Friday, January 16, 2015

December PPOW

Basketball is fun,
but you have to run.
It is one of my favorite sports,
and I just got new basketball shorts.

You have to be tense
to be good on defense.
Good basketball sense
will help you on offense.

If you have a good shot;
you could get a spot.
Basketball is an aggressive sport,
and you can play, even if you are short.

You have to do a lot of dribbling,
so it might help if you practice with a sibling.
Conditioning isn’t the best,
but it can help if you are getting pressed.

You might have to dive,
but you will survive.
Driving is key,
but you might hit someone that seems like a tree.

You have to jump to rebound,
and you have to stay inbounds.
You might get a fast break,
so hopefully you haven’t eaten too many milkshakes.

In a game you might feel a little rusty in the beginning,
but you will warm up after the first inning.
Games can get exciting,
and hopefully there is no fighting.

Softball is a blast,
and it’s summer at last.
Going out for softball is no doubt,
but hopefully there isn’t a drought.

You practice for weeks,
and at the end of every practice you have red cheeks.
Then games start,
and you’ve got to play smart.

You might be first at bat,
so put on your hard hat.
Then you will go to the field
and use your glove like a shield.

When at bat you might get walked,
or get hit by the ball and be shocked.
You might strike out,
or hit the ball far out.

When you are up at bat
don’t act like a brat.
When you run to first base
act like you are getting chased.

Watch for the double play,
so you can get away.
Also watch for the fly balls,
so it won’t be a close call.

When you go into the dugout
be prepared to shout.
You better have your glove broken in,
so it doesn’t feel like tin.

To catch a ground ball
you might have to fall.
Being an infielder
is just as important as being an outfielder.

Volleyball games always start with a serve,
so be ready for the curve.
You might start on offense,
or maybe on defense.

Either way it starts, you got to be ready,
and always be steady.
You have to be aggressive
to be impressive.

If you get a dig
it can be big.
If you get an ace
you can still keep a straight face.

Having a good approach
can make a happy coach.
If you need pay back
just have a good attack.

Having a good back set
can be a threat.
Having a good block
doesn’t mean you are a jock.

You can’t get a good bump
if you are being a slump.
You might have to strive
to have a good dive.

You don’t need to blame
if you don’t have a good game.
Just work hard,

and be on guard.

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