Friday, December 12, 2014

Noverber PPOW, Madison Simonsen


You might be wondering who I am, well I am Lacey Jean James. I live in Iowa in a small town called Early. Everyone here knows everyone, we are like one big family. I live in a big yellow house with my mom and my little brother Henry. My dad left us when Henry was a baby. That’s behind me now; lets focus on the present. For the past couple weeks, I feel like I am being followed and then, something happened and the cops were brought into it.
2 days ago
“ Yes, be right back. Going to go change into it”.
Right now, I am talking to my best friend, Sayde Johnson,  I trust her with my life. I am talking to her about changing for her date tonight. She needed a shirt and I had the one she wanted to wear.
I tried to hear what Sayde said after that, but it was hard to hear because she was in the bathroom. I asked her WHAT about ten times. Nine times really, but who is counting. I got tired of asking. Sayde walked out of the bathroom.
“ How do I look?” she asked.
“ Great!” I said.
After I got her ready and sent her off, I stayed home with my little brother and watched TV until my mom got home. She was on a date with some guy, always a different guy I like to call them all JEP, John Edward Paulsen, because they remind me of my father who left my mom. He left because two kids were “too much to handle,” he drives me crazy! About three weeks ago he texted me and said he wanted to see me. No way!  He hasn't talked to me for ten years.
I was bored, so I got on my laptop and was looking at my facebook page. There was a friend request. Some guy I did not know. I felt a little awkward about that, but I guess it is okay. I guess the more followers the better! Buzz Buzz
“ Hey so how was the date”
“ Hello?”
“ Helllllloo?”
“ Sayde!”
“ Hello?”
“ I am going to hang up on you.”
“ Sayde you there”
In the distance I could hear heavy breathing. There was so much going through my head. Why was she not answering me? Is that her breathing in the distance?
“ Sayde if you can hear me I will stay on the phone, where are you? Sayde answer me this is not funny!”
I heard a wimp like noise in the background, The breathing stopped. I swallowed
A quiet force said “ Help.”
I dropped the phone. I heard a car door shut like it was out front. Finally my mom is home. I waited for her to come in, but no one did. Then I heard a door slam like it was in my house.
“ Hello mom are you there?”
Immediately I thought Henry. I ran upstairs as fast as I could and he wasn’t in his room, I ran to the bathroom to see if he was in there he was.
“ Oh gosh Henry you scared me.”
“ I was just getting some water from the sink.”
“ Was that you who shut the door.”
“ No I thought that was you.”
I thought for a minute someone, is either in the house or the wind. I was not going to believe that the wind shut the door.
“ Henry we have to leave.”
“ Wha-”
“ Now, we are going to run down stairs and run out the door and go to our neighbors the Bradley’s there the big yellow house, you know.
“ Yes I do”
“ If this doesn’t work you keep running and don’t look back!  Run to dad’s house if you have to, but only if you have to, keep running till you find a house that you know. Love you, okay run as fast as you can I will be right behind you. Ready One-Two-Three, go, go, go, go. I’m coming! Keep running, wait where are you going Henery come back. “Wrong wa-.” I didn’t know what to think. Why was my brother running away from me? Didn't he want to be safe?
It all went black...

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  1. This story was great! I really liked how you added so much information. I liked how the older sister knew what to do when she knew someone was in the house. The cliffhanger was good because it really made you want to read the next story. Overall the PPOW was awesome.


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