Thursday, December 11, 2014

Poetry Isn't for Me

Poetry Isn’t for Me

I don’t like poetry;
It’s a waste of time.
I have better things to do
Than sit here and rhyme.

I don’t like poetry;
It’s not really my thing.
I’d rather be out shopping,
For a pretty diamond ring.

I don’t like poetry;
I’m seriously not joking.
If I do more poetry,
I will be choking.

I don’t like poetry;
Others might.
If you ask me,
It kind of bites.

I can’t wait for it to be over;
I’m not even going to pretend.
I can’t take it anymore!
Finally! I’ve reached the end!

If I Owned a Zoo

If I owned a zoo,
I would get frogs.
They would be tamed;
Unlike wild hogs.

I would buy a zebra,
But it wouldn’t be in a cage.
I would teach it to do tricks,
And perform them on stage.

I wouldn’t forget about the lions;
They are a must!
If I didn’t have them,
My zoo would be a bust!

I would get a bear.
He would be black.
He would be friendly,
And never attack!

A giraffe would be perfect!
He would need trees.
If someone plants them,
This will be a breeze.

If I owned a zoo,
I would get a moose.
But what would I name him?
I would definitely call him Bruce.

I could even get penguins;
They just waddle around.
They could do a show;
Maybe with a clown!

I would need a camel.
It would give people rides.
I would get a bar,
So nobody falls off the sides.

Last but not least;
I want a monkey.
It would eat a lot-
Probably be quite chunky.

If I owned a zoo,
I would need it all.
Who am I kidding?!
I would rather have a mall!

Winter is Coming

I reach out my hand,
There lies a snowflake.
It was so fragile and calm
In the cold winter air.

I don’t brush it away.
I just stare at it in silence.
It sends chills up my spine,
As the winter wind blows it away.

No way to find it.
No way to remember it.
Just a symbol,
That winter is coming.

It’s now lost with the others.
In the small pile of snow.
There lies a blanket.
A thick sheet of white.

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