Friday, December 12, 2014

November PPOW

Winter time is cold;
I am not a fan.
I withhold
from going outside.

The snow it white,
and sparkling.
It is as bright
as the sun.

The kids are busy,
playing in the snow.
Some get dizzy
while playing.

Kids enjoy making tunnels
to crawl through.
Others sit and dream about funnels
that melt in their mouths.

Some kids enjoy ice skating
on frozen ponds.
Others are even busy creating
their own dance routine.

Inside, people are playing games,
and drinking apple cider.
They are eating candy canes,
while socializing with friends.

Spring brings rain
that brings us flowers.
The flowers aren’t plain;
they are bright and colorful.

The cows are really plump
because they are about to have their calves.
They can’t jump
because they are too fat.

Spring means it’s almost April Fool’s Day,
and time to trick someone.
It also means it’s almost a holiday,
that holiday called Easter.

Boys and girls are hunting,
for their Easter eggs
while others are grunting,
from eating way too much candy.

Summertime means saying good-bye to classmates,
and saying hello to teammates.
We start pulling out our glove, cleats, and uniform
hoping for no thunderstorms.

The summer sun is out,
so we turn on the waterspout.
Boys and girls lay out in the sun,
while others are having fun.

People start turning on their fans,
others start getting awesome sun tans.
Kids head to the pool
since they are out of school.

Young kids sit at the pool
to act cool.
Others are in the water floating,
or having fun boating.

Kids are at camp
becoming a champ.
Lots are on vacation,
at an awesome location.

Others are fishing,
and listening to the fish swishing.
Some camp,
and sit in the camper, and turn on their lamp.

The wonderful fall breeze
makes leaves fall off the trees.
The leaves fall to the ground,
and the kids play around.

The men go to the field,
and start to yield.
Farmers haul in grain
that goes down a drain.

Halloween comes around,
which means there are a lot of spooky sounds.
Kids go trick-or-treating,
which means a lot of candy eating.

Kids get out their costume;
witches get out their broom.
Some adults hand out fruit,
and hear owls hoot.

Thanksgiving comes around,
which brings a lot of people to town.
People come together and eat,
then kids go play on the street.

Fall means it is also football season,
so when the players are tired, they have a reason.
Every Friday night
there are lights.

Fall is a beautiful time of year,
but there are a lot of deer.
It can be a little breezy,
which can leave people wheezy.

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  1. My favorite part was when you talked about fall. I liked that you rhymed all your words.


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