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  Rikki Peck
      Nov. 5, 2014
English 7
  Road Trip

Hi! My name is Emily Richardson, and I am 18 years old. I want to tell you a story that happened to me and my friends when we went on vacation. Here is how it all began. It all started after we graduated. There was only three of us. There was Jessica,Samantha, and I. Since we graduated high school, we wanted to go on a road trip.  We waited a couple weeks so we had some money to go, we decided to go to California.
It was time to go to California. We left around 11:00 in the morning. We had some breakfast and after that,  we said our goodbyes and told our parents we would be back in a week and a half or so. We packed our bags up and left the small state of New Jersey. Before we completely left our town we stopped to get gas. We were so excited for this trip. We took turns driving and while one of us was driving the other two would try to sleep for there turn. After a few hours or so we ended up in Pennsylvania. Not even half way through it.  We stopped to fill up the tank and get something to eat. By the time we got done we had switched the drivers and went on our way once again.
After a day and close to another we finally got to our hotel. They brought our bags up to us and we all just went to sleep once we got there. The next day we all wanted to go explore the city of Sacramento, California and see what it is like. We went to go shopping and get some things we needed. We didn’t think it would be this hot so we brought what our weather was like in New Jersey.  After the day was over we went to go back to the hotel drop our bags off and go eat some dinner.
The next couple days we mostly stayed inside the hotel rooms, then after those couple of nights we decided to go have some fun. We are graduated and only here for a week and a half let’s do something. Once again we decided to go to another restaurant we never heard of. We got ready and left our hotel and left. Once we got there, we were waiting in line to get a table. My friends and I saw this man just staring at us. He looked like he had brown hair, he was also kind of tall. We didn’t just see him that time we saw him while we were shopping to.  It was almost he has been stalking us. Now that I think about it, he was in New Jersey when we stopped to get gas. We also thought he could just be visiting California too.
After that night was over we went out again to go see some museums and galleries. But before that we had to go to the ATM to withdraw some money out. Once we go to our first stop we had to wait in line. Once again we saw that man again. So of course me and my friends being brave we decided to go up to the man. We went up and we asked, “What is your name is?” He responded “David.” We also asked him “Are you following us because we have seen you a lot during the past few days?”  Although I didn’t know David I felt like I have seen him before on this vacation.  After that night was over we had to go back to the hotel because it was time to pack up and go back to New Jersey.
We were on our way home now.  We were thinking about that creepy guy still. We were so happy to get out of there even though it was our vacation. We were 1,000 miles into the drive, until we had to stop and get gas again for like the 100th time. And once we stopped we saw David again pull into the same gas station. We went inside to get some things we needed. He followed us in there. Once we were done he was done too. We were scared,but all at the same time, we all wanted to go. We hurried to the car and we tried starting it and it wouldn’t. Then we suddenly heard a gunshot. We looked and there was David just standing in the window staring at us. He came outside, and he said if anyone of you girls move then I will shoot.
The next morning we didn’t remember anything that had happened. All we know that is that we need to get home somehow. We were stuck in this dark room with no windows or lights at all. I started screaming HELP! HELP! HELP! Then finally we see a light, it was David. David had said  “Get up and let’s go it’s time for you all to eat.” We got all got up and we made a plan that Jessica would run as fast as she could and go get help. As we were walking she ran and he pulls out his gun and started chasing her and that was the end for Jessica. As for me and Samantha  we were crying we felt so bad and didn’t know what to do then. He came back and said,“If any of you try this you're going to end up like your friend Jessica”.  He had also said “Now after that little stunt like she pulled you guys don’t get to eat.”

It’s been two days since Jessica has died and I haven’t stopped crying yet. She was one of my best friends.  He came to check on me and Samantha. It was nighttime when he did. He said “Let’s go we are going somewhere”.Samantha had asked “Where are we going?” I elbowed her and whispered “Don’t ask him questions!”  He looked back at me and gave me a glare and a grin. I didn’t know what David would do at that point. Samantha started yelling “Somebody, anybody help us!” Help!” David turned around and pointed the gun to her and said “ You have one more chance.” Samantha just looked at him looking terrified . Samantha did it again and BOOM! The gun suddenly fired. I told David “Why did you kill them!” He responded “ I got to do what I have to do.” I said to him “You realize people are going to be wondering where I am.” “He responded  not anymore they won’t be.” I looked at him and said,“What are you talking about?” He turned around and looked at me and then he suddenly held up his gun. He said looking at me “You know and I thought I was going to let you go, but, now I decided if I don’t kill you now then you could run off and tell anyone.” I didn’t even get one word out of my mouth. I was still in shock of what he did the past six days. Then he fired his gun and that was the end of me and my friends.

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