Thursday, December 11, 2014


            My eyes jerk open as I begin to wake up. I start to stand from where I lay on the floor with a pounding headache. I don’t know where I am. All I can see is pure darkness. I try walking with my hands out. I only get three steps before my hands run into a wall. I start walking the other way and get stopped by another wall. I’m in a room made of metal. I wonder why I would be in a metal room, but come up empty with an explanation. I begin to sway feeling dizzy and dropping to the floor.
            ~ The light above my head was shining brightly. There were doctors in the corner deeply discussing something that I couldn’t hear. An older woman was standing by my side with a man to her right. They were crying. ~
            I stand again and shake my head to clear the thought from my mind. There is a light that I hadn’t noticed before. I begin frantically searching for a light switch. My hand runs over the switch flicking the lights on. The room looks different. There is one-way glass on the right side of the room and a bed with a dresser on the left. As I walk to the bed there is a distant voice. It sounds like a female voice calling to see if anyone was there.
“Hello,” I say to the wall I heard it from.
“Hello, who is that,” replied the voice.
“I’m Nick, who are you,” I say hoping to calm her.
“Marie, my name is Marie.”
             Then within seconds, there are people bursting into the door. They rush over to me and I’m dragged into a room with cameras and speakers. I get strapped down to a chair and pulled over to a table. A man sits down in the chair across from me and begins to speak.
“Do you know why you are here Nick,” asked the man. I shake my head to tell him no.
“Well I guess I’ll start at the beginning then, you were walking home when a car slammed into your back. We life-flighted you to the hospital; you had a concussion and your spine was shattered. You weren’t supposed to make it, at least not without walking that is, but here you are as mobile as ever,” explained the man. I obviously look confused because the man sighs and continues.
“Your spine began to mend in front of our eyes. We thought we were seeing things because you didn’t wake up. We thought you were dead and so does everyone that knows you. After an hour you began to come back so we knew this wasn’t normal. We took you to a highly secret place where we study the special people that were put on this earth.”
“So you’re saying that I’m not normal,” I said. The man nods.
I stutter with my words and ask, “Do you know what I am?”
The man replied, “We are not sure yet but with further testing I’m sure we could find out. If it is okay with you then we would like to run a few tests.”
I agree. I want to find out what I am but I’m worried that I could be a danger to mankind.
They walk me back to my room and once the door is sealed behind me I listen for the girl.
“Hello,” I say to the wall. No response.
“Hello,” I say again with the same result.
            As the time passed, I sat on my bed throwing a ball against the ceiling. In the distance I hear a scream that makes me jump. Then the door slides open and a man wearing a lab coat walks in.
“Hello, my name is Andrew. I will be running multiple tests on you. Are you ready,” Andrew asked.
“I’m ready.”
            I got up and began to walk with him. We passed multiple rooms with different patients in them. When we get to a testing chamber, I notice there is a girl in the chamber next to me with a tag on it that read Marie. I stop to see the girl inside, but I was pulled away into the lab.
            “We are going to start with cutting your arm,” explained Andrew.
            “Why,” I ask.
            “Do you remember how you were told that your spine mended in front of our eyes? Well that was really what happened, and so we have to know if that is some freak ability or not. We will not know if we don’t try.” He walks over to a table and grabs a scalpel. He ties down my arm to the table and says,
            “We will start with a two centimeter cut.”
He places the knife on my arm and begins to cut. I bite down hard on the inside of my mouth, enough that I began to taste blood.
            “Done,” he says with a shaky voice. “We will wait about 30 minutes to see what happens. Do you want a mouth piece next time,” he asks. I nod not wanting to open my mouth in fear of crying.
“Okay,” he replies with a nod. He exits the room and I study the cut. It’s dripping bright red blood onto the floor. I gag seeing the puddle grow. About a minute later, the bleeding has stopped. I look at it amazed and nauseated at the same time. Andrew comes in with a janitor. The janitor begins to mop up the blood like he has done it a million times, which I’m sure he has.
“Would you like a glass of water,” asked Andrew.
“Yes please,” I say hoarsely. He walks over to a mini fridge on the table and grabs out a water bottle. He walks back over to me and opens the cap. Once he has handed me the water and I begin to drink it he examines the wound. He grabs a wet cloth and wipes off the dried blood.
“The wound is already healing,” he states in awe. “This is great news, I think we should jump to one inch since it is healing so quickly. We will come back to check on it in a few minutes. Do you need anything,” he asks.
“Actually I do,” I say. “I would like to know if there are others like me.”
“Well most of these people are like you, that’s why you are in this special facility,” Andrew stated.
“ No, I mean like with the same abilities,” I replied.
“There is one person that I know that has some of the same abilities,” he said.
“Who is it,” I asked.
“It’s a girl named Marie,” he stated.
I stared at him wide eyed, thinking about how this girl that I had heard through the wall is like me.
“Wow,” I whispered in amazement.

~The End~

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