Tuesday, April 14, 2015

March PPOW

Rikki Peck
English 8-7
March PPOW

Hi! My name is Paige Montgomery and this story is going to be about the day I got murdered. You are probably wondering what happened to me, and that is what I am here to tell you. It was just a normal Friday at school and obviously when I got done with school I would come home. Since it was a Friday, I knew that I would being doing something with someone. That is when my friend Brooke Richards texted me and asked what I was doing tonight, or what were my plans. I then said to her
“That I don’t have anything going on, what are your plans?”
She then replied and told me “Same.
Want to go do something?”
I knew I wanted to go, but when I thought to myself what would we even do anyways?
I went with her of course because she is my friend. We invited a few of our other friends to come with us, as well. We decided to go to a carnival. Yeah I know why a carnival? I’ll tell you why because we haven’t been to one in a long time and the mall was closed. Once we arrived to the carnival, we went straight to the rides. First we went on the ferris wheel, then we went on a small roller coaster. After that went to some of the carnival booths that they had, some prizes; for example stuffed animals things like that. Then we saw clowns making balloons and of course as childish as we are we wanted a balloon animal.
I was having so much fun with my friends, but that was until I saw a man with his family. The man was looking straight at me. At first I thought, it was just looking at the clowns or something behind me. As we were walking around, I looked behind myself again and there he was staring at me again. I told my friends and they laughed and told me maybe he knows you or maybe you guys have met before. I thought to myself that is probably right, so I went on with my night. We were still at the carnival at that time it was about 8:00 at night. When the carnival started closing, we decided to go before it completely ended. As my friends and I were walking towards the exit, I saw the man that I had been seeing all night standing and leaning against the pole. I felt like he was waiting for me. I told my friends let’s take a detour to the car, of course they didn’t want to.
As we got closer to the man leaning against the pole.
He said to me “Is that you Paige, Paige Montgomery right?”
I responded; “Yes,  who are you?” My friends looked at me and Brooke said “We will meet you at the car.” I said “Wait, im coming with you guys.”  The man gave me a nasty look. I don’t know how this man knew me. He had brown hair, and brown eyes. He looked like he had been at the carnival for a long time. I think he was just waiting for me to come there. He started talking to me more and more and more as I was standing there sweating, holding my hands together just waiting until he was done talking. I told him I had to get going, but he kept talking even more.
I tried once again to get away and it kind of worked, but then he grabbed my arm wrapping his hands tight and tighter. He said to me “Paige, you're not going anywhere. Now here is the deal you text one of your friends and say your mom is going to pick you up instead.” I wanted to run so I did. I started running towards the car as fast as I could. Since Brooke was driving, she got out of the car and looked and said
“Paige are you coming?”
I responded “Get in the car now!” I got in the car Brooke drove off as fast as she could.
We were all screaming. By then, all that was behind us was a dark road. We didn’t know what to expect next. We got into town Brooke hurried and dropped all of us off at home. Once I got to my house, I ran in.
I yelled “MOM, MOM!” She was running  into the kitchen.
She said to me “Paige, what is it?”
We went the carnival and this man was staring me the whole night, then he stopped me and talked to me and he wouldn’t stop I tried to get away like five times.
“Paige, I think I know who this is.”
Wait what do you mean you know who it is?”
Although I didn’t know what my Mom was talking about, I kept thinking about it. I wanted to ask her. It looked like she was terrified. My Mom asked me “Did you get the name of the man?” I said “No, I was trying to get away like I said.”  She rushed out of the kitchen. I didn’t know what to expect next from her. I followed her in the living room. Then she stormed up the stairs. I followed her again. I asked her “Mom, why are you running everywhere?” She told me “There is no time to explain, pack whatever you need now!” I followed her directions. I went into my room grabbed clothes, electronics, and chargers.
We locked the house then we hurried to the car.  I didn’t know where we going. I was afraid to ask. My Mom looked nervous. From that man being there then to telling my Mom, I didn’t know what to expect next. She kept looking in her mirrors. I saw a car with his brights on behind us. He would flick them on and off. He finally turned off his brights. I said to my Mom  “Im scared, what is going on?”
She replied “You don’t have to worry about anything just a little situation.”
At this time it was about 10:30 at night. She was swerving and speeding. She was trying to loose the man. When I looked back and his family wasn’t not in the car.  I don’t know if I have seen him before, but I think he knows me somehow or somewhere. He pulled up next to us. He rolled down his window he tried to talk, but my Mom drove as fast as she could again. The next thing you know he got behind us again. He had his brights on again and he-

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