Tuesday, April 14, 2015

14th birthday

14th Birthday

This is time I went to Joe’s Karting and AMC for my 14th birthday. I brought Jack, Cain, Logan, and I. When we first left for Council Bluffs we stopped and and went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. We all tried the heat meter challenge. Where you eat all of the flavors starting from coolest to hottest.
We all got past round one with no problems but, Logan can’t handle hot food so he chickened out after Honey BBQ. Jack, Cain, and I tore through Mild, Summer Heat, and Flaming Ranch. After that it was the signature Hot Wings Cain nearly died from trying two at once.
Jack ate all six of them in like 20 seconds and shouted, “NNNEEEXXTTT.” I soon followed Jack, then Cain. Now it was Searing hot wings Jack and I had little to no trouble but Cain had difficulties it took him about two minutes.
Now there was only 7 flavors to go. Next was the Flamethrower Buffalo style wings. Did I mention that we did it all without drinks. Cain nearly threw up and Jack was acting like there wasn’t any problem. Jim aka Jack’s dad and my dad and I nearly quit.
Now we were down to six flavors now came it came to atomic fireball.  We all decided that we were now allowed to have drinks.

Cain was now struggling he gave in with two wings to go and used the napkin he used to wipe the sauce off to wipe down his whole face, bad move. Now after every flavor there was a five minute burn period. Just as we were getting ready to order the next flavor the cut us off because we were apparently making a scene and then we left. Then we went and saw the movie When the Game Stands Tall. It was a pretty good movie.
Soon after we went across the street to Joe’s Karting. We set up a best of 5 for private races for 25 laps. We got our helmets and karts Jack chose one with a black body and green and white lighting down the side. Cain chose a red body with a racing flag with flames on it down the side. Logan went after yellow body and chose the one with a Puma logo on the back that said eat my dust.
Jim both chose a green body and red Mountain Dew logo and my dad chose that was metalic gold and said the Yellow Blur down the side. Finally I chose a red body kart with metalic black, and silver stripes. Then we picked our starting order.
I was in front since it was my birthday then it was Jack, then it was Logan, then Cain, then Jim, and then my dad. now we could start the race the first three races were individual then the last two would be teams.
Then the chart popped up that read
  1. Cody- Cosmic
  2. Jack- Black out
  3. Cain- Finisher
  4. Logan- Puma Krt
  5. Jim-MTN Dew
  6. Tim- Yellow Blur
Now we could start we let use get one practice lap in the we were off. I floor it immediately then it was Cain who beat Jack off the line, then Logan and Jack were neck and neck. Then the Yellow blur rockets past Jim, Logan, Jack, and Cain until its right next to me. Then we hit the first turn dad was going to fast and hit the wall then Cain, Jack, and Logan caught back up and it stayed that way until the last lap when Logan cut in front of Cain, and Jack then hit the wall causing them to brake and I thought i was home free when the Yellow blur speeds past me in the last second I thought I had it but he beat me 25.04 to 25.02 that got me mad.
The first race was

I won the next race so I had 5 points, Logan had 0, Jack had 4, Cain had 4, Jim had 5 and, dad had 4. Now we started to pick teams I had Cain, and Jack. Logan had dad and Jim.
My team won the first three races and swept them but we still did the last two.
Afterwards we went back to my house for cake and ice cream to play football in the backyard.

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