Friday, December 12, 2014


Christmas time
I’m full of holiday cheer 
When Christmas time is here.
When the jiggle bells ring,
Everyone starts to sing.
I twirl around,
In the snow that falls to the ground,
Little kids patiently wait in their beds,
With gumdrops in their heads,
That’s what happens when Christmas time is here.      

Halloween Time
Trick or Treaters’ stalking through the night,
Halloween is the night of fright.
Little kids all dressed for the night,
Hope you have a light so the big kids don’t fright.
You walk the streets for the good treats.
Trick or treat?
Little kids are begging for something sweet.
Once you’re home, you eat the sweet yum,
And you wonder why your belly feels numb.

The Beautiful Butterfly

Beautiful butterfly you fly so high,
I try to catch you,
But I can’t reach you in the sky.
You fly around so carefree,
I wish you knew what it was like to be me.
Your wings precious, delicate, but yet so strong,
I wonder how you fly for so long.
You try to rest,
But humans are your pests.
Who disrupts your stay.
I think maybe you wish we’d just go away?

The seasons come and the seasons go,
But they all have their natural glow.
The color of the leaves are always changing,
From green, yellow, orange, to red.
Soon all the leaves will be dead.
Next, winter will come,
The chill will make you numb.
It’s okay do not fear,
Soon enough springtime will be here.

Sisters last forever,
Infinity is just the beginning, however,
Some days she can be a princess,
Though she can also be the cause of my stress.
Even when she is a mess,
Really I don’t love her any less.
Friends will come and go, but sisters are forever.


Brothers are a pain,
Sometimes they don’t like to use their brain.
They are good for one thing,
That is letting you borrow some of their “cha’ching.”
They can be over protective,
Their actions can be quite affective.
They always get on my nerves,
But I still treat him nicely like he deserves.
Thanksgiving is a time of blessings remembered,
Before the cheer and lights of December.
After your done eating,
Your mother is still cleaning.
Your uncle may fall asleep in a chair,
Giving you an opportunity to put whip cream in his face and hair.
And although it was funny,
He will get very mad,
And eventually you feel really bad.

Snow Falls Glow
I really hate the winter,
The cold wind blows like the sting of a splinter.
Most people hate the snow,
But it puts off a bright glow.
Kids like to play,
Snowmen and sleds,
As long as they wear nice, warm threads.
As they come inside to warm up,
They drink hot cocoa from a cup.
It may take all day to start to feel your toes,
It can lead to a cough and runny nose.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Hey guess what,
This poem is for you.
I met my 75 lines of poetry you see,

Oh my gosh finally!


  1. Hailey, I love your PPOW! You did a great job with making me feel like I was there, your word choice was great, I like the way you rhymed your lines together. My favorite poem that you wrote was the very last one, poetry it was funny and a great poem to end your PPOW on.

  2. Hailey, you did a great job with all of these poems! I had a couple favorites. My top favorites were Seasons and Poetry. You did a great job at rhyming as well!


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