Wednesday, April 15, 2015

March PPOW

Summer Fun
One summer morning down a long gravel road, there was a house with three sleeping kids.  Shortly, Dakota, the oldest, would wake up and go off to early morning weights.  He was a freshman in high school and played a lot of sports. The girls wouldn’t wake up for awhile.  They enjoyed their sleep.  They usually woke up between 9:00 and 10:00.  They would get up and get some breakfast.  Then they would go watch TV.
The kid’s names were Dakota, Felicia, and Beth.  Dakota was 15, Felicia was 12, and Beth was eight.  The kid’s were always home alone during the summer and had to fend for themselves.  They were always trying to find fun things to do.  They had a trampoline, swimming pool, four wheeler, gator, and a horse.  They often had something to do, but after awhile they got bored of those things.  
One day after dinner they were all sitting in the living room.  They were bored and didn’t know what they were going to do today.  As they were trying to think of ideas Beth pipped in.  
She exclaimed, “ Let’s have a party!”
Dakota and Felicia thought about it, but weren’t sure.
After a little bit, Dakota said, “What about a bonfire?”
“That sounds like a blast!” exclaimed Felicia and Beth.
So all the kids went to the kitchen to plan out their bonfire.  They were all super excited about the party. The first thing they thought about was when they were going to have it.  They got the family event calendar and saw what was all going on that month.  They found a Friday night that was available, and the night that their parents were going on a double date and staying at their aunt and uncle’s house.  The kids thought that was perfect.
So that night when there parents got home, the kids sat down at the kitchen table with their parents to eat supper. Their plan was to bring it up to their parents, so they could keep planning tomorrow. They were all eating their supper when Dakota and Felicia stood up.  Their parents were confused.  They didn’t know what was happening.
As Dakota and Felicia were standing in front of their family they said, “We would like to ask your permission to have a bonfire.”
Their parents just looked at each other.  They didn’t know what to think.  
“When did you think of this idea?” questioned their dad.
Beth exclaimed, “Today!”
Their mom asked, “And what do you want to do at this bonfire?”
The kids looked at each other.  They hadn’t thought of that.
Dakota said, “Well, we wanted to ask for your permission first before we planned anything.”
“That was a good idea!” their mom said.
The kids and their parents just sat there for a second.  Their parents didn’t know whether to let them have this party or not.  
Their dad stood up and said, “We will talk about it and leave a note on the table in the morning for you to see when you wake up.”
The kids all went up stairs.  They went into the game room and sat down.
Felicia asked, “Is anybody nervous about what mom and dad are going to say?”
Dakota and Beth both shouted, “Yes!”
The kids talked a little bit more about it then thought they better go to bed since they would probably get up early to see the note.
As the morning came along, the parents woke up and got ready for work.  Before they left, they wrote the note and left it on the counter.  Within 15 minutes Dakota woke up to go to weights.  He quietly went downstairs to read the letter.  He read it, but didn’t want to wake the girls up so he just got ready and went to weights.  He would talk to the girls when he got home.
The girls woke up an excitingly went downstairs, Felicia grabbed the note and read it out loud.
She read, “We decided to let you guys have the party.  We would like to hear more about what you plan today! Love, Mom & Dad”
Beth and Felicia turned to each other and gave each other a hug.  They were both very excited.  Now all day they would have something to do.  They started making breakfast when Dakota walked in.
He said, “Obviously you guys have already read the note.”
“Yes, we did!” replied Beth.
Felicia pipped in, “We have a lot of planning to do.”
“Yes we do,” said Dakota.
The kids ate their breakfast and cleaned up.  Then they got a notebook out to start planning.  It took them most of the day, but they got it all planned out.  They had everything ready to share with their parents.  The kids made supper, so when their parents got home they could grab a plate and start to eat.  The kids wanted to tell them as soon as possible.
As soon as their parents got home, the kids had them sit down and enjoy their supper.
When everyone was done the kids told their parents, “We have our plans to show you.  We worked very hard on them and want to show you everything.”
They showed them everything and they loved it now it was time to start getting everything they need.  The had three weeks to do so.  They were going to be very busy people until then.  
Time started shrinking, but they were wrapping things up.  They had worked very hard. and it had paid off. The house was spotless and the party items were taken care of.  Time came around and it was the morning of the party.  Their parents had the day off since they were leaving to go on the date.  Their parents helped them set things up and everything was set up.  All they had to do now was get ready.  Once they were all already, there was one thing that their parents had to tell them.  They had called someone to come and supervise the party.  The kids thought well could this be bad or good.  They were thinking they could of called grandma or their cousin.  
Their parents said, “We couldn’t leave you guys here alone, so we called your cousin Lesley.  She is going to come and watch you guys tonight.”
The kids love their cousin Lesley; she was 19 and always fun to be around.  They were kind of excited, but they didn’t want to tell or show excitement to their parents.  They didn’t want them to call her and tell her no.  After that the parents left and the kids were going to arrive any minute.  Each kid invited people.  No one could invite over 15.  There was going to be both boys and girls at the party.
Lesley showed up right after the parents left.  After that kids started showing up right and left.  Dakota and Lesley got the fire started.  Kids started jumping on the trampoline, playing football, basketball, and volleyball. Some just stood around and talked.  Everyone seemed to be having a blast.  
Once it got dark, they decided to play a big game of ghost and the graveyard.  They had teams of two to three.  The first people were it.  They stood on the trampoline and counted.  Everyone else went and hid.  Dakota, Felicia, and Beth lived on a farm so there were a lot of places to hide, but since they were playing ghost and the graveyard they wanted a good place to hide but also want to be close to base.  They played the game for a while and then went to hide and seek.  It was really interesting, since there were so many places to hide.  Once everyone got tired of that they grabbed a seat by the campfire and roasted hot dogs and s’mores.  They had plenty of supplies so there was plenty for everyone.  They sat by the fire and talked about lots of things.  Everyone had a blast. The kids loved having the party and were definitely going to have another one sometime.  
The party ended late so the kids went right to bed.  When they woke up the next morning the were still tired. Now they had to clean up.  That was the worst part, but it wasn’t to bad since they put trash cans all over the place.  They thanked their mom later for thinking of that idea.
Everything was cleaned up by the time their parents got home.  They were also napping when there parents got home. The kids were very tired but they had a blast.

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