Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I Don't Know Anymore

Depression is a sadness,
Sometimes it can’t be cured,
It might drive people insane.

Voices in my head are screaming,
Screaming my name,
Saying it’s a warning.

I see their dark shadows following me,
They are chasing me from room to room,
I can’t hide, because they will always find me.

People say
People say too forget the sadness and pain,
How could I if the words follows me everywhere,
It’s sinking in my skin like it is acid.

No feelings
I feel numb without feelings,
I have no emotion, but a straight face on,
I fake my smile everyday.

Thinking at Night
I lay awake at night thinking about my life,
I think about the names they call me,
I start to think how could I make myself perfect.

Darkness comforts me,
I can feel the demons watching me sleep,
whispering in my ear.

Rain is the perfect day for me,
I can go outside and look at the grey depressing sky,
I can look outside and think about my life.

People say they understand my pain,
They lie to my face everyday saying they know what to do,
They say to think about good things, but the good things turn into bad memories.

Tears running down my face,
I can’t stop them from going down my face,
They stop when my mother calls me down stairs.

I can't feel happiness anymore,
I miss being happy,
I know, That if I’m happy I'll be hurt again.

I could careless about myself,
I don't care about anyone or anything,
I wouldn't care if I die one day.

Black the color I see in my head now,
I only see black and white for memories,
I like the dark depressing colors.

People calling me names everyday,
They don't know how the names could wound me,
They thought I would forget, but it’s a scar in my memory.

Parents screaming or yelling at you,
It’s just telling us how much we mess up,
We know it’s not wrong, because it helps us from suffering,

You know you're alone forever,
Why not just put on a fake smile,
Say everything’s fine everyday.

Fake Smile
It’s like a mask everyday,
I'm putting on a lot of makeup,
I'm doing this so everyone won’t notice my pain.

Happy Thing in Life

I have great friends,
I have an okay school,
I have my best friend Fishy aka Brayden.

Depression kinda like a video game,
It the boss level if you can beat that you can beat anything in life,
Don’t put game over.

He my best friend for life,
We been friend for eight months,
He been there for me through thick and thin.

She been my friend through the year,
I don’t think I would’ve gone this far without Autumn here,
She will always and forever be my best friend.

He my  best friend I couldn’t have ask for,
He knows when Autumn lying,
which is all the time.

Hot Topic
Hot Topic the best store for me,
Have everything I love in there,
It heaven for me, because I want to buy the whole store.

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  1. I think this is a very good PPOW because you described things very well. liked how you could tell us so much in few words and having it make sense.


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