Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Society says,
“ Act naturally.”
But they only give us anxiety
With this irony.
We’re clearly confused.
Why isn’t anyone trying to be a variety?
Seems as if
Were focused on one priority,
And that one priority
Is trying to be
A regularity.
We all need to stand up
And be a disparity.
Be an ivory flower
In a field of black similarities.
Hopefully all of this copying
Is only temporary-
It’s only for the popularity.
If not the popularity,
Then it’s for the prosperity.
All because of envy
And jealousy.
It’s like everyone
Lost their empathy.
That’s why I
Isolate myself
With my music and melody.
Eventually, the intensity
Will become very unpleasantly.
When all I want to do
Is become something, successfully.
I just need me
And my serenity
And integrity.
Additionality, I apologize for
The negativity.
I just hate it when people
Get my name wrong
And call me Tiffany.
It’s Trinity.
The holy spirit bro.
If you were brilliant enough,
They maybe you would know.
This isn’t a talk show,
So I guess I’ll just let it go.
We might’ve gotten on the wrong foot,
So lets re-start with a ‘Hello’.
Be unique, and state what you cognate,
For example,
I like the nirvana logo.
Let me say this in slow-mo,
You never lived twice,
Stop saying yolo.
They way we look
Should not matter. Weather
You’ve got a afro,
Or you look like
A scarecrow.
It’s what's inside of us.
Although, I really dont know
If any of us will outgrow
This undergo, dumb,
Puppet show.
Kids are popping pills
Like Monroe.
Maybe because
Nobody is changing the flow.
Of how the way
Things go.
Don’t think that
You're nothing
Or something below
Because everyone
Has someone
That makes them feel


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