Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Prank

The Prank

Summer is full of fun, but for Alex it was the worst one yet. It all started when he asked out the hottest girl in the grade and she denied him straight up. At that time she was at a friends house, and she told the whole group that was there. But what she didn't know was that she was about to kill someone. It was the last week of school, and it was full of activities, like dodgeball, and tug of rope. But Alex wasn't feeling too well so he went to the office. As the whole eighth grade was playing dodgeball Katie “the girl who denied Alex” was about to set off the best prank in school history. She got 1,000 jars of peanut butter, and planted it on a board above the doorway to strike on Alex.
By the time Alex walked in he was already covered in gooey peanut butter.
“Help, please help!” screamed Alex.
“What happened, he is allergic to nuts!” said the gym teacher
“What? he is?  I’m so sorry I didn’t know.” cried out Katie
“Hurry get his epi pen, it's in his back pocket.” described Scott (the gym teacher)
By the time she got it out his throat was already closing, if Katie doesn't get it soon he will die.”regeThunk” the pen was in his chest, and dispersing the liquid.
“Aaaaaaa.” said Alex gasping for air
“Hurry call the ambulance!” yelled Johnny
Ten long minutes later, the ambulance came roaring into the parking lot.  The principal directed them to the gym. The medic took over.
“He’s not in stable condition.” yelled the medic
“I’m so sorry, please don’t go Alex.” inquired Katie
“We must take him to the hospital immediately.” observed the Medic
As Alex went to the hospital Katie was riding her bike closely behind them.
“Im so sorry, Alex please forgive me!” screamed Katie
Then all of a sudden one of Katie's best friends shows up in a car behind her and asks, “What the heck is going on, why are you riding your bike all the way out here.”
“I killed him!” replied Katie
“What? who did you kill?” said Josie worryingly
“Alex! he’s dead because of me!” cried out Katie
“How did you kill him?” proclaimed Josie
“I played a terrible prank on him.  I feel so terrible!” Katie explained
“Well hop in, let’s go see how he is doing.” hollered Josie
As the girls rode up to the hospital sobbing, they noticed a priest rushing in the emergency room doors.  That worried the girls even more.  They followed him in as he approached the front desk.  They worriedly listened and were shocked that he asked for Alex.  They followed the priest to the room.  
They peaked in behind the curtains and were relieved to see that it was not the Alex that they know. The girls hurried their way back to the front counter, and asked for Alex Bubberhead, they were sent to a little room at the back of the hospital. By the time they got there Alex was already sent to surgery so the girls went to the waiting room.  They were anxious to know how he was doing and when he would be out of surgery. Five hours later they were finally were able to go talk to Alex.
“How are you doing Alex,” whispered Katie, as they walked into his room
“I think I’ll live, but no thanks to you” pointed out Alex.
“How bad was the peanut reaction?  I didn’t know that peanut allergy was treated by surgery.” cried out Katie.
“Peanut allergy? You idiot, I fractured my wrist from all that peanut butter falling on top of me.” moaned Alex.  “The reason that I am alive, is because of the epi pen that you injected me with, so thank you for that.”
“So you will be fine?” asked Katie
“No, I will miss 6 weeks of baseball!” yelled Alex “Just think, none of this would have happened if you would have just said yes when I asked you out.”
“I know, I know. How about we go on that date next weekend?” offered Katie
“Actually, I have found a nicer date to go with me next weekend.”  responded Alex
“So, who is the lucky girl?” questioned Katie
“As a matter of fact, its an older lady that I met here.” stated Alex
Just then a very pretty girl walked in the hospital room to see how her new friend Alex was doing.  

Katie, Josie, Alex and his new girlfriend all had a fun time during the summer break, but Alex never let Katie forget about the peanut incident.  Anytime anyone mentions peanut butter, he gives Katie the death stare.   

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  1. I think your PPOW teaches a very valuable lesson. Always say yes and you won't ever have a problem.


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