Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Team Bravo part two

Team Bravo part two
Then the room went black. Tear gas poured into the room someone slipped in and gave the team gas masks, it was like in slow motion. As they reached the exit some the man who gave the masks tossed concussion grenades back to the bunker along with self detonating C-4. They found themselves back in some sort of humvee. The mystery man removed his mask and it was a Japanese man, he spoke poor english but it was understandable, he said “ I am Huan, I’m the leader of special operation for Japan, we grew suspicious that our leader was missing for weeks at time in the Middle East.”
John stood up and said, “ Well thanks for the help, but might be too late to warn your government about his switch in loyalties.”
Huan replied, “It may be too late, but we can try, so if your against the end of all nations lets go stop a world war.”

- 11:40 P.M, ETA 40 minutes out from Japan

As the team boarded the plane, they quickly realized that it was only 20 minutes until it was time for war to start and they had a 40 minute flight to Japan and however long it would take for them to make it through the rebelling forces, to reach the capital. They quickly loaded the leader of Japan into the plane and had him to the upper part of the plane. John thought of an idea that they could contact Japan and they could tell them that they have their double crossing leader.
Huan set up a webcam to broadcast pictures and sound so they could halt the war.
Half way through the stream the plane quickly was jerked to the left and then to the right. Alarms sounded and the realized that they weren't out of the woods yet. John and Huan took positions at the guns expecting war planes but there was nothing there. The plane was still taking huge amounts of damage and couldn’t survive much longer, but there was nothing there it had to becoming from inside the ship. John and Huan raced to the cell block, and there was a gaping hole from inside the cell and Japans leader was gone. With only ten minutes ‘till the deadline the didn't have time to chase them and had to keeping heading towards Japan. John decided to tap into the communications and discovered the Japanese leader was broadcasting the current message.
“The Americans are keeping me hostage in Washington D.C, I’m not sure how much longer I have, they are coming back, please send warhead Alpha to avenge my death” he said,
faking his last breathe.
Japan was now in view and before you could say “oh no”. The warhead was in the air. Quickly without a word John threw the pilot out of his chair and took the controls.
He aimed the ship right at the missile, they were only about two minutes away when they were in a vertical state and were about to stall the plane.

John screamed saying “Go, get out, jump there are parachutes in the back.” Just when the last member jumped Huan said “How are we going to stop this?”
John replied saying, “Just watch.”
John threw Huan out of the plane and Huan, in shock, equipped his parachute and floated into the gulf with the others. John raced back to the cockpit and gave the plane a last bit of juice and The sky went white and red in a mushroom cloud.
Human emotions changed quickly for the loss of his new friend, but then changed into determination to stop the war from continuing. Luckily a fishing vessel carried the men to the shore. As they charged through the streets with families screaming and crying he knew that most of these people will die if the U.S sends a missile back finally the make it to the Embassy.
Huan demanded to speak with president Obama and was denied saying this is for political leaders only. Huan then pulled out a black colt revolver and lets just say, that was very persuasive.
John and Obama’s conversation went nowhere and, Huan was running out of time, he heard a rumbling sound and sudden impact with the force of a small earthquake and nearly shook the building down. He looked outside to see the Japanese army awaiting, and something told him they weren't friendly
Huan pled his case to the officer and to his surprise they believed him. Japan contacted the U.S and everything was cleared up.

20 years later;
Huan was celebrating the 20th anniversary of the mission that never happened according to all U.S and Japanese officials they were watching the news at home and there was a knock at the door. He opened it and their he stood unscaved. “Hello Huan” he said can I come in.

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