Thursday, December 11, 2014

The trees are losing their leaves,
and the air is growing cold.
People are no longer mowing their lawn because
The frost has covered the moss
that blankets the trees
as they lose their colorful     
little friends.
The snow will blow.
The river won't flow.    
The  bears won’t show.
The red won’t grow.
The winter won’t go till spring is here.   

The flowers take showers.
The showers last for hours.
The children have cool powers.
The growing grass the the mowers.
the weather is changing.
the the heat is rising.
the fireworks are fling,
and booming.
the party is raging.

race cars
Racecars are fast.
Racecars pass.
racecars can crash.
racecars can smash.  

dogs bark and wag their tails
they like to run
they don't like sharks  
they are lots of fun
dogs are good pets
they like bones
cars are very cool,
if they are berry blue.
they do not wear shoes.
there are lots of kinds.
they make a lot of rhymes.
at different times.
in lots of lines,
and on several pages
without gages.
some have cages

1 comment:

  1. I like how you didn't keep just one poem. You put a lot of little ones together and kept it interesting.


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