Monday, December 22, 2014

The Life of Max

Cj Best
November 13, 2014
English 8-6
December PPOW

The Life of Max

If you're wondering who Max is I’ll tell you. Max was my bird. He was a very funny bird. He enjoyed every second of his life. He was blue, and white. He was about three inches tall. He would like to jump down from the cage, and climb on my shoulder. When ever I watched T.V. he would randomly pop up on my shoulder. Now that you know about him let me share the story of his life.
One day I went to my grandparents house in Hancock. We stayed there for about a week. Then we had to go.
My mom told me, “Cj, James, and Kendal won't be coming home with us this summer.”
I said, “Why, mom?”
She replied, “They need to help Grandpa.”
I said, “Ok.”
We got in the car and left. My mom told me that she needed to go shopping, and at the end she has a surprize for me if I was good. We went to so many stores. We went to Wal-Mart, Target, Scheels, and then we went to Petsmart. I was thinking why are we here? We don’t have a pet.
Then my mom said, “Cj are you ready for your surprise?”
I said, “Yes, but what are we doing here.”
She said, “Sure, we’re here to get you a pet bird.”

I got really excited at that point. I always wanted a bird because my mom always told me stories about her old birds.
When we went inside there was many animals. There were dogs, cats, lizards, mice, rabbits, and birds. I went straight to the birds.
I saw him. He was sitting on the ground right in front of me. He walked right up to the glass. At that point I knew he was the one. I asked the lady for that one.
She said, “Okay.”
We bought him, and left. He was put in a dark box. He was in there for three hours. When we got home my dad let him out. He went to the window. My dad started to chase him. He got him, and put him into the cage.
He was put into our front room. I left him alone for a day. The next day I opened his door. He pooped and put it into his mouth.
My mom said, “No, bad Max put it down.”
Max started to run around the table with his poop in his mouth.
I said, “What's so bad about poop?”
She replied, “It’ll kill him.”
At that point I flipped out. I didn’t want him to die. I caught him, and put him back into his cage. He was not happy. He started to squack.  
I then moved to Hancock. Max enjoyed the ride there for some reason. When we got there he went to the window again. I always would call him a stupid bird when he did that.
My mom would say, “Cj, that’s not nice.”
I would always reply, “The truth hurts.”
Seventh grade came around. It was track season. One meet when I was done my mom told me the worst news you could ever hear.
She said, “Cj, Max died today.”
My heart broke when I heard that. Right when she said that memories of him flooded my mind. He would sit on my shoulder, sock, leg, etc. I remembered his tweet. When I got home I thought I heard him tweeting.
I went to his cage. When nothing was there I sat down and cried. There was still food, and water in there. His toys were also there.
My mom came in and said, “Cj, are you okay?”
I didn’t answer. She ended up leaving. I sat there for three hours just staring at his cage. I started to take his cage apart, I got all the toys off there. Then the ropes. I put them all in my room. I went to bed at six that night. The next day I went to school. I didn’t say one word.
When I got home my mom said, “Cj, drop it”
I said, “Mom, I can’t I loved him.”
My dad came home.
He said, “Wanna know where he got buried?”
I said, “Yes.”
He took me there.
He said, “He’s right there.”
I got down and said, “Max you were my friend, I loved you. Goodbye.”

I got over it eventually. I even got a new bird name Jazz. Jazz is a lot like max. I even call him Max sometimes. He likes to sit on my shoulder, and sock too. When he dies he’ll be my last bird.

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