Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ben The Loner

Ben The Loner
One day there was this guy named Ben and he wasn’t really popular. But then he didn’t go out for football. So every one didn’t talk to him for the rest of the week. The next week he asked Blake, Gabe, and Caden if he could sit next to them? Then Korbin pushed Ben out of the way and sat down. Ben got up, and sat by Kris, Zach, Michael, and Cody. They all started talking to him, therefore Ben sat at that table for the rest of the month.
One day Ben Sat in Blakes spot, and Blake pushed Ben out of his spot and threw his food on Ben. I ran up and picked him up. Blake, and the rest of the people at the table started laughing. Ben ran out of the lunch room. The teachers saw what Blake did and told him to go to the office! Blake did as told.
Zach, Michael, Cody, and I went to the locker room. We all helped Ben brush of the food off of him. Then Ben changed clothes and went to get food. When we walked in the lunch room everybody was gone. Then we looked for our stuff and it was gone. So we went to our next class. At the end of the day. Ben was crying because Ben got made fun of the entire day.
     When Ben got home he was talking to his mother and she asked if she should call the school and tell them. Ben told his mother that she shouldn't do that because he will get made fun of even more. After they talked his mother went to bed. But before she went up stairs she gave Ben $100 to go get something to eat and what ever else he wanted. Ben walked to the Walnut Bakery to get some food and drinks.
When Ben was leaving he saw Blake and he hid on the other side of the wall. He listened to Blake’s conversation with the owner. He asked do you know where Ben Ehlers lives? The owner told Blake where Ben lives, Blake drove away on his moped. Ben dropped everything in his hands and ran to his house.
When he got there Blake was at the door talking to his mother. Ben ran up and hit Blake in the head and knocked him out when he fell to the ground Ben that is what you get. Walked away from Blake’s movement less body. Ben’s dad walked up and picked up Blake, and put him on the couch. Ben went to his room and started playing his xbox.
Then is dad grabbed a chainsaw and turned it on, and Ben started freaking out because his dad threatened to saw is xbox up. Ben said turn it off.  His dad turned it off, Ben ran down stairs. Blake woke up, and saw Ben, and asked what happened? So after an hour Blake ran out of the house.
When he got home he told his mom about what Ben did. His mother called the school. They said that they would watch and see if they get on any trouble.  When Blake went to school the next day he punched Ben in the face. Then Ben got up and put Blake in the spladle.
Blake started crying, and Ben stood up and everyone was scared because no one made Blake cry at all. So at the end of the day Blake was in the office and the principal found Ben and told him to go into her office. She asked why they were fighting? Ben started at the beginning. Then when Ben was done telling his story. The principal told Blake to tell his story.
When Blake was done the principal told them to hug it out and stop fighting. Ben got out of the room and Blake was behind him and Ben roundhoused Blake in the face. Blake fell to the ground crying. Ben ran out of the school laughing. When Ben got on the bus everyone on the bus asked what happened.
Ben told them the story and they all started to laugh and then the bus drove away. But when Ben got home he heard his mother talking on the phone. When he walked past his mom she pointed to the chair indicating that he needs to sit down. So Ben did as told and when his mother got off of the phone she started telling Ben his punishments. Ben started crying because once he was grounded he couldn’t play his xbox.
So Ben went straight up to his room and laid down in his bed and fell asleep. The next morning Ben woke up and his Tv, and his xbox were gone. He ran down stairs and asked where his stuff went? His mother said look outside. Ben saw his father chainsawing his stuff up.
Ben ran outside and grabbed his xbox before his dad got to it. Then he ran inside and hid the xbox from his parents. He got dressed and went downstairs. His parents asked if he learned his lesson yet? He said yes he did.
But his parents told him that he is still grounded for two more months. When it turned Monday Ben went to school and told Blake that he was sorry for all of the things he has ever done to Blake. Blake did the same to Ben. Ben became popular again. He was happy but if him and Blake ever gets in a fight again they will look back at the time Ben got Blake in the spladle. THE END


  1. I like how you have written thin PPOW. It has nice legible font.

  2. I like how you used most of our class names. I hope you can make a number two.


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