Monday, December 22, 2014


Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year!
I go Christmas shopping when it is near.
I put up the tree,
and presents underneath.
I hang wreath,
on the front door,
so when I go to the store,
I will see it on the shelfs.
The beautiful decorations are put up on the sparkling tree,
for all the wonderful kids to see.
We fill the house with garland
As we eat marlin
Hang the stockings above the fireplace,
as we stare in the fire,
we pray for world peace.
Santa’s Reindeer are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph. They make the little children happy when they hear the footsteps on the roof.
Rudolph is the most famous reindeer of Santa’s sleigh.
Rudolph has a nose that is red and lights up.
Santa Clause is the most wonderful person in the world.
He gives presents to all children in the world.
The elves are the ones that make the presents.
The elves have pointy ears, shoes, and hats.
They sometimes have green or red clothes.
Elves help Santa all year.
New years
As people are watching the ball drop.
People are kissing.
Making resolutions they probably won't keep.
People are in excitement for the new year.
President Day
It is to celebrate Lincoln and Washington.
They were the president’s of the USA
Groundhogs Day
The day is about the groundhog to come out of its hiding place.
Seeing the groundhogs shadow.
Either way it is still six more weeks until Spring.
Valentine's Day
People being in love, giving candy, flowers, and cards.
Some say it is a wasted day to celebrate.
Saint Patricks Day
People wear green if they don't they get pinched.
It is a day that everyone is Irish.
People eat Corned beef and Cabbage.
Green die in their drinks.
Kids are ready for the candy.
The bag will come in handy.
As the easter bunny hides the eggs,
The kids will start to beg,
for the hidden prizes.
As grandma is cooking the easter ham.
Everyone is looking for their baskets.
Mothers Day
As the kids tell their Moms that they love their mothers.
The kids also give their mother cards.
The kids also the dad go take the parents out for food during the day.
They try to make it a special day.
Memorial Day
All of the flowers on the graves.
People have barbeque.
The american flag is up on the pole.
It is the day to remember our veterans.
Fourth of July
The people are leaving their houses.
The kids are playing.
Family’s are watching the parade.
Firetrucks are getting ready.
People on the floats are throwing candy.
The fireworks are light colors.
Peoples eyes are lighting up as the fireworks explode.
Labor Day
The day is about the accomplishments that our country had made.
Kids get the day off of school.
The parents get the day off of work.
People have family barbeques.
It is a sad end to summer.
Kids are trick or treating.
Older kids are scaring the little kids.
People are going to haunted houses.
People are in their costumes.
Some people have funny costumes.
Others are quite scary.
They go back home.
They watch a scary movie.
Kids are getting out of schools.
They are running home and getting ready for the turkey, pumpkin pie.
Everyone eats too much food.

They watch football and take a nap.

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