Friday, December 12, 2014

No One Safe.

My name is Charlie; I’m 13 ,I have rainbow hair, I'm 5’3 ft for life, and I'm very pale. I have an okay family. My mother died when I was 7 yr old. She died of drugs. My father is in depression still.
I try to cheer him up, even though it not worth it anymore. My Father would never talk to me at all. I went downstairs to talk to my father, but he was on the phone talking to what sounds like a lady. I just walk slowly back upstairs. I walk to my room and play my song “Breathe me” by Sia.
I just lay on my bed all night thinking of what to do with my dad. I changed in to my sweat pants and shirt. I lay in my bed slowly close my eyes. I woke up at 4:42 a.m. I was all sweaty and worry about my father.
I walk to the window to see if he went to work his truck was here. I walk downstairs to his room, but I gasp out of breath of what I saw. My father has killed himself, as I bend on my knees and cry in my hands. I couldn’t do this anymore,so I stay home in my house.I can never trust anyone, but the next couple of days later after my father death.
The police came to take me to the adoption center. I pack my stuff very slowly to see everything before they sell this house. I got my stuff pack and I walk down the hall, but I stop seeing a picture of me and my parents. I grab the picture slowly tears going down my cheek. I walk downstairs quietly, till the officers saw me walk out the door towards their police car. They put my stuff in the truck as I sat in the back thinking every memory of my family.
The ride was quiet till the officer said “So Charlie I have known your dad for a long time. I'm sorry for your lost. I really am, but you will be happy in a new family and school”. I stayed quiet and ignore what he said about the new family. When we got to the adoption center.
There was a nice lady who said “ You must be charlie.. Please your room is 34”. I took my bags and go to the direction she poked to. I walk in my room slowly and quietly; the walls were all grey and depressing, The bed was nice better than my bed at my old home. There was only one window,but I can see the forest.
I put my bag beside my bed and lay on my bed. I close my eyes. I woke up at 3 A.M. and I heard a boy talking in the hallway sound as my age. I open my door there was a boy with long hair and a white hoodie on. I whisper “Hi..”.
He looked at me and wave. I stare in his beautiful blue eyes.  They were screaming help me and telling me to stay away. He walk to his door and close it. I close my door and put a pillow over my head, then I started thinking what does his eyes were telling me to help him or stay away.
I slowly started getting sleepy and before I know it. I already pass out like a light bulb. The next morning the sun was shining through my window. I didn't feel like getting up or opening my eyes, then a lady came in and said” Come Charlie it time to get up, but first get ready today the first day of making friends”. She push me off my bed, but I lay on the floor saying “No , They have herpes and want to destroy your life more”.
The lady sighed and give me some clothes from my bag. I got dress in my BOTDF shirt; one with Jayy Von Monroe, Dahvie Vanity as the anime characters eating lollipops. I walk to my bag and grab my checker pants. I slide on my ATL design shoes. I open my door fast and mostly run down the hall, as I was running I crash in to a girl who look like a bratty snob.
She look at me like a crazy mom looking for twinkies. “Watch where you going you screamo chick!!”, she screamed in my face “You could of ruin my make up and hair!!”. I replied “Well at least i'm not 99% fake”, then she was red as a no twinkie sign. The lady came down the hall and push us apart, but soon as she came the little faker put on a crying act. “What’s going on you two? Why is Chloe crying? What did you do Charlie?” She said staring at me with disappointment.
I was showing anger in my eyes and pull my fist back, and pop it in her face breaking her nose. Then the lady call for backup two men pull me to the office. The lady pass the office with Chloe behind her afraid of me now. The desk lady name Mrs. Flappy came in and stare at me with madness like a angry fat women with no twinkies. “Why did you punch Chloe? What your name?” She said fearlessly.
“My name is Charlie, because she was being a brat” I replied coldly. She look through my file and write down what I did today. I put my head phone in and listen to Skinny Love by Bon Iver. Mrs. Flappy birds over there yank them out of my ears while saying “No music in this place unless it choir or friday”.  She give me a slip saying Cleaning rooms for 12 days.
I got up from the chair I was sitting in flip her off and walk off like a popular laughing. I ran to the cafeteria found everyone staring at me like I was a freak. I walk to the cleaning room put my jump suit on and clean for the next 12 days. Chloe would walk by and laugh at me with her little kiddie gang. I whisper to her “I'll kill you someday”.
I wanted to get rid of her so bad. On the last day of my punishment. I walk up to Mrs. Fatty D and put my wet jump suit on her. I walk to the lunch and got my food.
Chloe came up and said “Well isn’t it little Miss. Screamo?”. She dump my food on me. I got up and grab her arm and said threatening “I'm gonna miss your perfect hair when i'm done with you”. I let her go and she fell on her bottom. I can see her fake friends help her up and yelling at me.
I ignore them and walk around, but then the boy I saw earlier was there. I followed him to the basement and there was a whole wall full of plans on killing the kids. Before I could go back up stairs. He grabbed my arm and said “What are you doing here?”. I felt a little weird in my stomach and I wanted to kill kids.
I pull his arm off of me, then walk slowly towards the knife. He was coming up to me til I slash his face. He fell to the ground his eye was bleeding helplessly. I grab the sword hanging on the wall and strike his chest. When I grab all the razors and daggers.
I slowly look at the lifeless body with a giant ‘X’ on his chest. I ran up stair towards my room and slam the door shut. I waited till night for my killing spree. I just put my Jeff the killer mask on and grab my dagger. I slowly walk out of my room, then Mrs. Flappy Donald saw me.
I stay still, while i was holding my feet to the ground I took off slit her throat.“Not too talky now?” I said smiling to the bloody dagger. I put my paper slip on her forehead and walk slowly down the hall singing a lullaby. I slowly slide the dagger from the corner of my lip to the end of my jaw both sides, so it look like I'm smiling. I walk down the hall more til I spot Chloe room.
“I need to visit my favorite person” I whisper as I walk in her room. There she was sleeping peacefully till I shove the dagger in her mouth making her eyes snap open and roll to the back of her head. I tried pulling the dagger out then her head rip off. I smiled and plan a perfect trick for her gang. I ran out side of her room to their lock and hack their code.
I put the head in it with a letter. I put my hood up and walk back to my room. I open the secret tunnel as I crawl to my weapon room, then stay there till it turn night again. I could hear Chloe friend’s opening their locker 7:23 a.m. I try to make out what they were saying.
“What...What is THAT?!?!?” I hear Tessa scream. “THAT’S  CHLOE HEAD?!?!?, BUT WHERE’S THE BODY?!?!” Emma screamed. I hear their footsteps heading to Chloe room. I position myself in the vent.
I didn’t feel bad at all, but I felt a little guilty. I know why I did this. I want my revenge for every person who lives in here.  I crawl back to my room in the vents. I went down a vent and land on my head. I took papers and a pencil.
I draw the building and plan to place the bombs. I put trap at the main hall, so no one can get out alive. It was 6:43 p.m.,but every was suppose to be in bed now. I place the bombs in there places having a cord connect to each bombs. I place the daggers in the walls for stabbing and slashing people who live though the bombs.  
I press the button and watch part of the building blowing up and people running to get out. I hear them scream, then I hear the daggers jabbing in people. When it was done one person lived. It was Jeff the killer. I glare at him with angry.
He just whispers “Sorry love, Your traps are too easy for me”.  I smiled and said “Sorry Jeffrey” I simply stab him,” but I wasn't easy for you”. There was Jeff laying there. I turn around slowly walk to the hall. Jeff have slit my throat.

I felt the blood coming out faster as I was walking. I smiled and let it bleed. Jeff face was surprise, because now I was in my full form.

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