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Once upon a time I had a amazing dream. I had a dream, It was the the beginning of summer, and I woke up to be 6’5”. I was only a freshman and was trying out for the varsity basketball team. I had big hopes, because I was obviously 6’5”. I went out there first practice and posterized two people. I could also break peoples ankles by crossing them up, with my steller right hand crossover.
I had some height advantage but I could knock down three’s. My nickname was the machine and I couldn’t be stopped. I made the varsity team and had about 7 minutes per game. I think I still deserved to start because I was a 6 foot 5 inch baller. Our first game we played the Riverside Bulldogs, they were pretty good had a winning record of 2-1.
But we were 3-0 and had a great chance of winning. Before the game in warm ups we did layups, I would do a layup every time but my hand was already in the hoop. Then we start backing up for jump shots. I started shooting three’s along with my good buddy Kyle. He was a great three point shooter and averaged about 4 a game.
There was about 5 minutes left until tip off and I could tell I was nervous. My hands were shaking, and I had this sick feeling in my gut. Then the buzzer rang, it was tip off. Caden who was a 6’11” center was tipping off, he had an easy chance because the guy he was tipping off against was only 6’5”. Caden got the tip off and Kobe drove up the court.
He came up to the top off the key, and I splashed a three. Later on in the half we were getting beat 21 to 17, and needed someone to get us the lead before half time. Lebron drove up the court passed it to the right, and Caden went in for a two handed wind-mill dunk. We were only down by four points, and Michael our 5’10” shooting guard got hurt. So coach called my number and said,
“Go in for him.”
“Ok,” I said.
I went in with a jerk in my stomach.
“Here we go, I guess.”
We got the ball, and I was lining up on the right by the three point line. Lebron passed me the ball, and I went in for a 360 dunk. We were only getting beat now by two in the 3rd quarter. The score was 31 to 29; then I got the ball and drained a three from the corner.
It was 32 to 31; our lead with two minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Michael finally came back in, but I stayed in at the other shooting guard spot. Because right now I have 12 points, three rebounds, and two steals. They had the ball, and Michael came up with a steal and alley ooped it to Lebron. We were winning 34 to 31, with the buzzer ending the 3rd quarter.
It was the other teams possession and the point guard drove up the court. He called this play called double wing, and I had no clue what they were doing. They started running circles around the top of the key. This kid snuck away from the group and was wide open in the corner for three. It was now 34 to 34, tie ball game.
I got the ball and drove up the court to the top of the key. I started to hesitate a little, but then I crossed up this kid up. I called Caden for a ball screen, and I rolled right then pulled up drank. It was now 37 to 34, with only 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter. They started driving up the court really fast.
He passed it to the guy to the left, and he drove to the lane and got destroyed by Caden. Caden got the rebound and passed it to me, I drove up the court and swinged it to Lebron for the dunk. We had a good five point lead and went on to winning the game 40 to 34. I had 15 points, five rebounds, and two steals. I went to the locker to wash up, and coach came in and said.
“ Heck of a game son.”
“Thanks,” I said.
Later on when I got in the shower everything started to go away. I started to shrink back to my old height 5’1.”
I started yelling, “No, No this can’t be.”
Everything went back to normal I opened my eyes, it was all a dream.
“Crap,” I said.
I can’t believe this was just all a dream, I thought. I walked outside and started shooting hoops. At least I still have my ball handling skills. I started splashing every shot I took, so I raised the hoop up to 10 feet.
I looked at hoop for a while then, I started dribbling to the hoop. I looked up at the rim and jumped. I never jump so high in my life, I was almost to the rim then, boom I dunked it. My hand was still hanging on the rim when, I felt the touch of someones hand on my leg. It was the coach for Duke.
“Congratulations son you earned a scholarship, to play for Duke.”
“I don’t understand sir, this is my first time dunking in my life.”
“Thats ok son, you are good and I think you will do great things.”
“Thank you sir.”

Jordan went on later that year to play for Duke, and got MVP every year. He set the record for having the most points recorded at A-H-S-T, he had 3,069 points. One last record, he set the record for the shortest dunker.

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