their words really hurt her.

Her brother was a great influence to Tiffany’s future. He would play videogames and she would watch, but not play. She didn’t want to mess up in front of him. He also skateboarded, so she tried that out too. Once she started to play video games, she loved it. Shortly after she began to love drawing. She did both throughout high school and made a lot of friends.
During her junior year in high school she met a boy on MySpace. His name was Mario. They had a lot in common and started dating. They were together throughout her high school year and into college.
She got a part-time job as a lifeguard to earn some money. She thought it was a really boring job and did not like it that much. Most of the time she sat and didn’t do anything. Out of the six years she worked there, she only had to save two people. She decided to quit that job and get an internship instead.
She interned at Cartoon Network for one semester, but an office job wasn’t for her. She got introduced to YouTube by one of Mario’s friends. She was asked to work for a company’s youtube channel called MachinimaRealm. She didn’t know what they did, but she tried it anyway. She didn’t think that people would watch her, but was surprised with the outcome. Thousands of people watched her videos. She was flooded with good feedback from her viewers and learned from everyone she heard from. She continued to gain subscribers throughout her videos.
She graduated college with a bachelor degree in fine arts. After college, she decided to continue her YouTube career. She loves to make videos and is now working with Mario on their YouTube channel together. She wants to continue doing YouTube for a long time and is hoping to improve along the way.

Tiffany Michelle Garcia’s YouTube Channels

Tiffany’s YouTube name is iHasCupquake. Mario’s YouTube name is Redb15. Together they have six channels that they are running. Each channel has a specific topic. The topics can range from gaming to DIYs and even pets.
The iHasCupquake channel has gaming based activities, so whatever they do it is almost always for a game. The activities mostly involve gaming, cooking, crafting, drawing, and some clothing stuff. She plays games with and without Mario. The games can range from cute and cuddly to goary and deadly.
The TiffyQuake channel is about fashion, crafts, and other girly things. This channel is really fun to watch, if you are wanting to make something. Almost none of the crafty things on this channel are based off of games. There are a lot of look books, crafts, and also just talking about certain events. There are also speed arts and other drawing things.
The ToyBox Collectibles channel is about toys. They collect toys on this channel. The videos are of them unboxing and evaluating the toys. Sometimes, they get two of one toy and they give viewers the option to buy them. Throughout this channel, you will find mystery box toys, collectibles, and first look toys. Some of these toys can’t be bought in stores, if so, they get them from people who watch or know this channel. Some toys are sent from around the world.
The ToyBox Collectibles Pets is also about toys. This channel however, shows toys for pets. They unbox the toy and let their pets play with them. After they are done playing, then they will figure out if the toy does what it says it will. Most of the toys that the pets play with are really cool like pet puzzles or automatic lasers. Most of the time the pets like them, but they might not do what they are supposed to.
There is another pet channel called WeAreMishMish. This channel is about their cats, one of the video playthroughs are how to care for your cat. It has really silly videos like how much to feed your cat and they do it wrong on purpose. They usually have their cats in the videos to show their reactions. They have two cats, one is Link and the other is Navi.
Tiffany and Mario play many co-op games together as well. One of the games is Surgeon Simulator. They play most co-op games on their Husband versus Wife series. Since these playthroughs are game related, they are on the iHasCupQuake channel. Overall, they enjoy the games they play and love to make videos.

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