Friday, December 12, 2014

College Football

College Football

Yea, I wake up the cyclones
Opposition minds blown,
Turn the Stadium lights on
And fans know the fights on,
Throw me bootleg and I’m gone
,Then I take a few steps
And I juke left
People take a deep breathe
And I’m up
In your endzone.
Play out of position
And its checkmate
If you hesitate
You’ve been told Offense and
Defense be droppen the load
And wreck others who pretend
To be cardinal and gold.
Oh look out the
ISU crowd going wild,
Where coming through.
Fourth and one
First and goal
We’re running up the score
Even if were still
not in it
We’re beating
Down the Door.
It’s ludacris the way
We move the sticks.
Ok we’ll play ya now
Just don’t come
Crying when
We lay you out.
Ok cyclone fans
Are wild now
Oh here I, go but
Watch out Were in
Brawl mode.
Cheerleader check
Pom Pom Check
Hit like a rookie
No hit like a vet.
Theres no roof at
Jack Trice stadium
And we’re too loud
And we ain't done yet.

You find a ball
Wonder how many tries it takes
To make it rain
You try it for the first time
You air balled it
Try number two
You air balled again
you try over and over
And over,
You still can’t make but
You decide to try one last time
You hear a sound you’ve
Never heard before

Let’s go
Let’s go to the pool
Let’s go in the shade
Let’s go everywhere
To Europe,
To Spain
To the U.S.A.

Really you had to break the lamp
Yea It was looking at me funny
Whatever dude you're crazy
Ok then so why does it talk
Wait… What?

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