Monday, December 22, 2014

Caden Poetry



Ball is life,

its my sport.

If you're good enough you go to the halla,

but you cant beat dribbling down the court and being a balla.

Kids having a good time,
When they start to climb.
Up the snow drift they go,
Until the evening snow.

Kids they laugh and play,
till the snow washes away.
sledding down the hills,
before they get the chills.

Snow flakes fall from above,
so they put on a glove.
They giggle their hearts out,
as they squiggle down the hill.


Football is love,
Football is life.
When I tackle the other player,
As I hear his back crackle.

When he goes to pass,
He fell on the grass.
When the ball goes flying,
You don't hear him crying.

As he goes out of bounds,
We can hear them pop off the rounds.
The cannon goes off,
As little boys cough.

They are going by quick,
It'll be gone in a tic.
close your eyes,
And it will be gone with a surprise.

As winter starts to leave,
Here come Christmas eve.
Presents start to come,
Nobody is slum.

As the leaves start to go,
The ground will be full of snow.
It will be scary,
Like a bloody Mary.

You will laugh and cry,
Until they are all dry.
The snow will melt away,
As they put away the sleigh.

Even though you're sad,
You can't get mad.
Now spring rolls around,
So you can be as happy as a clown.

As spring is about to leave,
Bye Bye long sleeve.
Here comes the pool,
Cuz its pretty cool.

Here comes the hot girls,
With their shiny new pearls.
They have their bikini,
Good thing its teeny.

The pool is full of joy,
Like the waterboy.
Jump off the board,
Just like a lord.

Getting my permit was very hard,
I had to study time and time again in my yard.
I pretended driving a lot,
While it was quite hard. 68


Minecraft is fun,
But only when i’m done.
I like to get very creative,
Only with the natives.


I think it very boring,
And definitely not adoring.

By: Caden

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