Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Taxi Ride

I love taking the taxi when I go to my grandma’s and grandpa’s. I just love looking out the window, and when we go on the bridge, I always look out on to the water. I know almost all of the people who drive the taxis. They always know where I want to go as well. Oh, I almost forgot, my name is Alex; I’m a 10 year old girl. You're probably asking yourself, what is a 10 year old doing riding in a taxi all by herself?
        Well here’s the thing my mom and dad died when I was about five or so, I can’t really remember, so I have been living with my grandpa and grandma ever since then. My mother’s name was Mary, and my father’s name was Steven. They both die in the same car crash and here’s what had happened. My mom and dad were on their way to the store when a semi came around the corner and hit them.
        I was just getting out of school when I was walking to the taxi stop with some of my friends when we heard a loud scream from over on the playground. We dropped our bags to see what happened.
        “Just another kid who fell off of the swings again.” Jane said to Stacy and I.
We walked back to the taxi stop to find that all of our things were missing.
        “Well this is just great, someone took all of our stuff. Our homework was in their, my money, but mostly our homework.” Stacy was saying
        “Would you stop thinking about homework for like one minute? We have to find out where all of our things are.” I said looking straight at Stacy.
        They were looking for there things for about an hour and a half but they couldn’t find anything. Then Stacy was walking around the corner to see a guys dressed on all white with their things. I was thinking why would someone take our things and be dressed in all white, its just like why?
        “Hey you, give us back are things,” yelled Jane.
        “Oh, hello girls my name is private investigator Jones, and here you may have your things back.”
        “Why did you take our things in the first place? Did we do anything wrong?” ask Stacy.
        “No you haven’t done anything bad yet,” answered Jones.
        “What do you mean but yet?”
        “What I meant was you haven’t made any bad choices yet but you will in the near future.”
Stacy walked over to the man in white and grabbed their things and runs back to the other girls. She hands them their things.
        “Why are you looking through our things?” I asked
        “Like I said before to see if you have made any bad…”
        “Our parents sent him because they don't trust us!” exclaimed Jane.
        “No, your parents didn’t send me, I was sent by the state to look at you girls for any strange activate.” said Jones
        “But what would the state want with us?” I asked
        “Alex, do you remember when your parents died in that car crash?” Jones asked
        “Yes, what about it?” I answered
        “Your parents aren’t died there alive. We had to make a way for them to never be seen again so we…”
        “You thought by them “dying” they could become a private investigator and be it would be easier for them to not be seen. Am I right? I asked
        “Yes, that is correct.”
        “Does that me she is a private investigator too?” Jane asked
        “Yes that is right,” Jones, continued, “We have to get you back to base, hurry!”
        They were heading back to base, but there was a problem. They took a cab, but I didn’t know who the driver was, and I’ve never seen him before ever. He was an older man maybe in his late 30s or younger 40s, It was to hard to tell. I didn’t feel like I could trust him therefore I didn’t want to get into the car.
Jones stepped out and said “Why aren’t you getting in the car?”
She looked at me with a weird face, as in the face your mom would give you if did something stupid.
“I don’t feel like I can trust him, I just have a bad feeling about this whole thing.” I answered
And I was right.

To Be Continued….

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