Friday, January 16, 2015

Poetry; December PPOW

Bella is my friend,
I glued her to a chair.
It’s ok because Jordan cut my hair.

Bella is smart,
She’s good at art.
Although it’s hard,
It comes from the heart.

Tori is a good friend,
She’ll be here till the end.
She’s always by my side
When we go down the slide.

Hailey is weird
But that’s ok
We still love her anyway.

Lizzie is crazy,
Bright like a daisy.
She likes to laugh.
It’s pretty funny,
Sometimes it hurts your tummy.

Ayla is sweet,
She’ll bring you a treat.
She’s never mean,
And keeps her locker clean.

Megan is tall,
She’s good at ball.
She can sing,
She’ll get a lot of bling.

Drew is mean.
He’s not very clean.
I guess he’s all right
But he’s not very bright.

Maggie is my dog,
She sleeps like a log.
She can jump high,
Up into the sky.

Trace is my dog.
She sleeps all day.
While we’re all away,
She’s in bed all day.

Christmas time is almost here,
I have that holiday cheer.
Wrapping presents,
I’ll give them as gifts.
Under the tree is where they are,
I can see them from afar.

Football season is here.
In the stands we cheer.
Waiting for the team,
We all scream

Winter makes you freeze,
It’s very cold,
And my coffee is way too bold.

Flower’s blooming,
Bees are singing.
Springtime is here,
I hear the noises in my ear.

I miss summer and so do you.
I hate winter, and this news is not new.
Bring back summer, and the green grass dew.  

Volleyball is fun,
When you hit the ball.
Set it up high,
Just don’t hit the wall.

Shopping is nice,
When you get new things.
I hope you like my surprise,
It’s a new diamond ring.

They drive you crazy,
Some are lazy.
But at the end of the day,
You love them anyway.

You can never have too many,
I prefer more than twenty.
Shoes are my favorite things,
I prefer ones with bling.

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  1. I really liked your PPOW. I thought most of the words rhymed and your punctuation was good.


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