Monday, December 22, 2014

Attack of the Giant Space Aliens
In the county of Boblandia there is a kid named Bob he is the king of Boblandia.
He is a great leader he has made a way for everyone happy and have christmas once a month. But an alien space ship landed in the middle of Boblandia. The alien sent an sos message to the mother ship the people of Boblandia managed to chase it into the woods. Bob had no idea what to do he had never even had a army. But he was best friends with the leader of a far off race of alien hunters called predators. The king of the predators sent his best soldier named exhjklhg which just so happens to translate into Bob. exhjklhg was on his way immediately to protect the village from the alien.

            When he got there he asked his translator to tell Bob “ i am here to hunt down this evil alien and take it back with me to receive punishment from our king for terrorising the human race here on earth. It is against the treaty of space peace to terrorize any race from another planet.” Bob asked what kind of punishment he would receive. “ his punishment will depend on how well he cooperates,” responded exhjklhg.
“if he goes willingly he will only spend a little time in jail and be released later this year.”

Then exhjklhg left and began his search. he used heat vision that was built into his stone  mask he use a invisibility device so he could not be seen by the alien that he was hunting. he hunted through the jungle and he searched for days though the  endless seeming jungles of the planet of Alor. he tracked him and hunted him then he saw a heat signature far of in the distance      

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