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   As I lay, I hear loud noises echo through the spacious halls, people yelling, banging and screaming.“Mom,is everything alright!”
“ Everything’s just fine, stay in your bedroom
Natalie.$91.10!” that’s code for call  911!
As I grab the phone I dial, 9-1-1...

Chapter One
Plans for My 17th Birthday

Five years later, March,1, 2018...
   “I can’t believe I’m gonna turn seventeen in five days!” “Am I invited, Natalie?” “Sorry pal but mom said  NO boys even if it was you. I am so angry at my mom for deciding that!” “ why isn’t she letting me go?” “Brandon you have done nothing wrong it’s just that my mom thinks we might play spin the bottle or something.” “WHAT?! thats crazy.” “I know right she can be so ignorant sometimes.I hate when she does this type of stuff, Anyway I have to go to art. Bye.”“ Bye, Natalie.” said Branden almost unwilling to let her go.In the exotic art room Natalie was thinking how much her Birthday would stink without her best friend, they usually had the greatest of memories together like last summer they went to Mt.Rushmore and the trip was so boring with a capital B,until he bet $500 (even when he didn’t have it)on a basketball game and won and honestly my mind was boggled,anyway he used it to buy us mountain climbing gear only to find out it was illegal to climb the faces of the mountain, Brandons expression on his face was priceless when he seen the sign that read “Anyone that climbs MT.RUSHMORE will be fined $8,000 per person”.Oh well I guess not all memories can be good ones.Hey, I’ve
got it…

2 hours later(lunch time)...

“Hey,Brandon,Buddy,yo!” “Oh um...hey Natalie,what’s up? and why are you acting all excited all of a sudden I thought you were upset that your mom won’t let me come.” “OMG Brandon we have an advantage with my moms ignorance.” “woah,woah,woah.ok three things, number 1 speak quieter, number 2 talk way slower, and number 3 please don’t tell me you’re gonna sneak out or do anything illegal.” “Brandon don’t be silly I’m not gonna do anything illegal...or sneak out.Ok? I’m just saying what if I had a party at the old bowling alley?Then you can come.” “...or we could have your party at the bottom of the Grand Canyon cause we are as dead down there as we are at the bowling alley!” “Brandon, it’s not that...” “Natalie the roof might fall on us!” “Well then unless you have a better idea then it’s my place without you or the bowling alley.” “Actually I do have a better idea...what about the mini golf? I mean we have less chance of death I can come and it has a lot of fun colors.” “alright. I will ask”. Smartie  pants. Thought Natalie.”great. Bye Natalie.” “Bye Brandon”.

Chapter 2
“Where is Mom?!?!”

Three hours later

  “Mom!” I hollard hard and loud.But there was no answer. “MOM!” I hollard again but still no answer. I checked the kitchen for a note, but there was no note either, just her moms purse keys and phone left untouched in the same place they were when I left.How peculiar.Oh,wait I know she probably left her stuff when she went for one of her daily walks, she should be back around seven o’clock.
.    .    .
        “Ok,now I’m worried it’s like, nine o’clock and she’s not home yet.I’m calling Brandon.”  Ring ring.”Um...hello...Natalie?” “Brandon, my mom is missing!” “Wait, what...did you just say your mom is missing?Did you try calling her?” “I can’t she left her purse and phone and this is kind of freaking me out.” “Um...” “Brandon this is serious come over and help me!” “Ok,ok...wait I kind of can’t...” “WHAT?!?! Why can’t you come?!?!” “I’m watching my six year old brother and he’s kind of a hand full.*sigh*Hold on he has the scissors and is about to cut his little wispy brown hairs off his head..........ok I’m back.Are you sure you want him to come.” “Yes!” “ok be there in ten minutes.”

.      .      .

     *Knock (X2)* “Hi there how was your day at school, Tyler?” “Brandon who is this girl?And why is she saying things to me?And how does she know my name?” “Tyler this is my friend Natalie and she’s gonna be nice to you so you need to be nice to her.Ok?” “Ok.Nice to meet you Natawie.” “Nice to meet you as well. There are toy cars straight down this hall and to the left.Ok?” “Um...what way is weft?” “The farthest room.” “Oh,ok.” Says Tyler. As I sit Brandon gives me this weird look. “What? My cousin comes over at least once a month.” “uh huh,sure.” “seriously? I mean you have to believe me.” “eeeeeeeeek!” “Tyler!? Are you ok!?” Shouted Brandon. “Brandon,Brandon!” “What’s wrong Ty?” “There’s blood in the back room on the wall!” As I run down the hall I start hyperventilating and before I have a chance to make it in the room everything goes black and then silent.

.        .       .

As I come back to consciousness I notice Brandon standing over me.
“are you ok? I went ahead and took Ty home, he’s seen enough for one day. You on the other hand have been out cold for three whole hours.Oh, I almost forgot I took a look at the back room, blood just smeared across the walls,but I found something in the closet, but I don’t want you to pass out again.”
“, I passed out because I was... dehydrated...yeah thats the word, dehydrated. I would like to see what you found.” Brandon made a suspicious look at her.
“Ok...I guess I will just have to show you then. Your wish is my command.” sneered Brandon.
“oh stop being such a drama king and just help me up to show me the room.”
“alright,alright, fine I’ll show you,just don’t...faint.” he was trying hard not to laugh but it was just too much for him to keep it in.
“oh brother. Yep, go ahead and laugh it up, I’ll remember this.”
“oh come on admit it, it’s hilarious,and lighten up it’s not like you fainted from nerves, you’re dehydrated... right?” a grin crept across his face as if he knows the truth and is about to start laughing ‘till he can’t breathe anymore.
”Are you done now,Brandon?”
“*sigh* yes I’m done now.”
  “Great now I can go look at the room.” But as I walked in the room I saw blood everywhere just as Brandon said.
“O.M.G.,Brandon will you come here!?”
“what’s wrong!?”
“I...I...I think know this handymans work.”
“I think I know who did this”
“this same pattern of blood smears.”
“the same as...?”
“five years ago.”
“whoa, hold on, you’re telling me that you think your dad did this?”
“yep...look there’s a pocket knife, it looks like the same one my dad used five years ago against my mom.¨
¨ok... this is getting scary.¨
Brandon was right,(as usual) this was scary,but I at least have an idea on who the kidnapper or murderer or thief or whatever.But it just does not make any sense my dad should be in jail...wait a minute my dad was supposed to get out last week and probably wants revenge for the last time she put him in jail.
¨Hey, Natalie, I was just wondering why did your dad flip out like this when you were twelve?¨
¨mom said he accused her of cheating on him,but I don't believe that because my dad is usually pretty mellow and he wouldn't freak out from that,especially not with me in the house.¨
¨what if your mom accused your dad of cheating on her.¨
¨wouldn't she tell me that story instead?¨
¨maybe you and your mom don't have as good a relationship as you think.¨
As I walk around I think of what I should and of what I could do.
I chose what I could do and that is to find my dad and ask him what he did and why he did it.
.        .         .
Chapter 3
What Really Happened?

First I went to his old apartment,but the landlord said,“he moved out two days ago but he said he was going to New Orleans.” “New Orleans?!?!” I yelled loudly. “Natalie I know what you’re thinking.” said Brandon “we’re in Oregon and how in sams heck are we gonna get to New Orleans in less than twenty four hours when we barely have enough money for us to order three small entrees from Fazoli's. Boy do I have a treat for you I made a stupid bet and I knew I would win and I did win but guess what I won and kept that’s right two round tickets to New Orleans for any flight and anytime.” “You’re kidding?” “nope!” “Wow, I never thought I would say this but your gambling could have saved my moms life.” I explained. A small grin crept across his face again, but this time he was actually blushing, he never blushes oh well must be proud of himself, he finally accomplished something that had to do with life and death.

.     .      .

Well we went to New Orleans and the flight was long and annoying and the guy next to me took my airplane headphones so the ride was also boring. When we landed I went to one of the airport’s coffee shops,and I saw dad he’s right there,and I went to sit by him and I asked him, “dad, do you know what happened with mom this time?” he looked at me and nodded his head. “ why did you freak out the way you did five years ago?” “she told me I wasn’t your real father and I asked to do a D.N.A test on you and she refused and I started yelling that you are my daughter and then I threatened to take you away from her and all her lies and somehow she got ahold of my knife and started slicing her arms and legs,and I held her down trying to get her to stop then you called the police she told them I cut her and beat her up and thats how the divorce came up, she got custody  of you and the house,and I went to jail and got nothing. she probably is at the hospital in Oregon but I got custody of you because I told the police the truth and so did she and because she lied they took her to the hospital for a cat scan and to jail.” “what about the blood on the wall?” “your mom never cleaned it off.” “oh well that explains alot.” “Natalie I have something to tell you,I knew I just wanted you to be happy when you saw your dad.” explained Brandon. “oh, come here I can’t be mad forever.” and I gave him a big hug.

.      .      .

Well now I had a cake and some gifts but the only other people at my party were Brandon and dad, but thats ok because thats all I wanted was a true family. And I learned family isn’t just about bloodline it’s about the people who you care about and who care about you and Brandon and dad are my true and only family.Oh and in case you’re wondering, a few years later, Brandon and I did in fact,get married.

the end    


  1. this ppow is good because the plot off the storie is twisted in many ways

  2. This was A awesome PPOW I Liked how you made it sound super real I thoght it was awesome how you said family isnt just about blood line it was a great story Adrian!!


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