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The One Who Could See

The One Who Could See
            There she was. Standing there. Rain pouring down on her face as the soft orange lights hit her skin in the dark night. She was alone, or so she thought. Everybody was dead. They were gone because of her because she didn’t warn them. She was loitering in the streets as her thoughts drove her into oblivion.
            It all started 48 hours ago.  Brinley was lying on her bed when she heard a terrifying scream from outside. She looked out her window, and they were everywhere.  She rushed downstairs, grabbed her coat, and ran outside. She swung the door open with a big force of motion. She looked around, and they were gone. The wolf-like creatures that she had just seen a minute ago had left no trace of ever being there.
She was puzzled. She knew she saw them. She knew she wasn’t imagining it. How could she forget the way the creature looked at her through it’s vicious, blood shot eyes. She ran back upstairs to see if she could see them out of her window again, and she couldn’t. Brinley sat looking out her window as if she could make them come back.
She sat shaking, terrified of what she saw. Brinley had no clue what to do. Her mother was not home yet; she had left about an hour ago to go to the store, and her father had passed away before she was even three. She was traumatized. Looking out the window waiting for her mother, she kept hearing something.
There were strange noises echoing throughout her mind, and it felt like there were voices screaming at her from every direction. Brinley jumped onto her bed and covered her ears with her pillows to drown out the sound, but it wouldn’t go away. The screeching sound was deafening her. There was absolutely nothing she could do, except let them linger in her mind.
At last, her mother was home! Brinley released the pillows and jumped out of bed. She ran to her mother and gave her a hug. Her mom asked, “Why did you just give me a hug? I was only gone for and hour or so.” Brinley told her mother all that had happened while she was gone, and her mother thought she was crazy. Her mother backed away from her thinking that her daughter had gone completely insane. Brinley looked at her mom wide-eyed, and about to cry.
            “Just go to bed, Brin” she said, “it will be all better in the morning.”
            “But it’s only seven.” Brinley called.
            “Just go to bed!” her mother shouted.
            So off she went. Brinley tried to sleep, but the images of the horrid monsters just kept coming back to her. And the screeching noises would not stop. She started freaking out. She was flailing her arms and rolling around in her bed.. A huge scream was let out as Brinley’s mother ran upstairs to see what had happened.
            “Mom, watch out! Its behind you!”
Her mother turned around briskly, just to see that there was nothing behind her.
            “Mom,” Brinley shouted, “Move!”
            Her mother confused about what her daughter was talking about, said, “There is nothing behind me, just go to bed Brinley. We are going to see a therapist tomorrow.”
            “I don’t need a therapist,” screamed Brinley, “I am perfectly fine!”
            “We are going, whether you like it, or not!”
            Brinley felt alone. She felt as if her mother had not understood that what she was seeing was real, and it was not just some imaginary thing.
 Her mother stormed out of her room angrily, and slammed the door shut. She walked to her room and sat down by the door. She wondered what was going to happen to Brinley if she kept seeing those strange things. She wanted to help her daughter, but she didn’t know how.
After Brinley finally fell asleep, she kept having dreams about the creatures. She finally got to see them again after the incident that happened earlier that day. She couldn’t really tell what was happening because she was waking up, and the dreams were fading. But while she was still asleep, she saw a giant pack of the wolf-like creatures attacking a group of people on the street.  Brinley thought they were just majorly hurt, but after a few seconds, she realized they were dead.
She woke up in a pile of her own tears. Those people did absolutely nothing! They didn’t deserve that, Brinley thought. She heard her mothers’ footsteps pounding on the ground. As her mother walked to her room, she thought about what she was going to say to her.
The door swung open as Brinley’s mom walked into the room.
“Brinley, are you okay? I heard you crying from down the hall.” She asked.
“They are going to hurt people.” said Brinley to her mother with a quiet sniffle.
“Who is going to hurt people?” questioned her mom.
“They, the creatures!” Brinley announced.
“Brinley! They are not real! You are seeing things, and that’s why we are going to the therapist today!”
“But, mom, they were real. It felt so real. It couldn’t have been just a dream. I am not seeing things, and I am not insane!” Shouted Brinley.
“I don’t care, Brinley! We are going and that’s final! Grab your bag and let’s go.” Screamed her mother.
The two of them hopped into their car, and drove to the therapist. They didn’t talk until Brinley herd something on the radio. She turned up the volume, and they both listened closely.
“There has been a report that a group of homeless teens were killed last night.” Said the man on the radio.
Brinley looked at her mother with a frightened look on her face.
“C’mon Brin, it’s just a coincident.” Said her mother firmly.
“Shhh.” Said Brinley as she turned up the volume.
“It looked like they were killed by some sort of animal. Scientists have been trying to figure out what it was, but they have not yet come up with anything.” Said the man.
“I knew it!” Brinley shouted, “I knew it was real!”
“I already told you, Brinley, it was just a coincident.”
They arrived at the therapists’ office, and got out of the car. Brinley sat down in the waiting room as her mother checked her in. They had a 15-minute wait before they could go into Dr. Smiths’ office.
“Brinley. Come with me” said the nurse lady, overjoyed.
She looked at her mom with a frown on her face, and walked back to Dr. Smiths’ office. All he asked her was why she had come to see him, and she told him about all the things she saw and dreamed about. Dr. Smith asked her a couple more questions, but they were unimportant.
They both walked out to the lobby, and the doctor announced that she had Schizophrenia. Brinley’s heart dropped. She knew that wasn’t true.
“She will have to be put in the Seattle Psychiatric Hospital.”
Her mother hesitated for a second, and then finally spoke. “Okay, I will get her in there by next week”
“Actually, I can get her in, in an hour” The doctor said.
“That would be great!” Her mother said.
All Brinley could think about was why her mother would make such a decision so quickly, and why she didn’t care if her one and only daughter were put into some crazy hospital!
“Just drive her over whenever.” Said the Doctor.
The two of them walked back out to the car and they started their drive to the other hospital. As they arrived, one of the nurses came out and assisted Brinley inside. The nurse told her mom that she was not aloud to come inside. So her mother waved, and walked away. They walked into Brinley’s new room, and to her surprise, it was really big. The nurse handed her the bright white clothes that she had to wear. She went into the bathroom to put them on.
“Can I just go to sleep?” she questioned. She didn’t want them asking a bunch of questions, or getting all up in her business.
“Sure you can. If you need anything you can just press this button.” Said the nurse.
So Brinley actually fell asleep. She awoke to the screaming voices she had heard before, but they were not trapped in her head. They were actually coming from outside her room. She looked down to her side and there were claw marks in her bed spread, and blood gushing out of her thigh. She tore a piece of her robe off and tied it around her thigh to stop the bleeding.
All the sudden the lights shut off, and it went completely silent. Brinley jumped up and ran out of her room. She paused. All she saw was blood. She couldn’t do anything about it, so she kept running. She saw one of the creatures behind her. It was sprinting right at her. She got to one of the big metal doors; she needed a key to open it. She was breathing so hard; her adrenaline was really high. She had to think.
There was a nurse on the ground, dead. Her eyes were still open, and just the thought of her having to pry the key out of the nurses hand, scared her. But she had to do it; otherwise she would be trapped there forever, or killed by the creature. She quickly grabbed the key ran right out of the hospital. When she got outside she looked around and it was raining, and there were no moving cars. Everybody was dead. The streetlights were dim, and everything was still. All she could hear was her heartbeat. Brinley started to run. She ran and ran as tears dripped down her face. She ran until her lungs couldn’t take anymore, and she collapsed.
Maybe it was all just a dream, or maybe it was reality, that’s your decision.

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  1. I thought this story was very well thought through. It's very interesting to read and I really enjoyed reading it.


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