Friday, December 12, 2014

Taken- November PPOW

There once was a perfect girl with the perfect life, the perfect family, and perfect friends. One day, she made the mistake of going to school. Megan, first got up that morning to her annoying, ringing alarm clock. She got dressed, did her makeup and headed downstairs to eat her breakfast. She banged on her little brother’s door, trying to wake him up. When she got to the kitchen she saw her mother cooking them breakfast. That’s odd, Megan thought to herself, her mother never makes breakfast.
“Good morning, mom.”
“Good morning.” her mother said back.
Megan sat down at the table and ate her breakfast. Once she got done, she headed out the door and said good bye to her family. She looked at the time and the clock read 8:25. Megan knew she was going to be late, so she decided to speed. Right when she pulled out of her driveway, a black car started following her. She kept turning, trying to mislead them, but he still caught on to her. She finally arrived at the school and parked her car. The car parked right beside her, and someone got out of it. She saw a man in black, and then locked her doors. He started banging on her window yelling at her, trying to make her unlock the door. She got her phone out and tried to call someone but all of a sudden glass shattered, she was taken…
She screamed, trying to call for help. All she could see was black. Right then she knew she would never see her friends and family again.  Megan felt the car go to a stop, then the door slid open and there stood the man that changed her life forever.
He told me to get out of the car, so I did because I didn’t want him to hurt me. I noticed that I was covered in blood from the shards of glass.  He drug me to a door, but I kept resisting; I didn’t want to be locked in a dark room for the rest of my life. I noticed that I wasn’t just getting drug into a house, I was going inside a cellar. He pushed me down the stairs and then left. I looked around and saw two other girls. I lied on the ground, struggling to get back up. They ran over to me and helped me up. I asked them “Where am I, what is he going to do to me?” They told me that he’s going to hurt me and I won’t be able to escape. I cried, I won’t be able to see my family ever again. “When is he going to be back, when will he hurt me?” I asked them. They said he won’t be back till tomorrow to check on us. I began to cry, wishing that this was all just a dream.
I woke up, wondering where I was. It then came back to my mind again, that I wasn’t at home, I was trapped in a cellar with two strange girls I didn’t even know. I looked around for the girls so I could ask more questions. When will he be here to hurt me? I tried to think of an escape plan. I began to walk around the cellar for places I could escape, nothing. I looked around for something I could hurt him with, still nothing. I made up my plan for when he would come back, but I knew I shouldn’t try it today, I’m too weak. I sat down and started talking to the two other girls.
He started walking down the stairs, and I ran to the bathroom and locked the door. I could hear him talking to the other girls and then left the cellar. I unlocked the door and went out to where they were at. They told me that he’s going to be gone for awhile and he will be back soon. I thought to myself and thought that was great, but that’s just more time of me being missing with no food.
Days passed fast, as I stare at the clock. I become more and more weak with no food while he is gone. All I have been doing is sleeping and talking to the other girls. They told me that their names were Poppy and Rose and that my name is Lily now. I questioned them, “Why is my name Lily now?” Rose replied back saying, “He thinks of us as his perfect little flowers; If you do something bad, he’ll hurt you worse then the first time.” I screamed at them “I want to go home, I’m finding a way out of here!” They tried to calm me down “Shh Lily, you’ll be alright, he won’t be back in awhile.” “My names not Lily, it’s Megan!” I stomped off into the other room, pouting.
More and more days passed and finally the cellar door opens and there comes the man that I hate. I run up to him punching and kicking him with all I got. He falls down and I run to the door but something has got my leg, it’s him. I try and kick him off, but I fall down the stairs. I hurry up, try to get back up and run to the door. I make it, but the other girls stay down there. I looked around, I was in the middle of nowhere. There was the black car I got taken in, the keys were in it. I got in the car and drove till I got to a town. When I got into the town I tried to find the police station.
Once I got to the police station, I told them everything. They then took me to my house. I ran inside, but only my little brother was home. He ran to me and hugged me, I felt like never letting go. I asked him where mom and dad were at and he answered back saying “Mom is working at the police station and I have no idea where dad is.” I drove my brother and I to the police station to go see mom. When I entered her office, she got up and ran to me as fast as she could. We sat down and talked for what like seemed forever. I told her that they’re looking for him and that I’m alright. We finally went home, and mom made supper.
Once we got to our house, I went up to my room and just lied there. Boy, it felt so good to be home, I would’ve never thought I’d see my family again.

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  1. I like your PPOW, it is a good one. You should write more like this one!! I LOVE IT!!


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