Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rest In Pieces

They were born together, connected by the hip. One was named Elijah, and the other was
Isaiah.Their mother had died while giving birth, and their father committed suicide after, from
losing the love of his life. They both had bright ocean blue eyes, with dark brown hair. They were raised in an orphanage as they grew up, due to the fact that their parents forsaken them. An old
lady name Anthonia  that worked at the orphanage, made enough money to pay for surgery to separate them at the age of 12.   
As they were awakening from surgery, Elijah looked at Isaiah in a depressed looked. They both attempted to say something to each other, but they could’nt remember how to talk no longer. It seemed as if they both could talk to each other without moving their lips at all. All they needed was there minds. Elijah ripped off the cords on his body and attempted to walk to Isaiah. He had fallen on the cold floor, and Isaiah tried to stand up to help Elijah. I cannot walk… By the time Isaiah sat up, the nurse helped Elijah back into his bed and he had fainted. After seeing Elijah fainting, Isaiah had a panic attack with worry. Im sorry I couldnt help you. Then, he fainted.
When they awoke, they were sewed back together once again by the hip. Elijah seemed to feel guilty, because he feels like Isaiah would have a better life without him attached. The doctors told them the surgery was a success, but Elijah couldn’t survive without Isaiah. The doctors noticed how they couldn't talk to.
“Maybe It’s from so much morphine.” said one of the doctors studying the boys.
Elijah would've been very sick and ill if they hadn’t sewed them back together. Elijah felt even more guilty about the news, and thought Isaiah would be angry with him.
Isaiah was never angry at his brother, he actually loved his brother very dearly. As they grew up, they were bullied very badly. They were called horrible names that hurt both of their
feelings, and hearts. But everyday that the boys went home, Anthonia always tried to comfort the boys. She was about 82 years old, and she was 4’11 ½ inches tall , and she had short black hair.
She taught the boys how to sew and stitch clothes with this giant stitching machine, big enough to put a person in the machine. The orphanage originally bought the sewing machine, and the shop, for the nuns to make clothing for the children. They loved her so much, that they made a sweater for her in the winter so she would never have to be cold. As the months, days, hours, and seconds went by, she soon told Elijah and Isaiah about her sickness of leukemia. Isaiah would refuse to believe it and pretend it wasn't true, and Elijah begged to God not to take her.
They both visited her in the hospital to comfort her in return, and because they had a deep regard for her also.
“I’m so glad you boys came to visit me.” Anthonia said as she smiled.
Isaiah’s face was very sad and angry at the same time. I wish I could talk to her to tell her everything's gonna be okay.
Elijah tried to ignore what his brother’s thoughts were, and mainly focused on Anthonia. They both held her hand until she was gone.
When she passed, Elijah and Isaiah were about 24. They took care of the shop, and cleaned it daily. Only so often some people came in, but they left most of the time. Almost immediately. Elijah would always try to convince Isaiah to get surgery on them once more, but he wouldn't budge. He was still depressed from the fact that he could not talk to Anthonia, and he missed her so much.
They were very thankful for her givings to them, but they were also in grief that she was gone. Elijah cried while Isaiah was asleep, he had so much guilt in his heart. He wished that he didn't make it through the surgery. He went back to sleep after he was done weeping. He dreamed about having a perfect life.
As they were working on making clothes by scratch, Elijah had a sudden feeling in his mind about the dream he had. He thought that since he was now older, maybe he could survive without Isaiah. Then they both would be happier in life. They were working on the giant sewing machine, and Elijah watched the needle go up and down as he reminisced about his dream. He looked down at the ground to think once more, and then looked back at the needle again.
He told himself in his mind, Maybe if I jump on the platter, it will separate us. Isaiah continued to work, with no clue on what Elijah was thinking at all. Elijah moved Isaiah out of the harm of the stitching needle, and made sure it cut most of his side of the hip. Blood started to splatter everywhere and Elijah started to scream with pain. Isaiah screamed with him also trying to help.
The next day, Elijah and Isaiah were separated completely. Isaiah sewed both of their wounds closed, and he helped Elijah into his wheelchair. Elijah started to miss Isaiah, he also started to miss walking. Isaiah looked at his hip, and their was a dark blue spot where Elijah used to be. Elijah looked down with shame.
After a couple of hours during the day, people came in more, and started to buy stuff. The boys felt angry, and they now knew why they didn't come in more often. Later on that night, Elijah waited for Isaiah to fall asleep. He turned the giant sewing machine on. Elijah focused very carefully on the steady needle.
Elijah stood there studying the machine, deeply for a long time. He stood up very slowly as, his body shook from weakness. He threw himself into the sewing machine, letting the needle stab his body into chunks of meat. He wouldn't make a noise, he didn’t want his brother to be awakened. Although a teardrop fell from his eye as he died.

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