Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Cupid has lots of power.
He makes people glow like a flower.
He is always there,
And makes love fair.
Cupid makes people in love,
And fit like a glove.

Easter Bunny
Easter bunny hops around,
And not with a frown.
He comes at different days of the year.
He is always filled with great cheer.
He hides many eggs,
With only two legs.
The Easter bunny is great,
And is never late.

Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechauns
Leprechauns are super small,
Sometimes they look like a doll.
They wear lots of green,
Mostly they are not seen.
Leprechauns have lucky coins,
And may often steal from others.

Mother Nature
Mother Nature is quite amazing;
I guess people could say she’s blazing.
She makes nature shine bright,
So that it’s always in sight.
Mother Nature grants us with the best environment ever
Because she is very clever.

Father Time
Father Time knows when,
Just like it has always been.
He is like a god,
But can be very odd.
From all history,
Old Father Time has been a mystery.

Sandman is always near,
Even if you do not hear.
He gives sweet dreams,
Sometimes with extra cream.
He can fly,
In the sky.
Sandman loves all kids,
And sometimes he acts like them.

Tooth Fairy
Tooth fairy is quite nice,
And never cold like ice.
She takes your old teeth,
Maybe puts them in a wreath.
Tooth fairy flies around,
With barely any sound.
She has awesome wings,
And is like a queen.

Santa Clause
Santa lives at the north pole,
Sometimes he may hand out coal.
He has little helpers like elves;
They store toys on shelves.
Santa is married to Mrs. Clause,
And it might be a law.
Santa delivers tons of toys,
And is always filled with great joy.

Jack Frost
Jack Frost has cold powers,
But is not sour.
You may thinks he’s bad;
Actually, he can get quite sad.
People don’t believe in him;
It makes him seem a little dim.

Pitch Black
Pitch comes at all night hours
Because it gives him great power.
He scares all that sleep,
Just to hear them weep.
Pitch hates all,
Especially those that crawl.
He isn’t nice,
And doesn’t think twice.

Guardians all protect,
And do affect.
All of them work together
In favor of others.
But not Pitch;

He can act like a witch.

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