Thursday, December 11, 2014

Poem/best friend

Best Friend
Your best friend is a special friend.
He might be funny;
He might be cool.
He might be smart;
He might be nice.
He might have the same classes with you.
He might play sports with you;
He might like the same food as you.
He might have the same dog as you;
He might play video games with you.
He might be your only friend.
Your best friend might be a girl;
So if it is a girl…..
She might be funny,
She might be cool,
She might be smart;
She might be nice.
She might play sports with you;
She might like the same food as you.
She might be in your life forever.
She might be your only friend.
Birthdays are good;
Birthdays are fun.
Birthdays are awesome;
Birthdays are for all kinds of people.
Birthdays make you older;
Birthdays are worth it.
Birthdays are special;
Birthdays can be sad.
Brothers are fun.
Brothers can be annoying;
Some brothers act dumb.
Some brothers are mean;
Some brothers are old.
Some brothers are young;
Some brothers are bad brothers.
Some brothers are good brothers.
A is for alphabet.
B is for basketball.
C is for cat.
D is for dog.
E is for electricity.
F is for fail.
G is for goodies.
H is for happiness.
I is for insect.
J is for jaguar.
K is for Koenigsegg.
L is for lemonade.
M is for Mom.
N is for November.
O is for outrageous.
P is for panda.
Q is for quail.
R is for rabbit.
S is for spaghetti.
T is for tiger.
U is for unite.
V is for violin.
W is for water.
X is for x-ray.
Y is for yolo.
Z is for zebra.
football is fun,
football is physical.
football is hard.
football takes a lot of practice;
football takes a lot of skill.
football teaches you fitness.
Basketball is fun;
Basketball is hard.
Basketball takes talent;
Basketball takes coordination,
Basketball takes time and effort.
Basketball is intense;
Basketball is AWESOME.

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