Monday, December 15, 2014

You Bury Them When They're Alive / White Rain Trouble

You Bury Them When They’re Alive
The outside world is wild;
Things are very mysterious,
But they are lovely.

Alive, they arrive.
Alive and dead they are.
Dead they will become.

There are lots of them,
But everyone has a place
Inside and outside.

They all are special.
There are many types of them,
And all are needed.

Pretty and ugly,
So many shapes and colors.
Big and small they show.

Green and brown they grow,
But still everybody knows.
We love them dearly.

Dull and blue they rest.
Smooth and spiky they occur.
Bright and red they live.

Unique things build on;
Berries may grow on to them;
Leaves may fall from them.

They don’t eat any food;
Cause they don’t appear with mouths,
But they have to eat.

Their food is water.
Careful, they may always drown,
At any point in time.

Let them have freedom;
They need to grow and advance,
To mature livings.

They need to be here.
They must help us through our times,
Even though hard and easy.

They live in brownness.
Mostly they grow together.
They live inside the earth.

They can’t fly nor slither.
They do move, but have no legs.
Humans help them live.

Stems they always have.
They don’t ride, but have pedals.  
They are indeed plants.

White Rain Trouble
Trouble is brewing.
All things falling from above.
It’s cold but lovely.

It’s late in the year.
The sun is covered by clouds,
Wind and fall take over.

The tree’s are baring;
Flowers and plants are dying;
Coats and gloves come out.

Days now seem shorter;
It is getting dark earlier.
Darkness is all around.

Winter is upon;
Cold and wind are everywhere.
Most things are frigid.

Frost covers the ground;
White rain keeps sliding nether,
It’s mostly settle.

Till lots fall at once,
Completely different things,
You can’t see the ground.

Wind wallops up more;
Five inches of fluff cover the ground.
There is only white.

Hot chocolate lovers come;
Marshmallows will fill their cups.
Piping steam rises up.

It was lots of snow,
Even a small blizzard happened,
In the wind and cold.

Now go make snowmen;
Go enjoy the white soft fluff,
While it lasts this frost.

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