Friday, January 16, 2015

Secrets...Everybody has them.

Everybody has them…
I needed to get out. I needed to escape for here. But, how? Where was I going to go? There was no one around. There was nothing around. It was just an abandoned house, boarded windows and doors. There was no way out of here, and if there was, there was no where to go.
~3 Days Earlier~
The sun leaked under my curtains. The light dripping across my face. My eyes fluttered open. I looked up and saw my dad standing next to my bed.
“Good morning,” he said sweetly.
“Good morning.” I yawned, stretching out my arms.
“Breakfast is on the table. I have to go to work. See you when I get home, Charlie.”
“Bye, Dad.” I smiled. Once he had left the room, I willed myself to sit up. The sun out shined the string of tiny bulbs stretched across the border of my ceiling. I looked into my closet. No. I told myself before falling back onto my pillow.
My phone vibrated beside me. I opened the opened the missed calls I had received. They were from my, Lucy, my best friend. She had called me twice. I don’t know why my phone waited for this long to tell me. I tried to call her back but, she didn’t answer. I called her again. Nothing.
I shrugged and set my phone back down. I peeled my blankets back and sank my feet into the plush carpet. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw red and blue lights. They were flashing into my window from the house across the street. I opened the curtain and saw someone being taken out of the house. I closed my window and made my way down the crooked, creaky steps. I passed the food waiting for me on the table and, instead, went outside.  
The entire neighborhood was standing on their porches. Everyone watched in awe, as they drove off. The flashing lights faded into the distance, along with the loud sirens. After they were gone, everyone went back into their homes. The street fell silent. Not like it had before. Today was different. There was an eerie feeling following the soundless streets. A chill crawled up my spine. I slowly stepped back inside and closed the door.
The thought ran through my mind. It swirled into confusion. Who just got arrested? No one had ever lived in the house next to ours. Why was everybody so secluded? I skipped breakfast and walked back up to me room. I saw that I had missed another call from Lucy. I called her back one last time and, finally, got an answer.
“Hello?” I said. Silence. “Hello?” all I heard was heavy breathing and some shuffling in the background. I slowly put down the phone ending the call. For a second I thought it was just Lucy playing a prank on me, but, wait, Lucy doesn’t sound like a guy when she breathes.
I brushed the thoughts out of my head and turned on the T.V. A news alert flashed on the screen.
“34-year-old, Eric Tarnwintz, was arrested this morning. He was charged with, kidnap and attempt at murder. Tarnwintz is faced with 27-35 years behind bars.”  A picture of the house he was arrested from appeared on the screen. I was shocked to see that it was the house next to mine.
He was using the abandoned house next to mine to kill people?! I thought to myself.
“Tarnwintz had an apprentice who has yet to be located. The police department says when he is found he will be arrested without trial. During interrogation, Tarnwintz admitted to his companion's possession of sixteen-year-old, Lucy Jomeston.”
A picture of Lucy was shown on the screen. A tear formed in my eye, but I quickly wiped it away. Replacing the sadness with anger. I grabbed my backpack off the floor and filled it with the proper, friend hunting, supplies: food, something to drink, an extra pair of clothes, and my charger (not that I would use it).
I mentally prepared myself for what I was about to do. Find my friend and the person who took her. Acknowledging the dangers.
I took a deep breath before stepping out the front door. People peaked out their curtains. I turned for a second, to look back, when I noticed someone walking behind me. Everyone vanished back behind their blinds. I quickly turned back around. I glanced back one more time and saw the person had gotten closer. He was wearing a dark jacket, and he had his hood hanging over his face.
I began to walk faster. Scared that he was coming after me. I took one more look back and he was gone. I stopped for a second and looked around. Nothing. I slowly started to turn back my head.
“Hi.” I almost jumped out of my skin. It was the person from behind me. I took a step back. “Sorry if I scared ya’. I just moved here and was lookin’ for someone to show me around. My name’s Kevin, and yours?” Held out his hand.
“Charlie.” I replied hesitantly. Shaking his hand.
“So, where ya’ goin’?”
“To my friends house.” I lied. I tried to avoid him by walking faster, but he only caught back up to me.
“What’s your friend’s name?” I paused before answering.
“Lacey.” I lied again. I looked around to see if anybody else was around. Of course, like it had been all day, it was silent.
“That’s a pretty name. You know, it almost sounds just like,” he paused, “Lucy.” My eyes widened as I looked at the ground.
“Yep.” My voice got shaky.
“Hmmmm, Lucy. That sounds like the name of that girl who was kidnapped.” I walked a little faster.
“You watch the news a lot?”
“Nope. I never watch the news. I’m never in one place long enough to get a T.V.”  I looked up for a second to see a smirk stretch across his face.
“How do you know about Lucy, if you don’t have a T.V. ?” I avoided eye contact with him.
“Let’s just say word gets around in a quiet neighborhood.” He let out a slight chuckle. My heart began to race. “So, where is your friend’s house?” I took a sharp turn left, trying to lose him.
“Her parents don’t like strangers. You should go.” I tried to shake him best I could. Nothing I did to get him away worked.
“Oh, comman, it’s impolite to let new friends walk alone in a new town.”
“Really, I have to go.” I started to walk faster.

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  1. I love your story, Madie. I hope you write more. :)


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