Friday, January 16, 2015

Secret's Shall Be Kept

My name is Drew. This is the story how I found out I was gay. I know your guys are gonna laugh or call me names, but I don't care. I block you guys out. I’m stronger than you think I am.
Let’s just start the story and get on with this. One day I was in my room listening to Suicide Silence. I thought I was straight cause I was dating this girl name Ami. She get meaner and meaner every year. Ami and I been dating for a couple of years.
She a cheerleader and I’m well punk. She want me to join the football team and track. She knows I don't like sports. I keep telling her I rather jump off a cliff then be a jock.  My song stop and I heard my mom screaming my name.
I put my phone down and walk down stairs. She ask “Where your phone Andrew?” with very mad face. I act normal and replied “I don't know cause I can never have it”.  She put her hands in the air as a sign of give up and walk away. I ran upstairs and grab my phone.
I jump on  my bed laying there and have Fifty messages from Ami. ‘Oh god, She annoying. Why can't she just go away and find another man’,I thought to myself.  I messaged her back as fast as I can. I just wanted to get out of this relationship.
I heard my phone go off and it was my best friend Richard.  ‘Got the smarty’s  today, wanna come over and eat some with me?’ I read his message to myself. I text back ‘Yea..’ and I got up and put my shoes on. I walk down stairs and grab my car key’s. My mom didn't look at me just watch TV.
I walk to my sports car. I got in the car and look at my phone for the last time and aami was calling. I decline the call and drove to Richard house. I walk through the door and his mom greet me with a cookie and said “Drew, long time no see. How your mom?”. I simply waved at Drew mother and replied “She doing fine, I guess, She hasn’t the same since dad left her for a model”.
Drew mom had a worry face on, but I couldn’t tell why. I walk down to the basement to see Ricky. “Aye man, What took you so long?” Richard said while punching my arm. I laughed and said “Your mom acting weird. Sh-”. He cut me off before I could finish my sentence.
He handed me the a smarty. I ate 21 of smarty’s and I was relax. After five hours of smoking smarty’s with Richard. I gave him a high five  and went out his back door. I jump over the fence.
I walk to my car still Sugar high, trying to walk straight. I was trying to walk to my car, but since I ate so much smarty’s. I couldn’t see anything,but I just try my best to get in my car and I did successfully. I sighed in relief and lay in the back seat of my car.  I heard my phone was ringing , but I decline and slowly drift off.
I woke up it was 5am. I groaned in pain of my headache and I got up start my car and head home. When I park in my driveway. It felt weird cause my mom car wasn’t there. I walk inside slowly wondering what going on.and I walk in slowly and there was a letter.
 I open it,but with all my heart it filled with anger. ‘My mother has given me up!, How could she do this to me, Aggggghhhhhhhhh.’ I thought. I throw the letter on the ground and run to her room and trashed it. I walk back to the letter and light it on fire. I left it there and I walk out.
I walk to the airport to see my sweet mother. I knew she would be in the airport like she always is when she give up on people. I enter the airport , quickly walking towards my mom. I grabbed her arm and her eye;s widen when she saw me. I ask “why do you give everyone up? Are you worthless to finish your own fight?”.
She stared at me with great angry. She push me away and left. So what now be homeless, No. I walk past my house and went inside the letter didn't catch anything on fire. I just walk to my room and sat on the bed, but then Ami called me.
I answered “Hello?”,but  She cut me off screaming “Hey! why did you make your mom leave? She was a good mother to you and you treated her like she worthless”.  I got filled with mad and hatred. I screamed back “ YOU KNOW WHAT, YOU WERE NEVER OVER HERE AND YOU ALWAYS BRAG AND MAKE EVERYONE FEEL WORTHLESS! YOUR WORTHLESS OKAY! YOU JUST HAD TO BRAG ABOUT ME BEING YOUR BOYFRIEND!? WE OVER!” I hang up and throw my phone.

                   To be Continued...

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  1. Awesome story, I love it Nora!! i want to know what happens next!!!


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