Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Her Future

Her Future
It was a bright, sunny Friday morning.  Elizabeth rolled to one side of her bed. She slowly creeped the blanket off.  She dreaded the day that was going to come.  She had a long meeting in her office firm today.  She let out a loud groan and began getting out of bed.  She slowly got ready and went downstairs to eat breakfast.  She was just about to start her coffee when she noticed a note taped to the front of it. “Don’t start your coffee. Here’s ten dollars. Go to our favorite coffee shop. Love, Andrew.”
She ran upstairs to get dressed. It took her no more than five minutes to get ready.  She rushed out the door.  As she was getting into the car, she noticed another note on the dashboard.  It read, “Don’t worry about speeding to make up time, I told your boss the circumstances. Your meeting is cancelled today. Love, Andrew.” A bright smile covered her face; she continued on her way to the local café, where she first met Andrew. That’s where their story started.
She pulled up into the parking lot of the café. She hurried out of the car. As she walked through the door, a bell rang over her head. A waitress came out quickly with a steaming cup of coffee just how she always gets it. She sat down in a small booth. She glanced to the left and noticed a framed picture. It was of her and Andrew sitting in the exact booth she was in. They were in middle school. A tear started to flow down her cheek. She couldn’t stop smiling; feelings overwhelmed her.  She studied the picture for awhile. She started to feel something on the back. There was another note, “I know I never told you my wish when I threw my coin. I was afraid it wouldn’t come true. I promised someday I would tell you. Go to the park wishing well where I took you for our first date. Love, Andrew.”  She still remembers that day when they threw their coins at the same time. They had walked around the park for hours. He took her out for dinner first. It was dark when they got there. White, twinkling lights were strung in the trees.  It was completely silent with the exception of a little bit of talking. They walked up to the fountain. He dug into his pocket until he found two coins. They both made a wish. He wouldn’t tell her what he wished for. He swore it wouldn’t come true if he told her.
She made her way to the wishing well. The same twinkling, white lights were in the trees. It was just as she remembered it from their first date.  She took little steps as she tried to take it all in.  There was dozens of red roses laying all around.  Water was shooting up from the center of the dazzling fountain. It looked like she was an angel in a dream.  She waited a couple seconds in silence for Andrew to come out, but he never did. She walked over to the next note which was tied to the end of a balloon that was stuck in a tree.  It said, “I have loved you for many years, and I want to love you for many more. I’m dreaming of the day that God accepts us as one. Please, meet me at the church. Love, Andrew.” She ran as fast as she could back to her car. She quickly drove to the church that she grew up in. A memory flashed back in her mind of when she first brought Andrew to her church. It was Christmas Eve. Her entire family was with them. She said she was kind of cold, so Andrew reached over and wrapped his coat around her.  She knew right then that she never wanted to lose Andrew.
She pulled up to the church. There was only one car there, and she was sure it was Andrew’s. She slowly opened her car door and stepped out.  Red roses covered the church steps. As she opened the two white doors, she noticed it was pretty dark in there. She closed the door behind her, trying not to make too much noise. There was a bit of a glare coming from the window to give her a little light. She continued to take small steps until the heel of her shoe stepped on something.  She looked down to see another red rose.  There were several more leading her somewhere.  She followed them down a familiar hallway.  They stopped when she reached two more sets of white doors.  She knew that they led her into the sanctuary with the alter as the focal point in the very front.
She creaked the door open just wide enough for her to look one eye in.  The sight amazed her.  She could hear a quiet version of the song that her mom and dad first danced to at their wedding.  It has always been her favorite.  She took one step in and stopped.  One tear slowly creeped down her cheek.  There were candles lighting up the aisle with a faint glow.  The pews were covered with the most beautiful white cloth she had ever seen.  There were pictures of every moment she could remember being with Andrew hanging from the edge of the pews.  Rose petals were lightly scattered down the center of the church.  The most important part was that the love of her life was standing at the front waiting for her.  She walked towards him taking in all the surroundings.  She didn’t even know what to think of it all.  It was so overwhelming.  She stood in front of Andrew facing him.  Their eyes met as soon as she looked up.
“You look so beautiful,” Andrew stated, as he stared her in the eye.
“Thank you,” she barely got the words out before Andrew dropped to one knee.
“I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone other than you.  You mean the world to me.  I could never forget the first day I saw you.  You caught me staring at you.  You looked over and grinned.  It changed my entire life.  Your laugh brightens up my day.  It would be an honor if you would marry me,” He said while pulling out the ring.
Elizabeth stared in disbelief.  Another tear rolled down her cheek.  Andrew stood up and wiped it off with his sleeve.
“I… I…” she stumbled. “I can’t marry you.  I think I’m in love with your brother.”

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  1. Kate, why do you always do this to us. You make all of use sad when you write your PPOW. Can't the main character have an happy ending for once, please?


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