Friday, December 12, 2014

Nov. poetry


            Geff loves to breath in the fresh air.
            Geff loves it when it flows through his hair.
            Geff is a happy person.
            Nothing could make that worsen.
            Geff loves and forgives.
            That is what he gives.
            Geff cares.
            Geff shares.
            Geff is love
            Geff is life.
            Jeoff loves.
            Jeoff is a dove.
            Jeoff is a good bud.
            Jeoff is also a stud.
            He eats his food with passion.
            And he is up to date with fashion.
            He is a best friend.
            That could never come to an end.
            Joeff is a loving person.
            He is also a businessperson.
            Joeff is sophisticated.
            He rarely gets frustrated.
            Joeff loves food.
That makes him in a great mood.
            Joeff is a happy guy.
            That is something nothing could buy.
            He is always happy.
            His day could never get crappy.
            Joeff is an awesome guy.
            He always tells you hi.
            Everyone knows how cool he is.
            And when it comes to school he is a wiz.
            He always eats Burger King.
            He gets it spicy to get some zing.
            Joeff is a swell guy.
            That changes when you steal his frie.
            Joeff is loves to get pets.
            He loves them so much he pays his own vets.
             Joeff is always being active.
            His schedule is full and massive.
Joeff has lots of friends.
Because to him they are like gems.
Joeff always thanks people.
Because to him every thing is peaceful.
Joeffs favorite movie is a romcom.
He likes to go to them with his mom.
Joeff is always happy.
He can never be unhappy.
Jeff can never be sad.
He can only be glad.
Jeff is a good student.
His reading is always fluent.
Jeff is good at everything.
Sometimes you think he can do any thing.
Maybe sometimes he makes a mistake.
Then he gets so mad he makes a quake.
He barely ever does anything wrong.
That is because his mind is strong.
He always gets good things.
He lives in a house kings.
When he was a boy he was very intrigued.
He went to the ocean and even studied seaweed.
When he was a young boy he loved everything.
He thought he was a king.
When he ate he was messy.
He ate so much he got heavy.
He got so heavy he had to lose weight.
Then he lost so much he became a lightweight.
When he did he got really sick.
When he was he looked like a candlestick.
He then got better and was alright.
And his brain got back to being bright.
He is a good kid now and is successful.
He got that way because discovered a new beetle.
Jeff died a happy man.

He did everything he can.


  1. I liked how you had a variety of ways to spell Jeff.

  2. Good story Ben I like how you use the name Jeff. It was also a good flowing poem.


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