Monday, December 22, 2014

The Case of Ebola

The Case of Ebola
Deputy Grover woke up one morning to the sound of his walky-talky going off. He answered it and said,
“What the hell is going on, and why did you wake me up at three o’clock at night!”
“There have been reports of people feeling sick after they seen a shadow run out of the room.” , said the voice from the walky-talky.
“Ok, i’ll be down there in 20 minutes,” replied Grover.
Grover got out of his bed, he looked like he was going to fall asleep. But he had to go and do his job, or else he would get fired. He walked down the stairs, and saw his wife Janet was sitting in her favorite seat watching tv. Grover walked over to Sally and asked,
“What are you doing awake?”
“I couldn’t fall asleep,” Sally replied,
“Well why don’t you go to bed.” She nodded and gave Grover a smile and walked upstairs. Grover slowly got on all of his gear and walked out the door with authority, and went to his car. It was a old police cruiser Grover named Sally, but it was about done with, and needed to be scraped. It took a while to start and Grover started to get frustrated. Then it start, while huffing and puffing smoke everywhere.
“This piece of crap car needs to be dumped,” said Grover angrily.
Then Grover got going to the crime scene, and saw the dead body being hauled off. Grover slowly got out of his car and asked,
“What happened here?”
A deputy came up to Grover and said,
“The victim is female ,and was found dead in her apartment with a vein popped open.” Grover stood there in disbelief, looking at the lifeless body of the victim.
Then, Grover asked, “What else was there found on the victims body?”
The deputy replied,
“We found traces of a virus called Ebola that comes from West Africa.”
“Anything else?”, asked Grover,
“Yeah, There was a syringe over in the dumpster.” , replied the deputy.
Grover went to inspect the body for any further evidence, when Grover found markings of a Ebola virus. Grover stepped back and said,
“This is all I need for now call me if you find anything else.” Then, Grover walked over to his old car, and drove off into the night. Grover thought, how am I going to get a guy that is as sneaky as a rat.
Early the next morning Grover woke up to the sight of his wife sitting there looking at him with a weird look in her eye. Grover sat up and asked,
“What's the matter Sally, were you out too late again?” Sally just sat there and kept on staring at him until, she pulled out a syringe. Grover reached for his gun and said,
“Are you the criminal, that killed the innocent women last night.”
“No, but I found this in the garbage this morning,” replied Sally.
Grover was sitting there in disbelief, then it hit him. What if the man came in here and infected his wife or himself.
“Honey let me check your arm,” said Grover quickly. She held out her arm and to his surprise, there was nothing there. Then, he checked his arm without any hesitation to see. The mark from the killer before and a little hole where the killer injected the Ebola virus.
Grover sat there staring at the mark of the killer, he felt like throwing up. Grover fell and hit his head on the headboard, but he didn’t care about the pain. His wife, Sally, went over and looked at what it was, and then she broke out in tears. Grover sat there waiting until his time was to end when he realized, he should have already died in his sleep. Then he sits up and says,
“Honey get my coat, I have a criminal to go and put behind bars.
Grover suited up and called in to the office saying,
“I would like to start a manhunt for the person that is giving people Ebola.”
“Why, we already caught him,” said the secretary. Grover dropped the phone and turned around to see his wife holding a gun.
“Hey, Sally, you don’t have to do this.” , said Grover,
“Yes I do.” , said Sally.
“But why?” , said Grover with a worrying look in his eye.
“Because, you don’t treat me the same respect as you do with the your stupid-old car.” , said Sally as she started crying.
Grover slowly walked over to her and said,
“You know that isn’t true, and that didn’t mean that you had to go and kill those other people.” Sally handed Grover the gun, and Grover put it on the ground.
“I killed them because they ate all of my Kentucky Fried Chicken.” , said Sally. Grover stood there with disbelief thinking, well you don’t take any persons Kentucky Fried Chicken. Grover looked at her without saying a word they both went to get some KFC.
Once they were there, they looked at their options and thought do I want the Deluxe pack, or the buffalo wings.
“I’ll take a nine piece set of buffalo wings, please.” , said Sally.
“Hmm, I don’t know, how about the Deluxe pack” , said Grover. Then, they both walked over and picked out a seat, and went and got their drink.
They talked until they were called up to get their food, and sat and ate there until they were finish then went home.

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