Thursday, December 11, 2014

All Stars


In the town of NewBreg, California, there was a boy that has been dreaming of the day when someone says, “That’s an all-star.” This boy’s name was Roy Twisle. Roy was no taller than Jordan, and he always obeyed his parents rules. But when he wasn’t around his parents he was crazy. He liked hanging on trees, and playing at the park with his brother, but he became obsessed with the sport of football when he saw Terry Bradshaw play football. After that his whole life took off into a spiral of wanting to go to the game or wanting to play football with his friends.
One misty morning in NewBerg in 1999, when young Roy grew into a young man at the age of seventeen, was starting quarter-back for his home tome football team the Newberg Bulls. He was beloved by everybody, and occasionally people slept in his yard for fun. But, his friends were always pulling jokes, and having fun with him. Their names were Billy Blake, Casual Caden, Kool Korbin with a K, and Gorilla Gabe. I am not going to say why they were given those names, but they were all Roy’s friends.
One morning after Roy got done getting changed and eating breakfest, his friends were waiting outside in the truck. Billy Blake screamed, “Move it or else you’re walking to school!” Then he hit the gas and started going, and Roy started chasing the truck. Blake had the door open and screamed, “Got to earn it!” Finally, Roy made it into the truck when his other friends were sitting there laughing at him.
On the way to school they picked up some other friends like, Crazy Kyle, and Drake Duck. Once they got to school everyone swarmed the car wanting to talk to the captains of the football team. They went inside to attend the assembly for their football team. Four games away from another district championship, Roy thought. Once inside they went into the gymnasium and went to the stage still swarmed by people.
Later during the assembly their coach, Mr.Sanders, went up and said, “Tonight we face Logan, tonight we beat logan, Go Bulls, Go Bulls!” Then after the assembly, they went to class, then after class they hopped on a bus to go to their game.
They went through their stretches talking about how many points they are going to beat them by. Once the game started it was on, Drake was already down on the kickoff making the tackle. On defence, Gabe was in his own world as the starting middle Linebacker and nothing could stop him. So Logan decided to run it up the middle, and Gabe rush through and hit the kid so hard his helmet flung right off and the ball fell out of his hands. Blake recovered it as the Left Linebacker, and took a good twenty-five yards until he was brought down.
The offence that has led the nation in points the whole season came out to have their turn. Roy went under the snap, focused like he has been all year and yelled, “Hike!” The halfback Korbin took the ball and flung back to Roy for a flea-flicker to Kyle for the first touchdown of the game.
The next drive on offence after logan scored, Roy to a snap out of the shotgun and threw a ten-yard pass to Drake. Drake taunted and said “Have the ball.” and rolled it of his hand into the defenders lap after the tackle. Then Roy called a run play, and after he handed the ball of Korbin’s ankle gave out and he got smashed. Everyone on the team ran out on the field to help him get off the field. The secondary Halfback Gabe had to come in, and the very next play he took the ball for a fifty-yard touchdown to end the drive.
Drake on the kickoff ran down the field, and beat all of the defenders and blew the kid up, and forced a fumble, for Kyle to pick up. Once Roy got out on the field the coach called a play he didn’t understand so he ran his own play. It was a pitch to Gabe, but gabe turned around the other way and threw the ball to Roy for a touchdown.
Later in the fourth quarter it was a tied game 24-24 and logan was punting the ball. Drake and Caden asked, “Coach put us in we will block the punt.” Coach replied, “Ok if you block this punt, we could score or get into field goal range.” They went out onto the field Caden at Nose and Drake at Strong-Safety. The punt snapped it and Caden shoved both players out of the way and Drake went right through and blocked the punt to put them at the 45.
Roy was feeling off because it would all depend on him if he can’t drive the ball down the field in one minute thirty seconds. When he snapped the ball a huge explosion of adrenalin shot out and he felt good. Roy looked down the field, Kyle was yelling, “I am open!” So Roy threw a rocket in between two defenders for fifteen-yard gain. Roy screamed, “On the ball!”, and the linemen ran to the line and wide receivers got in place as fast as they could and they ran another pass play. Roy was in the pocket looking and he rolled out found Drake for nine-yard gain, but he didn’t get out of bounds.
So they got on the ball fast again, but Roy stopped the clock by throwing the ball straight at the other team’s mascot. The crowd went crazy with only thirty seconds left to play they decided to pass the ball. Roy went under the shotgun and hiked the ball, but there was a rush. Roy was too agile for the defender, then Roy went out of the pocket and got a nine-yard gain. Roy asked coach, “What are we going to do we aren’t in field goal range?” ,coach replied, “Hook and ladder.” “Really is that the play where I run out of nowhere looking stupid?” ,said  Caden. Coach nods at Caden and says, “Hook and Ladder on one.” After that Roy signaled everyone to get onto the field.
Everything for Roy got really slow, and he couldn’t move. The next thing he knew he said, “Hike!” ,and everything went back to normal. The play moved so fast, but Roy knew he needed to make the throw. So Roy threw it to Drake, and Caden went out behind him and Caden had the ball pitched to him, and he started running. Caden was moving as fast as he could stiff arming people, he made it to the ten with no time left. With three people on him he kept on going until he  fell into the end-zone for the win.

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