Friday, January 16, 2015

The Running Red Book

The Running Red Book
A long, long, long, time ago, in early summer. A guy named Ralph walked into a giant library. He was fifteen years old with copper colored hair, and green eyes. He wore gray shorts, with a blue and orange striped shirt. His face remind people of a trophy that was possessed. He was an unusual person to walk in because he couldn’t read. In fact, he was kind of a big bully.
All throughout elementary, he got picked on because he couldn’t read. He would always sit in the back of the room and try to read. He could never figure out how to though. He was very shy and quite ignored all the time. He was the only kid in his grade that could not read. It did stop him from pursuing his dream of writing books. He always had a passion of listening to books. And adding more description to them. His fluency of just saying words, was way above average. He could use very descriptive words in all of his sentences and speak without any problems.
In middle school, he finally came out of his shell. A little too much though. He still couldn’t read. But he made up the biggest comebacks when people picked on him. So he decided to return the favor to everyone who bullied on him in his lifetime. He would never go to classes on time or show up for school until twelve o’ clock. Ralph thought he was the coolest, but actually he was still ignored by everyone. He felt very alone all the time and wanted attention. So he became the biggest bully ever.
So when he walked into the library everyone was shocked. The librarian was even in shock and a little scared at first too. Then Ralph went up to the counter and said, “Hello ma’am, can you please direct me to the Dr. Suess books?” And she did. Ralph then picked up every Dr. Suess book there was and sat at a table. Ralph was there all day trying to read. He finally got up, put all the books away, and started to walk out when he turned around and said, “Thank you, I’ll be back tomorrow”, and just left.
Every day for the next three weeks he would go to school on time, do his work, then go to the library. He would always be greeted by the librarian. He then, like usual, would pick up Dr. Suess books and try to read. Until one day he didn’t, he was wandering around the big majestic library. Then in the blink of an eye he saw the book he needed. The book was big, red, shiny, silky, smooth, hard and just plain beautiful. It was called the Beginner Book; Ralph knew it was the one for him. Then he checked out the book and brought it home with him.
That night he opened it up and all the pages were blank. Ralph couldn’t figure out why. So he decided to go to bed and maybe he would find out why. In the middle of the night, the book came to life. It whispered in his ear, and said, “In the morning you will be able to read”. Then the book kept saying it over and over. Ralph woke up and had the urge to read. He picked up his new red book; opened it up and all the pages weren’t blank! He was stunned. All of them just had a title of a childrens book and a button. He clicked on the button and it started to read the book out loud. Then the title changed into the words of the book.
Ralph stayed awake all night listening and following along to what the book was saying. Then unexpectedly the book started to run. Ralphed chased to the book and tackled it to the ground. The book was shocked, he had never been tackled before.
“Where are you going”, asked Ralph
The book answered, “I have to go scan another book for tomorrow night.”
“Ah”, screamed Ralph,” You can talk!”
“Well duh”, responded the red book.
“Oh” ralph replied, “But how do you talk, run, jump, scan other books, or even live?”
“Everyone in life has to have a chance to pursue their dream” said the book, “so everybody needs their own magic to believe in.”
“So I’m your future and you are my present”, the book said with authority.
“So do I get to keep you forever”, Ralph replied eagerly?
The book sighed and answered, “Only until you pursue your dream.”
“Oh”, Ralph said quietly.
The book then hopped away, all the way downtown to the library, for a new book.
He finally found the one he wanted. So he hopped all the way back to Ralph’s house. Ralph took the book into his old treehouse and started to listen and follow along. It was the weekend so he could stay there all day and night. He kept reading and saying the words with him. Then at the end of the weekend Ralph could read an entire Dr. Suess book with just a little bit of trouble.
The next weekend came and Ralph started to read “ Magic Treehouse” books. These ones were harder because there were lots of new words and even more words to read. He listened and listened all day. But then Monday came and it was off to school for him. He decided not to take his new book along with him. Thinking it might get stolen or lost somewhere. And he didn’t want that to happen.
At school Ralph wasn’t the same. He spoke to people, was polite, went to school on time, participated in his classes, and didn’t cause any trouble. All the teachers had a theory that Ralph had a twin brother; so it actually wasn’t Ralph at school, but it truly was. Ralph has a spark in his eye whenever he would speak politely to others. He changed so much, and everyone was shocked.
Later that day, he ran home. Wanting to try and finish a new book. To find out how to read more. He was determined to read.
When he got home, his book was right there on the front porch. Ralph became very ecstatic. He jumped up, and down in a rapid fashion. He had so much courage to finish a chapter book today. He told the book, “Can I read a chapter book today?” The book said, “Yes, I’ve been waiting for you to read chapter books. And now let’s go and start.” They went inside his treehouse with cake and cookies. They were in there for the rest of the night reading. Ralph could read a chapter book all by himself now. He was so happy.
The next day at school, Ralph volunteered to read. Everyone was shocked and didn’t say a word. His reading fluency was higher than any other person in his whole entire grade. He felt the sudden urge to read, and read all day at school. Ralph was now the best reader in all his grade. He became the number one volunteer for his teachers. No one else would even raise their hand because they knew Ralph would do it, and respected him for it.
Ten years later….
Ralph became the number seven best author of all time. His books hit the top chart in only a week. He had tons of book signings and book release parties. He didn’t need his red book anymore; he got his dream. But the Committee of Future let Ralph get to decide. He got to decide if he wanted to keep his best pal or not. At first he was screaming yes inside his head. Then he remember how the book told him that he was a present, so maybe someone else would need him later in life. So he walked up to the book with a giant grin on his face, and said, “My dearest book pal would you like to stay with me or grant a new future with someone else?” The book looked at him and whispered, “I would love to stay with you, as I am your present, and you will always be my future.”  Ralph and the book lived happily ever after, and he became the best author in the world for the next 250 years to go. His happily ever after finally came.

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