Friday, January 16, 2015

The Secret Agent

The Secret Agent

Most people knew Zhao Rong as a small town karate instructor for Karate’s Finest in Wisconsin but what they didn’t know was that he was actually an undercover secret agent. He was sent to Wisconsin, US to look for Erik Duggman. Erik Duggman was the leader for one of the most dangerous gangs in the United States. If they got to Erik, they could shut down the gang altogether.
Zhao had been working on this case for about four months all he has so far is where he lives and what he does when he is not with the gang. He lives in the Adell, Wisconsin with his wife Janet and his only kid Marko. His kid, Marko, goes to Karate’s finest for lessons. He is a very well mannered kid, which was hard to believe because his dad was not a nice or kind person. Marko was only seven years old and didn’t know his dad was in a gang.
I have talked to Marko’s mom and Erik’s wife Janet and she is a very nice lady, which leads me to think she doesn’t have any idea that her husband is in a gang. She worked at Restoration Health in Adell. She is the breadwinner of the family. She makes 100,000 dollars to 150,000 dollars a year. Erik only makes 50,000 dollars to 60,000 a year. He works as a mechanic for a Bob’s Mechanic Shop.
What we don’t know is what he is doing with the money he has earned from the gang. He has definitely not informing his wife of the money. When I went to the agency we talked about what he may be doing with the money. We went through most of his and his wife’s records on their credit cards and there was nothing there. All there was, was grocery trips, fast food places, and clothes shopping.
The next thing they chose to look at was how many hours he worked a day. What they found was he only worked 5 hours a day, 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. That would mean he would have around seven hours before he would return home. The secret agents tried to think where they would go if they had the money.
“Would he go to a club or their hiding place?” asked Joan one of the secret agents. Tyson said,
“I don’t think he would spend that much time at the hideout unless they had something big planned.”
“Lets talk to his boss to see if he has been getting off early,” Said Zhao. The chief, Jason Elliot, liked the idea and sent Zhao and Kelly, another secret agent, to Bob’s Mechanic Shop to talk to the owner. When they got to the shop, Kelly and Zhao went strait to the head office.
When they got to the office Erik was sitting in the office with the owner. Erik was yelling,
“You can’t fire me I have a wife and kid to take care of!” The owner just said,
“I can’t keep you here if you take off more work than you work. I have given you more chances than I should have.” Erik just yanked opened the door and yelled back,
“And to think of all the things I have done for you!”
“That is why I gave you all those chances but you just kept blowing off work,” The owner tried to tell Erik but he was out of the building. The owner didn’t notice us until Zhao said,
“Sir, could we ask you a few questions?” The owner didn’t look at us just said,
“Yeah, come on in,” The owner went strait to his desk.   Kelly and Zhao went to the two chairs right in front of the desk. The owner finally looked up and said,
“ My name is Bob. How may I help you?” Zhao said,
“This is Kelly and I’m Zhao. We are from the secret service and need to ask you a few questions about Erik Duggman.” Bob asked,
“What would you like to know about him?” Kelly said,
“We would just like to know when he started to work with you and how many breaks or days he took off. Did he ever do something and was caught for it?” Bob just looked at them for a while then said,
“Erik started about eight years ago. When he just started he would only take one day off in maybe two months but as the years went on he took more and more days off. Just in the last week he took four out of the five days. He never did anything bad here that I know of.” Kelly and Zhao just looked at each other and Zhao said,
“Thank you, that is all the questions we need to know.” All Bob could say was,
“Okay.” Kelly and Zhao just walked out of Bob’s office and Kelly said,
“He must be planning something big if he took four out of five days off.” Zhao just said,
“I just think he needed to spend more time with his gang since he is the leader.” All Kelly said was,
            “That could be true but we talk to the rest of the agents about what we just found out.” Once they got in the car, they headed back to their office to talk to the other agents. When they got there, they told the agents everything and decided to talk to Erik’s wife Janet tomorrow. The next day Jason sent Kelly and Zhao again to talk to Erik’s wife. When they got there they introduced themselves and Zhao said,
“Ma’am, we have been keeping tabs on your husband and think he might be the King’s leader.” She just stared at us in shock and yelled,
“What! No! My husband wouldn’t do that! He is a good dad. How could he be a gang leader?” Kelly said,
“This has nothing to do with your husband being a bad father. Has he been home late often or lost his job lately?” Janet let out a sigh and said to them,
“He has been home late and it started maybe a month ago. He would come home late and intoxicated, we would get into fights about where he had been. That is why Marko and I are living in a different apartment right now. Yes, he just got fired yesterday and when he came home he was intoxicated. That is why we moved to the apartment.” Zhao then answered,
“Has he contacted you or tried to contact you in the last twenty-four hours?” Janet answered,
“Yes, he has. He called me about seven times last night and text me about twenty times. All the messages were about coming home and how much he missed Marko and I.” Kelly asked,
“Are you getting a divorce?” Janet answered,
“Actually the papers are right here. I was just about to fill them out, but you guys came in.” Zhao then asked,
“Do you know where we could find your husband?” Janet said,
“Yes, he is either at our house or at the Shark Bar.” Kelly and Zhao thanked Janet and went to check the house and the bar for Erik. They checked the house and he was there intoxicated throwing stuff at the wall. Zhao then said,
“Put your hands up. You are under arrest for leading a gang through murders and fights. You have the right to remain silent. If you say anything, it can be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to a lawyer present during any questioning. If you can not afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you if you desire.”
They took him to prison after he confessed and gave up his gang’s hiding place. Over seventy-five people were found in the gang house and were brought into custody for questioning. Janet filed the divorce and got her house back. She also got a restraining order against him. Zhao returned back home and everything returned normal for now. 

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