Thursday, December 11, 2014

November Poetry


School is over
School is out;
Kids are laughing,
Putting their jeans away,
Getting ready for summer,
Putting on shorts,
Going outside,
Then having a ball.
School is starting
School is starting;
Kids are crying,
Putting their shorts in there drawers,
Getting school supplies,
Getting their jeans,
Riding the bus,
Going to class.
Christmas is coming
Kids are caroling,
Building snowman,
Sledding down hills,
Throwing snowballs.
Wearing sweaters;
Opening presents,
Trying out their new toys.
Christmas is ending
Kids are crying;
Putting away the Christmas tree,
Eating the rest of their candy.
Getting ready for school,
Putting their snow pants away,
Getting on the bus,
Going to school.
Going to bed
Staying up;
Can’t fall asleep,
Lay there conscious,
Thinking about sheep,
Laying their head on pillows,
Shutting their eyes,
Going to sleep.
Eating food
Putting food into your mouth;
Chewing it up,
Swallowing it,
Going down your throat,
Into your stomach,
Outside your bum.
Homework is due;
Kids are screaming,
Trying to do it in three minutes.
Teachers are yelling,
Giving detentions,
Giving zeros,
Failing students.
Kids are hitting,
Running the ball,
Throwing passes,
Catching the ball.
Blocking the other team,
Tackling the ball carrier,
Getting flags.
Kicking balls,
Making goals.
Passing the ball,
Kicking corner kicks,
Getting free kicks.
Fouling the other team,
Winning the game.
I have a pool,
It’s really cool,
Diving in,
Swimming around,
Splashing other people.
Wrestling dads,
Jumping off the board,
Swimming laps,
Going down the slide.
My Bar
My bar is cool,
We go to eat, and have pop,
Lots of people have a fun time.
My dad works hard there,
He built it to.

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  1. The poem Summer makes me think that I am ready to wear shorts and fish. I like that he rhymed with the words.


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