Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove

“Hey want to go out tomorrow?” Tori questioned.
“Yeah where do you want to hangout at?” Madie replied.
“Well there's a party out at Crystal Cove and everyone is going to be there,” Tori mentioned.
“Ok we can meet at the park at our favorite bench,” Madie said.
“Yeah then we can drive over.” Tori mentioned.
                   The next day
“Mom I'm going out tonight,” Madie announced.
“Ok have fun and be safe,” Mom said.
“I will and I won't be home till late, ok?” Madie asked.
“Ok love you,” said mom
“Love you too, Bye mom!” Madie yelled with excitement.
“Bye Madie,” Mom said.
Madie was walking to the park to hangout with her friend. She was walking behind the bench to scare her. Madie walked up to her and put her head right next to Tori’s
“Hello are you scared?” Madie whispered
“No, I'm just ready to go,” Tori sternly said.
“Ok, let's go!” Madie said.
They get to the Cove and nobody is there. They walk around the corner and see it all. Blood fills the cave with terror. They stand there with scarce faces.
“Oh my gosh! They're all dead!” Madie yelled.
“Wait, who's that?” Tori question.
Madie instantly yells, “Run!”
Tori starts running. She falls and hurts her ankle. She try’s to get up and falls back down.
“Tori come on get up!” Madie says with fear.
Tori replies, “Just go with out me!”
Madie starts to freak out and try to help Tori up.
“No!” Madie says.
“Go Madie!” Tori yells.
Madie says, “Ok, I’m sorry,” She starts to run and looks back at Tori.
Tori was laying there watching the man come up. He looks at her. He has a chainsaw that he uses to cut her body, limb from limb.
“No, you killed her,” Madie says breaking down into tears.
“Keep running Madie, Come on I can do this.” Madie whispers.
Madie talks to herself so she stays on track. Then her friend Rikki starts coming down the hill.
Madie announces, “Wait Rikki go back now!”
Rikki said, “But first let me take a selfie.”
“Photo bomb!  Now let's go,” said Madie.
“Wait I need to record this,” Rikki mentioned.
“If we don't move our butts we won't live to see it, so move!” Madie said.
“I'm sorry you psychopath crazy person for documenting our life,” Rikki expressed with rage.
“Shut up and run!” Madie yells.
Rikki replies, “Ok!”
Rikki chants, “Chainsaw massacre, Chainsaw massacre!”
Then Madie punched Rikki right in the nose and it starts bleeding.
“Ouch you messed up my nose job, now I look like Sloth off the Goonies!” Rikki announced.
“He's coming let's go, we need to get to the police station!“ Madie says.
“I'm so tired Madie,” Rikki says with exhaustion.
“I know, but we only need to go a little bit longer,” Madie replies.
“Wait, a taco truck! Can I get a hard shell with cheese and beef?” Rikki questioned.
“Rikki do you want me to punch you again?” Madie said with anger.
Rikki thinks and replies, “No…Never mind about that taco sir.”
“There's the police station!” Madie said.
“Officer there's a crazy man with chainsaw chasing us and he killed everyone!” Rikki tells him when she’s out of breath.
“Chainsaw massacre! Oh crap sorry Madie.” Rikki yelled.
“Well, where is he now?” said officer Babely.
“At Crystal Cove!” Madie replies.
“Calm down let's go check it out,” Officer Babely says.
Wait, can we go to that taco truck first?” Rikki said.
“Fine,” said Madie.

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