Friday, December 12, 2014

The Hike

A group of friends are going on a hiking trip. The hiking trip is in the Rocky Mountains. The mountains were so treacherous it was so bad that they had to use a helicopter to get where they started hiking. The climb will be dangerous. They are climbing up the side of the mountain.
The friends were Billy, Jordan, Joe, and the leader was Troy. They were best friends through thick and thin. Nothing could break their friendship. On the first day of their hike, they were going through The Cave of 1000 Monsters. On the second day of their seven day quest, they were traveling through the Troll of the East to get across the bridge that hangs over the river of Doom.
On day third of their quest, they had come to a valley of flying bats. They beat them the same way they beat the Troll. They killed them all. So now, they were off to the Neverland Castle where they would get the The Great Sword. They had to fight dragons on the fourth day. The only way to kill them is with the sword of greatness. They were the worst dragons in the world.
It took them two days to kill them all on their quest. Now, they are going up the mountains. They were all climbing up the side of the mountain. They were climbing and suddenly, Troy looks back for his friends, and they weren’t behind him. He thinks it was the roaring blizzard that took them away.
He knew that it would take more than the days they had in their quest. He was not leaving without his best friends. The weather was harsh, but it was sometimes nice. The weird part was they were
looking for him on the other side of the mountain. They were trying to find one another. It was a long winter of trying to find each other. It was the worst winter of their life. They thought they were gone forever. Troy left the mountains.
Troy went on with his life and started a business and became a millionaire. He now owns four companies. The other three were trapped in the mountains. They were missing for ten years. They were making houses in the mountains, they were having good food to eat having a nice life.
They were still looking for Troy. They weren’t alone, they saw human footprints they knew they weren’t troy’s, they're too big to be his. They were scared that they were not alone. They thought maybe there was another person on the mountain. There was another person, a witch came by their candy made house.
She fattened them up. Then she tried to put them in her oven. But then the new person pulled out a shotgun and killed the witch. The world was full of demons and creatures. That’s what the man who killed the witch said. The man had no name at all. They came and lived with the man, and he has been there for twenty years.
The man said the same thing happen to him. The guys were baffled about the story. Now they were a team with the man who saved their lives. Now, it is ten years later in life and troy came back to look for them. He never found them and it brought tears to his eyes.
He will never get over losing his three best friends in the whole wide world! He has a good life ,but it will never be complete with out his best friends in his life. A few months later Troy ends up killing himself right before his friends come out of the mountains, and then his friends discover his body. When they got back to his house, they all got killed by the guy with no name. The guy with no name now goes back to the mountains. He awaits another group to kill.  The next, group is a team of agents looking for the person who killed all the guys. There is four agents.
Their names are Emma, Zoey, Mike, and Dan. They are the best team in the C.I.A. The team has solved more cases than any other team in the C.I.A. They have seen everything on a crime scenes. You name it, to murders and bodies. So, they set off and went on their journey. Just like the other people, they had a lot to accomplish. It took seven days to get where they were, on the way Dan took one for the team and went on the bridge that hangs over the river of doom.
He was walking across and one of the planks broke and he was falling. Mike thought he was gone for good. Lucky, Dan grab on to a route that came out of the cliff. Dan is climbing back up the cliff. Mike is trying to help him. Dan is so close to Mike’s out stretched hand. Mike say jump I can catch you. So, Dan jumps and mike mississ him by a inch. Now, they devastating because that was their leader.
Now they have no leader and They think they might go home. Well, that is just what they did. It took a long time to get back to the C.I.A. It took even longer to get over Dan. After, Dan died the team broke up and went their separate ways. Emma she became a real estate agent. Zoey she stay with the C.I.A. Mike now makes movies now.
He is a milliore now. He made a movie about his trip into the mountains. That was the start of his movie career. Then, it took off and he has work with Tom Cruise. He has work with many actor in the past years. The old team meets up again and all die.

The killer is the boss that they work for 30 years. I the end the boss goes to jail for life.   

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