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The Carnage

The Carnage

In the year 2014, Mr Ross decided to take his 6th period out to a field trip to the woods. He decided this decision because everyone in the class was being very good. Mr Ross didn’t even need his ruler for his 6th period, because everyone in the classroom always was silent when he was talking. He also wanted everyone to play hide and seek in the woods while they were there; Including him, and of course Mrs Bladt. Mrs Bladt started to nag about how there would be mosquitos and such there.
Everyone agreed but they still wanted to go.
“Please pass these permission slips out to the class Courtney.” said Mr Ross.
“Alright” replied Courtney, as she passed the permission slips out to everyone.
The next day, everyone came back with all of their permission slips signed. “Tomorrow we will be arriving to the woods.” Mr Ross said.
“Would we need to bring anything?” Megan asked.
“Not necessarily.” said Mr Ross.
“What if animals are in the woods?” questioned Bella.
“Most likely there is, but they shouldn't bother us.” replied Mr Ross.
Everyone continued to babble on about the field trip, until the class time was over. “See you tomorrow everyone!” Mr Ross said to his class as they left, still continuously talking about the field trip.
“Have a great day.” Everyone said as they responded.
They all went on with their day and almost had completely forgotten about the entire thing. They went to sleep not even thinking about the field trip. As they awoke there parents and relatives and guardians told them goodbye not knowing it was going to be the last time. When everyone got to school they had to be on the school bus right away. Due to the fact that the woods they were going to was very far.
“Hurry up now, we should be back by lunch time.” Mrs Bladt said hastily. Everybody was allowed to sit with who they wanted to sit with. Bella, Megan, Kate, Katie all sat in the front together in pairs. Star, Courtney, Trinity, and Josie sat in the back of the bus area. Last but not least Jordan, Caden, Kris, Spencer, Cj, Drake, Wayne, Korbin, and Adrian all sat in the middle area, with Mrs Bladt.
Hours later, people started to doze off from the very long drive. We finally reach our destination, and we all feel relieved. Although as we leave the bus to get out, not all of us wake up. Star and Josie are left behind in the bus as everyone leaves to go hide in the woods as Mr Ross, and Mrs Bladt counted. “1...2...3…” Said the teachers.
All the guys started to walk off in a group, while they searched for a hiding spot together. Courtney and Trinity stayed together not realizing where Josie, and Starr were. And the other girls hid in a different area. The boys started to pass each other the football to one another, as Caden started to get left behind because he was on his phone. He was so left behind, he looked up for a moment and realized he was now completely alone, and started to get afraid.
He started to call for his friend’s names, and he could here no one answer. He then started to circle himself into an enormous circle cluelessly. Realizing he was noticing the same things he saw before. Then he started to sprint, but then he tumbled on the floor, and a bear trap snapped his head off. His body was still twitching for awhile, but it eventually stopped moving.
Mr Ross, and Mrs Bladt stopped counting when they hit the number 1,000. Giving the students about an hour to hide. Mrs Bladt approached a gloomy dark cave area, while Mr Ross approached into the deeper parts of the woods. Bella and the girls were lost, and they were starting to get scared. Then suddenly someone grabbed Bella and covered her mouth, with the sleeve of his white hoodie, and the knife in his other hand.
Quickly they all started to rush themselves away from the person, screaming. Bella escaped his grip, but then tripped over a large stick, and she attempted to crawl, but it was too late. Whoever the person was, he had dark black hair, and he got Bella. Then the rest of the girls decided to turn around for her, but her body was chopped up into pieces, and it was too late. It also appeared as if someone skinned her alive.
So the girls rushed themselves back to the bus, to tell Mr Ross about what had happened. Coincidentally they ran into Mrs Bladt. Then they told her about what had happened, and then they all panicked to get to the bus. Once they got to the bus Mr Ross was already there, attempting to start the vehicle, while he was saying “I couldn't find anyone, so I gave up.” Megan sat inside of the bus while Mrs Bladt and Mr Ross tried to figure out how to start the vehicle.
Kate and Katie stayed outside talking to each other while everyone else had trouble with the bus. Mr Ross tried one last time to turn the key to the vehicle, and it exploded in pieces killing everyone in the bus. Star, and Josie’s, and everyone else's bodies flew as the car went into flames. The glass on the windows stabbed both Kate, and Katie, and the explosion made a vicious black cloud. And the blast of the detonation was so roaring, the other students that were still in the woods could hear the noise.
Trinity and Courtney looked at each other in confusion, wondering what the sound was.
“Should we head back?” asked Courtney.
“Yeah, it’s getting dark. I thought we were supposed to be back before lunch. The sun is already down.” replied Trinity.
“I’m getting a little worried. We were supposed to be home already, and I'm starving.” said Courtney.
“Same. Lets just head back, they're probably waiting for us.” Trinity said.
The guys were still passing the football at each other having a blast. They all assumed Caden headed back to the bus. They were all now in the deeper parts of the woods, not knowing there was danger near.
“Go long!” shouted Jordan.
“I got it!” Adrian yelled.
He dashed himself further into the darker parts of the woods, determined to catch the ball. Just when he was about to catch the ball, he fell off a cliff leading him to his death. Once he hit the rocks with his body, it made a loud crack from his bones shattering.
The boys rushed to the cliff, looking down at Adrian’s splattered body. They all looked at each other afraid, and shocked, and clueless of what to do. Then they started to blame each other for what happened, and a huge argument was created. Korbin, and Drake tried to call for help on their phones, but they couldn't reach anyone without a signal. Finally after they were done, they came to a solution and decided they wanted to tell Mr Ross the truth. As they were heading back, they saw a cabin that wasn’t there before.
They all became confused.
“We should check it out, maybe someone could help us out.” Spencer said.
They all agreed to the suggestion and started to approach the cabin. Jordan gently knocked on the door three times, and no one answered.
“Should we just go in?” questioned Jordan.
Then suddenly the door creaked open by itself slowly.
They all tip toed themselves into the cabin, studying with their eyes what was around them. Spencer went into the main bedroom, and plopped himself on to the bed and layed down. Korbin, Jordan, and Drake, all went into the lurid basement together. Cj and Kris stayed outside the cabin. Spencer abruptly could hear a slithering hiss under the bed. Then an enormous anaconda stabbed it’s sharp, poisonous teeth into Spencer’s face, before he could even scream for help.
Jordan pulled his cell phone out to see through the dark, but when he flashed the light of the phone, baby anacondas slithered right towards the boys quickly. They screamed, and Korbin dashed himself right away up the stairs, but he fell. Drake was right behind Korbin to, so he fell once Korbin fell. Jordan was already being bitten terribly, all over him. It didn't take the snakes long to finish off Jordan.
Cj and Kris ran away into the woods as soon as they heard there friends scream. They were just about to stop running but then they turned around, and was shocked when they saw a man with blood all over his white hoodie, and a knife in his hand.
“Holy cheesenits!” they both squealed.
Once the snakes were finished with Jordan, they immediately slithered instantly to Korbin and Drake. One of the snakes wrapped around Drake’s neck, and in motion, it strangled him promptly. The rest of the snakes nipped away Korbin’s body, to where there wasn't much left of him. After everyone was dead, the cabin was somewhat silent. All you could hear was the snakes slithering, and hissing.
“It feels like were just on a never ending trail.” Trinity said, as they were walking through the fallen brown leaves.
“I know right. We’ve been out here all day, and we past that same tree like 1,000 times.” replied Courtney.
“I’m ready to go home bro.” Trinity commented.
Then all of a sudden they heard a loud snap noise, as if someone stepped on a tree branch. They turned around, and could see nothing due to the darkness.
“It’s just a squirrel or something.” said Trinity.
Courtney started to get frightened, “What if it’s a wolf, or a mountain lion?”
“Nah, dont worry it’s just a squirrel.” Trinity said to Courtney to comfort her.
They continued to walk, and once again heard the snapping noise, but this time it was much closer, and louder. Courtney bolted while she was screaming, then she smacked right into a tree.
“Courtney I can’t see. Where are you? I can’t find you.” nervously said Trinity
She rubbed her forehead as she groaned, and opened her eyes. Her heart was pounding out of her chest, as soon as she saw someone aside of her with a knife in there hand.
“I can hear you breathing.” whispered the man softly, forever grinning.
He was so brief with her, that she didn't even get a chance to scream.
“Courtney! Where are you?” Trinity shouted.
Then out of the blue, Trinity could feel hands around her head, and swiftly someone broke her neck. The man begun to laugh wickedly once Trinity fell to her knees, and immediately died.

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  1. I think this ppow was a really interesting one because it is really intense, and it makes you get on the edge of your seat because you are wondering why all this is happening, also it has good word choice, punctuation and is a good story.


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