Thursday, December 11, 2014



Athletes run, jump, and climb.
They practice on and off the field,
In and out of the season,
Every chance they get they are practicing.
They push themselves and each other to the limit.
They never give up.
They have a dream and go for it.
They have a goal and always think of getting it.
They go for it all.
They leave it all on the line.
They have the mentality to win.
They never give up,
They have a diamond hard head,
Nothing can stop them,
You can’t do anything to get them to stop trying.
They are mentally unstoppable.
He threw till his arms are limp and don’t want to move,
She jumps till she beat her top height and still kept going.
Together they are headstrong.
Separate the never give up.
They make a team and that team is unstoppable.
He drives to the max,
She looks for anything that might happen,
They charge forward and go farther.
She can be independent,
He can be independent,
They are both individuals, but are also a team.
They work together to take it all.
He has strength, but so does she,
They are both equally matched.
They are head to head and face to face,
They go for it all and never give up.


Family is important.
Even if you don’t like the person in your family,
Love is what keeps you together and helps you bond.
Your family helps you through your childhood.
They help you through the hard times.
They are there in the good times.
They make memories with you;
They will always be there with you,
Even after they pass on.
They will always be in your heart and your head,
They watch over you and help you in their own silent ways,
They care about you and can comfort you.
They try their best to help you,
They make rules so you are safe,
They protect you the best they can,
They do everything in your benefit,
Not theirs.
Your mom scowls at you,
Your dad looks at you and you both end up laughing.
Your dad takes you out doing things and so does your mom,
But your mom does the shopping.
They get after you so you will learn
And so you will not do it again.
From your youngest years,
Till you turn an adult,
They teach you
And after that they care for you
And they never let go.
You show your parents how good you act
And they give you appreciation and more responsibility.
The better you act the more you can get in return.
Family is the most important thing in your whole life.
You cannot live without them,

They help you in every way.

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