Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My first football game

My First Football Game

One morning I was sleeping in, and I thought nothing was going to happen that weekend. Then my dad walked into my room and woke me up. He didn’t tell me what for, he just told me to get dressed and put on a Kansas City Chiefs shirt. After I put on my shirt, I walked down stairs with my parents, and my siblings were waiting for me also wearing Kansas City gear.
My brother Tyson looked like he was about to have a seizure because he was so excited. My brother Donovan and my sister, Alisa, were sitting on the couch waiting impatiently for what the news was, just as I was wondering what we were doing all dressed up in Kansas City Chiefs gear. My parents came walking in after going to the Country Store to get some gas and some snacks.
My mom abruptly said, “Everyone listen up!”
“We are going to be going to the Kansas City Chiefs game today,” added Trent.
My brother and I started jumping with joy over the news that we get to go to a football game. My brother Donovan was doing whatever he does, and my sister wasn’t really a chiefs fan in the first place, but she still was excited.
“Alright get what you need and go get in the car,” Trent stated.
“Don’t bring stuff you don’t need,” Melissa Demanded.
“I know mom,” I replied.
“Why do we have to go to the stupid football game,” blurted Donovan all of a sudden.
“Because we want to do something nice for you guys,” replied Melissa.
Once we got buckled up and ready to go, my dad pulled out of our driveway and took off to Missouri. During our trip to Missouri, Donovan started complaining saying things like I’m bored and why are we doing this.
“Shut up! and be quiet,” I screamed at Donovan for being so annoying for more than half of the trip. He gave me a weird look, and then he turned away and closed his eye for the rest of the trip. My mom turned to check on us, and saw Tyson, Alisa, and Donovan Asleep, but I was wide awake because I wanted to see the stadium first.
“Wake up everyone we are almost there,” said Melissa.
“What?” yawned Tyson.
He woke up to see the Chiefs stadium being packed full of fans. Just as fast as he fell asleep, he got up to get a better look at the field. Donovan, not even caring, got up wanting to be home playing video games, just as he always does. Alisa she didn’t really care either, she probably want to also be at home just as much at Donovan.
Once we found a close spot to the field we went to go and get our tickets scanned, so we could get into the stadium. We got out of the car, and I was the first one out anxious to get into the stadium. “Alright guys stay close, and don’t get lost,” stated Melissa.
“Yeah we know,” replied Tyson.
As we started walking over to the field, there was a bunch of guys wanting to sell merchandise and tickets. After we had worked our way to get our tickets scanned; we got in, and tried to find our seats.  
“Wow!” said Donovan as he started looking around at everything.
“Yeah Donovan its pretty cool,” said Trent. We started looking around for our spots, and I was just looking around at everything.
“Up there,” said Melissa pointing at the row we are supposed to go and sit at.
“Race ya!” said Tyson as he took off up the stairs to get to our seats. Then I took off after him, trying to beat him to our seats. I almost caught up to him, but he had to far of a head start.
“Beat ya,” said Tyson as he was standing by our seats. As I went to go sit down, my parents came walking down also to sit in there spots. Donovan was sitting on the other side of me, and my dad was on the other side of Donovan. Then, Tyson, Alisa, and my mom were sitting on the left side of me.
“Alright, if you guys need to go to the bathroom now is the time,” stated Melissa.
“I need to drop one!” Tyson said abruptly. Later the game started, and Kansas City wasn’t doing to hot. Matt Cassel was not doing his best, and everyone wanted Ricky Stanzi to come in.
At the end of the game, there were these Buffalo Bills fans that were bad mouthing Kansas City Chiefs fans. They got into a long argument, and it went on until the game was over and the team that won was the Buffalo Bills. “So, how did you enjoy today?” asked Melissa.
“Matt Cassel sucks!” I screamed.

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